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Let’s attract good luck with embroidery, or rather a symbol of the coming year!


Free embroidery chart


RIOLIS Horoscope for 2021


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Let’s attract good luck with embroidery, or rather a symbol of the coming year!


Let’s attract good luck with embroidery, or rather a symbol of the coming year!

Year 2022 according to the Eastern calendar will be under the sign of the Black (Blue) Water Tiger. We have a whole series of needlework designs with this majestic animal in our collection and we invite you to take a closer look at them right now. As the proverb says: prepare the sleigh in the summer!
Embroidered tiger symbolizes strength, success, and prosperity. Cross stitched picture with a tiger will become a faithful talisman for your home, and the stitching process will help you focus on important things and achieve your goals.

So, here is the selection of our tiger designs. Click on the picture or name of the kit to view detailed information about the design.


New! Already available! Cross stitch kit on plastic fabric

1957AC Magnets Tiger Cubs

Cross stitch kit

HB092 Stripies

Cross stitch kit

1886 Snow Leopard

and the same design in diamond mosaic

AM0040 Snow Leopard

New! Already available!

Cross stitch kit

1976 Curious Little Tiger

New! Will be available in the beginning of next year!

Diamond mosaic design

AM0064 Snow Tiger

New! Already available!

1995 Baby Tiger



Free embroidery chart


Free cross-stitch chart Tulips

Tulips are a symbol of spring, joy and sunny holidays, so for our 25 anniversary we decided to give you a gift of those kinds of things!

To complete such an exquisite embroidery, you will need:

- 14 ct white Aida Zweigart (55*55 cm);

- wool/acrylic RIOLIS threads (23 colors);

a needle, an embroidery hoop, scissors, embroidery magnets and all your favorite embroidery tools;

- patience and willingness to believe that spring is right across the corner!




Free embroidery chart and an instruction

Designer: Yulia Krasavina

Size of the finished work: 45*45 cm





RIOLIS Horoscope for 2021


The fabulous last month of a year has come!

It's time to summarize, draw conclusions, focus of the new wishes and set goals.

And may our soon-to-be-released cosmic-magical embroidery design 1921 "The Great Bear” help you with this. This magical bear whispered to us predictions for the upcoming 2021! Let's say one thing right away - good news awaits everyone.


So friends, the signs of Fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can expect the new incredible achievements, the come true of a cherished 5-year-long dream, and a whole horizon of discoveries. We advise these signs to stitch romantic or floral themes to feel full harmony. These can be: 1774 "The First Evening in Their Own Home" or upcoming designs 1920 "Recipe for Happiness" and 1917 "My House"; as well as the novelty of the next year 1933 "The Confession Club".

For the signs of the element of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the stars have prepared a whole thousand reasons for joy! It is material wealth, good news from loved ones and new inspiring trips. And in order to attract all this to yourself as quickly as possible, try to cross-stitch larger-scale works. Such as: 1905 "Tropical Birds", 1706 "Lake Baikal", 1194 "Landscape with Waterfall", 100/042 "Flemish Summer" or 1645 "Swallow's Nest". Or, look for the great future design 1900 "Distant Shores".

The signs of Air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will always have a green light on their way throughout next year. You are subject to both career growth and the long-awaited meeting with your other half. In the Year of Ox, you should renew your handicrafts stock and start embroidering a bright new item. For example, 1887 “Mysterious Rose", 1884 "Starry Night Over the Rhone after Van Gogh’s Painting” and showing up soon 1913 "Bouquet with Lagurus and Cotton" with 1921 "The Great Bear".

The Water element signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will handle any task! Yes, you’ll have to work hard, but every work process will bring you pleasure and benefit in 2021. Also, any high-quality wellness activities will make you to feel stronger and look younger. Next year for Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces we offer to do diamond mosaics. The shimmering projects will help you to tune in the right mood right way. Pay attention to: AM0043 "Wise Raven" and newcomers which we wait for patiently - AM0047 "Other Worlds" and AM0046 "Motmot".



A gift from Santa Claus


Free embroidery pattern from RIOLIS -


Christmas is around the corner and we are getting into holiday mood! Are you still looking for presents for your loved ones? We think that handmade presents are the best because they are made with lots of love and that is most important during holidays.

This is why we want to share a free snowflake chart with you. This easy chart will take just an evening or two to finish and it can be made into an adorable little card, a Christmas tree ornament, framed as a cute decoration to add to the festive interior, stitched on clothes or finished any other way – there are many ways, so let’s get creative! 

Happy stitching and happy holidays!


Free embroidery chart, key and instructions of RIOLIS for souvenir set # 07

Download the chart for embroidery


Free alphabet chart



Sometimes you want to sign your cross stitched project as any other work of art.

RIOLIS has a number of kits where inscriptions are already offered by our designers such as birth or wedding announcements, designs with famous quotes and new addition to our collection – recipes. Fonts and texts are included with charts of these kits.



But what if you as an author of an embroidered masterpiece want to add a few words of your own to your work? It can be sincere wishes, memorable date or even your initials!


In case your work lacks customization in a form of letters, we offer you a free chart with alphabet.
We hope it will help to bring even more joy with your embroidery!


You can download the alphabet and numbers scheme here



How to start stitching?


Let‘s sort things out together!

RIOLIS is your faithful guide to the world of needlework and creativity!

The autumn has just started, and we get asked over and over again: how to start your cross stitch journey and how to teach needlework your children.

Everyone needs some time to recharge, stay calm, do not think about daily issues and just enjoy their favorite hobby for a while, whether it‘s cross stitch, crochet, diamond mosaic or any other.

Here are some simple tips from RIOLIS:

  • You should like the kit at the first sight. In case you are choosing a kit for your child, then it is necessary to consult with an aspiring stitcher as the freedom of choice is very important.
  • To start with, put aside so liked Starry Night by van Gogh and instead stitch a small design up to 15 x 15 cm big. These designs can be stitched faster and finishing a piece will give you additional strength and confidence!
  • It can be difficult to determine difficulty of the design, so pay attention to number of colors and what techniques are used. If the kit includes less than 10 colors, it is unlikely you will get lost among the needles, blends and French knots working on your first project.
  • For absolute beginners who want to get used to holding a needle and a thread in their hands, kits in long stitch technique can help: their pattern is printed on canvas and the stitches are extremely easy.
  • It is never too late to start your needlework journey and there are no embarrassing questions to which we cannot find answers to together.

What do you think about these tips? Please share with us your stories about your first crosses or how you helped your loved one to start cross stitching.



It's time to prepare for the new year

by embroidery standards!


Thinking about themed embroidery on the eve of winter? RIOLIS inspires!

Needlewomen will understand! Our favorite hobby does not tolerate rush, but loves regularity and hours of free time.

Well, how not to find those free time hours when handicraft in return gives calmness and at the same time bright emotions.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a magical holiday and new creative successes together with Christmas themed embroidery from our new collection.


Cross-stitch kit 1898 "New Year's Calf"
At first glance, it may seem that this charming calf is a little sad, but it is not! He's just very focused. After all, the little one wanted to look so special at the celebration of his year that he got dressed up in a garland so he could sparkle not less than a Christmas tree.
Just look at those deep eyes, funny ears and miniature hooves - how can you hurt him and not make the main decoration of your New Year's interior?


Cross-stitch kit 1906 "To the Holidays"
This beautiful fairytale plot is brought to life from watercolor illustrations. Our artist Irina Stroh was able to masterfully convey the smooth transitions of colors and the gentle mistiness of watercolors.
It seems that we are about to return to childhood again! And a good old Santa Claus will give each of us a long waited gift from a bright van.


Cross-stitch kit 1901 "Bear, Cones and Deer"
As it is said "Prepare your sleigh in summer ...". The new cute design by Galina Skabeeva will come in handy for this case when preparing for Christmas. A delicate palette of colors, charming heroes of the plot, a lush branch of a spruce, which looks like is about to spread a bright scent of a snowy forest… As always - everything is ready for a convenient and exciting immersion in the world of handicraft art. This design is suitable for beginners.
We repeated and will repeat - RIOLIS embroidery creates wonders! With it you can move from summer vibes to winter mood and vice versa. So, let’s have a cup of hot tea and start singing "Happy New Year"?!


Cross-stitch kit 1903 "Christmas Shelf"
There is 5 minutes to the New Year shown on this design. And we have 5 minutes to start this new festive plot so we will be in time for the solemn moment! The "Christmas Shelf" is filled with a variety of stylized details that, first of all, will be interesting to cross-stitch and to look at afterwards.




Now is a perfect time to think about your plans for the holidays!


We had a chat with Santa’s little elves, and they said there’s less than 100 days left until Christmas! This means the elves are working on the preparations for the holidays at full speed and it’s a perfect time to think about your plans for the holidays. After a year we had, we think we deserve an extra special Christmas, and this can be easily achieved with handmade decorations and presents that were created with lots of love!

Luckily, RIOLIS has quite a few suggestions of what you can make for these holidays! To make it easier, we broke down the projects into categories for different types of people:

•           For those who are always looking for something new - our wonderful new releases 1903 Christmas Shelf, 1898 New Year’s Calf, 1906 To the Holidays, 1885AC Three Calves, 1901 Bear, Cones and Deer
•           For overachievers – large cross stitch designs 100/041 Christmas Eve, 1683 Christmas City, 793 Christmas or 1729 Poinsettia
•           For those who do not like to be rushed – a little smaller cross stitch kits 1752 Christmas Table Topper or 1757 Christmas Eve
•           For those who are always busy or want to finish more than one kit - small designs 1660 – 1663 Christmas Cabins and 1823 Waiting for a Holiday
•           For those who want an exceptional Christmas Tree – cross stitch kits to make decorations 1538AC Santa Claus, 1539AC Snow Maiden, 1681AC Snowmen, 1682AC Dogs and 1778AC Little Angels
•           For those who do not want to cross stitch – long stitch kit 1653 Christmas Eve and diamond mosaic kits AM0004 Christmas Eve and AM0019 Poinsettia
We did the research for you, now it’s time you choose what to work on! What kit will it be?




Important information about cross-stitch kit 1861  The Little Prince


Dear Customers!

We would like to inform you that there is a mistake in English instructions of cross-stitch kit no. 1861 The Little Prince. In the explanation of how much threads should be used (T4) there should be “2-strand half cross-stitch” instead of “1-strand half cross-stitch”.
We have already started printing updated instructions.
We kindly remind you that you can clarify any questions regarding embroidery and processes contacting us via e-mail


We apologize for the inconvenience.



Take a break and enjoy a meditative video clip with the news of our Diamond Mosaic


We are pleased to present the new RIOLIS collection of Diamond Mosaic kits!



Diamond mosaic kits are already popular all around the world and has proven to be an exciting pastime for the ENTIRE FAMILY. Adults and young people alike will enjoy expressing their creativity by translating our designs with shimmering SQUARE DIAMONDS. In several EASY STEPS, anyone can create beautiful vibrant projects!


Our talented team of professional artists have selected some of the VERY BEST DESIGNS long loved by our customers. They also felt that the square diamond format was unique in that it creates a FULL and COLORFUL coverage of the canvas producing an amazing result in just a few hours!


All of us at RIOLIS are excited to share our new collection with you and we hope that it will be the first of many more to come! Enjoy!


New Diamond Mosaic Kits from RIOLIS - Large Designs


New Diamond Mosaic Kits from RIOLIS - Small Designs


Important information about cross-stitch kit 1817 Angelique


Dear Customers!

There are some differences between finished project according to scheme and the booklet in the kit 1817 Angelique. Part of the sea is mistakenly embroidered in half-cross stitches on the booklet. To get the result, conceived by the designer, you should cross-stitch according to the scheme and symbol key. We have already started printing updated booklets at the moment. The kit will return on sale in the beginning of September.
Be ready for your work to be brighter and more expressive! Please note that the estimation of the number of threads in the kits is correct.


We kindly remind you that you can clarify any questions regarding embroidery and processes contacting us via




Unique cross-stitching, which framing is already included in the kit!


Unique cross-stitching, which framing is already included in the kit!

Normally you count an extra cost for the framing or not counting in advance and then surprising by the framing cost.

We would like to rejoice to you! RIOLIS has a number of patterns which includes simple but cute frame.

No more hiding your finished projects in the writing desk of the drawer or extra time and cost for the framing!



Designs we present today will have the following creative actions: cross stitching, work on the edges with a hemstitch or dissolve the edges, hang on stylish wooden hangers and admire the original creative result.


Floral motives



Floral motives on the black canvas 



Fragrant and aroma berries on a flaxen canvas 



Wonderful 4 seasons of the Cottage series1656 Cottage Garden. Spring, 1657 Cottage Garden. Autumn, 1751 Cottage Garden. Winter and 1847 Cottage Garden. Summer



The incredibly bright new story of animals1834 Eastern Beauty and 1770 King of the Heap



You will achieve an extreme bonus of the made project and your efforts, right? Ã∞ŸÂШâИ∞




Charming Angelique


Solve the secret of beautiful Angelique with RIOLIS!


1817 Angelique


Beauty, peace and hope - the associations that first come to mind with just one look at the handmade design with a girl on the beach. And her name is lovely Angelique.

The pattern seems to have a mystery and the answer to it is stored in each cross of the noble cross stitching. Easy and calming process of working with this delicate pattern will set you up for positive emotions, inspire for bold ideas and give a lot of pleasure from cross stitching process and from final result, which will delight the creator for years.



Cross stitch kit is made with Anchor stranded cotton threads on a white 14 count Aida Zweigart canvas. Size of work - 30x40 cm. Designer - Aleksandra Gusarova.



Attention! Mistake in the cross-stitch kit


Mistake in the cross-stitch kit

1801 Clematis


Dear Customers!

There has been a mistake made with the kit content of cross-stitch kit no. 1801 Clematis
All kits that are in stock have been checked and repacked. 
If you are short of the threads no. 5, 7 and 10 on the thread card, please contact us via email

We apologize for the inconvenience caused! Thank you for your understanding.



RIOLIS embroidery on clothes on the Catwalk


RIOLIS embroidery on clothers on the Catwalk

What means embroidery on clothes to you: a popular fashion trend or the opportunity to make your look unique? Whatever answer you choose, it will be correct, because embroidery is multifaceted both in fashion and in art.
This year’s spring festival “Quilt Fest” has held the contest “RIOLIS Embroidery on clothes” and we had one more opportunity to discover how many talented people are surrounding us! 
The opportunity to look live at the results of creative ideas is a delightful moment. On the catwalk in Moscow the participants showed sophisticated models, a variety of fabrics, properly selected colors and, of course, the unique embroidery plots by RIOLIS.
The craftswomen fought for the main prize, the general sponsor of which was RIOLIS - a trip to Birmingham (England) to participate at the International Fashion Show “The Festival of Quilts”.


The winner was fashion and creativity studio Fashion Look (Petrozavodsk) and it's chief manager Nosova Lubov and they impressed the independent jury with Japanese themed designs of RIOLIS: 1743 “Sakura. Pagoda", 1744 "Sakura. Fuji" and 1745 "Sakura. Bridge". 



We feel inspired by the amazing ideas which these creative women have brought up on stage. Considering, how much love, devotion and time they have included in this huge work it makes us feel that cross-stitching will flourish for many years to come!













Last week RIOLIS participated in h+h cologne 2019.



RIOLIS has quite a few long-lasting traditions and one of them is an annual participation in H+H Cologne show. We were glad to be here again on 28th-31st of March and kindly welcome every visitor to our stand. The stand was filled with latest novelties by RIOLIS and we did receive a lot of clients’ feedback about them.


This year’s exhibition has been crowded with German and Dutch customers who know our products quite well. We hope that our novelties have caught their eyes too! As well as all other clients from all over the world – from East to West, from up North to down South. Discussions about the cooperation were successful too as some orders have been placed and we believe that we’ll expand our network to even more countries than before. 



It was our pleasure to meet everyone during the fair, hear their thoughts and comments for future collaboration. Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to meet you all in Cologne 2020! 



"Fragrant" cross stitch kits that won the hearts of needlewomen!


"Fragrant" cross stitch kits that won the hearts of needlewomen!

It seems - a little more and you will feel the aroma of fresh spices: rich sage, spicy chives, odorous basil and peppermint. Cross stitch kit 1717 Herbs will properly decorate your kitchen, dining or living room. And the cardboard tags with the names of herbs will give to finished work a special originality.


1717 Herbs

Where is the spice there is the piquancy, so we decided to add a little spice to the new pairing plot of 1794 Spicy Condiments. As an addition, the kit involves material for the creation of a little bag that can be filled with any seasoning for a subtle fragrant. Add pepper to your work!


1794 Spicy Condiments

Both cross stitch kits are made with wool / acrylic threads on 14 ct flaxen Aida Zweigart fabric. The size of the finished work - 30x24 cm. Designer - Galina Skabeeva.



RIOLIS at the Creativa 2019 
(Dortmund, Germany)


RIOLIS at the Creativa 2019 
(Dortmund, Germany)



On March 13th RIOLIS and our German distributor Artis UG have started participation in one of the largest creativity exhibitions in Germany – Creativa 2019. 
We are glad to know that there are a lot of embroidery and cross-stitch lovers who know our assortment very well! 
The show will last until Sunday, March 17th and we are inviting Dortmund residents and city visitors to our stand at Messe Dortmund (Strobelallee 45).






1807 Geese


Leaders of bird barnyard

Did you know that in Ancient Rome geese were considered to be sacred animals? Everything is explained in a legend “How Geese saved Rome”. It goes like this:



In 390 B.C. Romans were attacked by savage nation of Gauls. The Romans could not cope with the siege themselves – some of them fled and some of them locked themselves in fortified Capitol Hill. Only senators remained in the city. The Gauls entered Rome, killed all senators and burned the city.

In the middle of Rome remained only Capitol where Gauls were not able to reach. Gauls wanted to rob the Capitol as they knew that there was a lot of wealth there. However, Capitol stood on a steep hill: there were walls and gates from one side and steep cliff on the other. At night, the Gauls stealthily climbed from under the cliff onto the Capitol: they supported each other from the bottom and passed spears and swords to each other.

 This is how they quietly climbed the cliff and not a single dog heard them.

They had already climbed through the wall but then geese suddenly smelled people and started cackling and flapping their wings. One Roman woke up, rushed to the wall and knocked one Gaul down the cliff. Gaul fell and knocked others behind him. Other Romans came running and started throwing logs and stones down the cliff which killed many Gauls. After this help came and Romans banished the Gauls from the city.

Since then Romans started a holiday to commemorate this day. The dressed up priests go around the city: one of them carries a goose and after him a dog is pulled on the rope. People come up to goose and bows down to it and priest.



The heroes of our new cross stitch kit 1807 Geese clearly know about the brilliant service of their ancestors. Look how important and proud the leaders of barnyard behave! This needlework kit is created to break the stereotypes about selection of the theme in your interior. These guys will worthily decorate any room or even a denim jacket ;)




RIOLIS Catalogue 10 Overview: What new curiosities can be found on its pages?



RIOLIS Catalogue 10 Overview

What new curiosities can be found on its pages?


This time RIOLIS released the catalogue right before the big exhibition in Cologne where all it's bright designs and inspiring novelties can be shown in the best light.


RIOLIS is happy to present it's collection of diamond mosaic kits. We have selected the very best designs from the RIOLIS collection long-loved by the clients. The catalogue contains different cross-stitch designs - soul-warming presents for every taste. Charming young ladies with a book or a cup of tea, colorful flowers, picturesque landscapes, rich still lifes and many more. 



Browse through the catalogue online



This time RIOLIS released the catalogue right before the big exhibition in Cologne where all it's bright designs and inspiring novelties can be shown in the best light.


The main event, of course, is a collection of diamond mosaic kits.The very best designs selected from the RIOLIS collection are re-invented in the form of sparkling mosaic kits and attract a lot of attention from clients all over the world. The catalogue contains different cross-stitch designs - soul-warming presents for every taste. Charming young ladies with a book or a cup of tea, colorful flowers, picturesque landscapes, rich still lifes and many more. 


We love remember our first stitches, our first small steps in the field of embroidery and needlework. Many started early on as children, some were taught by their mothers or grandmothers, a hobby that took roots in the family. How does our love for needlework begin? This question and many more can be answered with the kit 1789 Stitching Lessons. 


RIOLIS as a brand is well-known for flowery designs. This time devoted embroiderers are presented with new kits inspired by botanical sketches that can be found in old books. Well-loved flowers 1798 Calendula, 1797 Pulmonaria and 1796 Aquilegia are a great addition to the RIOLIS collection. RIOLIS' bestseller 1717 Herbs has found a partner in crime - 1794 Spicy Condiments. This design is decorated wih pepper, garlic and 3D sack that can be filled with actual spicies for a more complete look and feel.


Assisi embroidery kits were first introduced into the catalogue last year, and we are happy to present another kit in this technique - sleep mask 1805AC Sweet Dreams, a great accessory for travel and home life. Another kit 1803 Dream Catcher combines cross-stitch with coloring books for adults. The kit contains additional paper feathers that can be cut out and colored according to your own wish. What a way to make your finished design truly unique!


All these and many more can be found among popular family designs, cute animals and accessories like needle-case in a form of mussel or another popular present - an embroidered card for money or birthday cerificate.


Explore cross-stitch in it's variety together with RIOLIS!



RIOLIS at the CHSI Stitches International show 2019 (Birmingham, UK)


RIOLIS at the CHSI Stitches International show 2019 (Birmingham, UK)



RIOLIS together with its UK distributor SoloCrafts have participated in Craft, Hobby and Stitch International show (CHSI) in Birmingham on 17-19th February 2019. We are participating in this event every year and we are happy to meet our loyal British customers. It is nice to communicate with all of them in person and offer them help in choosing new designs for their future projects. 

This years’ show wasn’t that crowded as it has been before. There is an opinion that it might have been affected by political situation in Britain and Brexit in particular. We hope that it will not affect our customers in this country too much and they will be able to participate in future shows and enjoy them!



We thank our long-term distributors SoloCrafts for all their efforts and hard work. Also we say “thank you” to everybody who came to the stand. It is so great to feel your love and support to RIOLIS handicrafts!





Congratulations to RIOLIS lovers




We are pleased to present the new RIOLIS autumn collection of Diamond Mosaic kits!


Diamond Mosaic Kits


Needlework world does not stand still. Concerning to RIOLIS, we try to use new techniques and make some experiments. Especially we like to create something new for people who have already fallen in love with our designs. Now we enter into a new needlework field – without threads and needles.


Look through the catalogue

Choose and buy kits online

RIOLIS is happy to present this autumn collection of diamond mosaic kits. This new art form is already popular all across the world and provides an exciting pastime for the whole family. Both adults and kids will enjoy such kits with square diamonds similar to embroidery stitches. Now you can create bright shining pictures with just several steps. Take a diamond, put it on the glued paper according to pattern – exciting activity, even if you don’t know how to embroider or to sew – this is another type of art.

We have selected the very best designs from the RIOLIS collection long-loved by our clients. Now you can not only embroider RIOLIS designs, but also create shining diamond pictures. Square diamonds help to cover up the whole canvas. This way the finished picture looks more tidy and complete. Applying the diamonds is a simple process that is meditative and relaxing. Choose your favorite design and spend time of enjoyment.


RIOLIS guarantees the best quality – each kit was carefully created by our professional artists and packed with high quality components. 


Sea and flower patterns


Assisi embroidery


RIOLIS continues to acquaint needlewomen with world needlework techniques 


The ancient city in the center of Italy at the slope of Monte Subasio keeps many secrets and traditions. Since ancient times people know about this place. In the Middle Ages, in the XIII century, the construction of a monastery in honor of St. Francis of Assisi began in the city. Famous artist Giotto decorated the walls inside the cathedral with his paintings. According to legend, after the end of construction, one nun copied his frescoes, simplifying plots with primitive lines. And then, in her simple drawings, they created an embroidery with the faces of saints. According to another version, St. Francis brought fabric with Arabic embroidery from the Crusade, and Italian craftswomen tried to repeat the oriental ornaments on the patterns. 

By the way, the name of Assisi embroidery received several centuries later, when people decided to revive the skill of local embroidery. 

The main feature of this type of embroidery is the use of stitches along the perimeter of the pattern. So while the background is filled with stitches, the pattern itself is obtained from a non-sewn space. 

RIOLIS continues to acquaint needlewomen with various techniques. We offer you the needlework kit 1703 Sea Horse. Here, an exquisite turquoise color fills the background, and luxurious sea and floral patterns appear in a result. Stitches frame the contour. Only three colors of Anchor threads are used on the canvas of 18 counts of Aida Zweigart in this work. 

You can arrange the work as a panel and as a table topper - our embroidery women as always could choose. ;) 


The winner of the RIOLIS contest took part in the Festival of Quilts


RIOLIS at The Festival of Quilts 2018

In spring, RIOLIS announced a contest among needlewomen: embroidery for all! The art of embroidery still remains one of the noblest pastimes in the history of needlework. Recently embroidery decorates the best collections of famous fashion houses haut couture, such as Dior, CHANEL, and Gucci. 


We proposed to create three looks so that the subjects of clothes or accessories included embroidered RIOLIS subjects. The needlewomen work was really wonderful, The main winner Olga Milovanova, who received the Grand Prix, went to England to present her outfits on the main stage of the festival. 

The Festival of Quilts took place in Birmingham during the 9 till 12 of August. Olga used the motifs of the kits 812 Spring, 813 Autumn, 814 Winter and 1744 Sakura. Fuji in her collection called Hokku. 


RIOLIS embroidery could decorate not only the home interior but make any clothes exclusive with a simple print on a handbag or a huge one on an evening dress. 


What interesting can you find on the pages?


New catalogue No.9 is out! 

What interesting can you find on the pages?

Look through the catalogue on-line

Traditionally, addition to catalogue is out in the middle of the summer heat. This special release includes only novelties. You can find a lot of exciting items on 11 pages: traditional cross-stitching, half cross-stitch works, satin stitch, needlework kits with seed beads, glass beads and ribbons.

You have already met some new kits in June and July. Now it’s the time to look through all the novelties – 37 items, by the way! We hope you could find something for your own taste.

One of the most popular subject – flower embroidery. Different flowers and plants literally bloom on the fabric. Magnificent kit 1771 Still Life after N. Japaridze’s Painting, innocent 1765 Chamomiles, luxuriant 1773 Bouquet with Asters and pretty addition to the kit 1669 Windowsill with Flowers - 1762 Daffodils On The Windowsill and 1763 Crocuses On The Windowsill.

Old town series of RIOLIS artist Anna Sheveleva is replenished with one more painting – 1705 Early Spring. This needlework kit reflects on lyrical landscapes and looks so cozy, as if this is an illustration to your favorite book.

The long-awaited novelty of the RIOLIS Premium series! Juicy colors of the exquisite still life with bright sunflowers will attract attention. All the splendid harvest riches of the kit 100/057 Sunny Day: pumpkins, plums, grapes and a vase colored as a clear summer sky – look stylish and bold against the backdrop of sunny hues. Every needlewoman will enjoy the pastime and this embroidery will truly take its place as the main decoration of the house.

One more surprise – on the last pages of the catalogue. There you can see our special RIOLIS project Embroidery on clothes

Embroidery on clothes is a trend that has become fashionable for several seasons. The popularity of embroidered prints is gaining momentum. You can see cross-stitch in the fashionable women looks, ranging from T-shirts to evening dresses. Every woman desires to stand out and to be unique. RIOLIS proves that embroidery can be not only a beautiful picture on the wall. A little imagination and various designs will make your look inimitable with RIOLIS love to the needlework.

Let’s embroider with RIOLIS!


Download a free chart!


Free cross-stitch chart

Orange-cap Boletus

Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart


Mountains on the fabric


Cross-stitch mountains

Summer is a wonderful time, when you can relax, gain strength and spend time in the nature - where you have been long dreaming. Some people choose to lie on the beach during vacation. Others prefer active rest and hikes. For example, in the mountains.


The mountains have a special mysterious atmosphere. It’s so exciting to make your way through the forest thickets to the heights, then you climb the rocks higher - then through the glaciers, through the snow white silence of the quietest space - you manage to enjoy nature alone with your own thoughts and completely relax from the urban fuss.

In the RIOLIS collection, you can find both a marine embroidery series for every taste and a series of mountain landscapes.
The needlework kit 1747 Liguria is one of the latest bright landscapes with sea and mountains. Colorful houses, fresh mountain air, southern heat and sea wind surround the coast of the Italian town.


1747 Liguria


The kit 1701 represents the ancient monastery of Shonenvert, lost in the Alpine valley in southern Germany. Particularly suitable for painting lovers - black and white engravings of the XIX century inspired RIOLIS artist Ekaterina Sergeeva to make such embroidery.


1701 Monastery Shonenvert after engravings of the XIX century


RIOLIS also proposes to embroider two landscapes in the long stitch technique. These are the kits 1630 Town in the Mountains and 1631 Town near the Sea. The mountains and the sea become close neighbors again.



1630 Town in the Mountains                              1631 Town near the Sea


Kits 1487 and 1543 Mountain River became RIOLIS classics. Vertical paintings will look great in the living room. Mountain river could remind not only remarkable nature of mountain ranges with stormy river, but the rapid flow of life.



1487 Mountain River              1543 Mountain River


The mountain theme is not limited of two kits. You can often find a lost lake among mountain-mass or in high-mountain valleys. The quiet surface of the water, not wrapped in the ripples of the winds, reflects the surrounding nature, dyed with unusual shades. The kit 1397 Mountain Lake is also RIOLIS classics. The greatness of the mountains, the azure lake and the silence of the valley - you could almost feel fresh air from the picture. The embroidery is done on the 10 ct. canvas with woolen threads. Plump crosses will form in real painting.



1397 Mountain Lake                                                     1235 Lake in the Mountains


1194 Landscape with Waterfall


Be inspired by nature and embroidery!



Charming sakura and embroidery


Charming sakura

Everyone knows what is the national symbol of Japan - not only in the country of the rising sun, but also far beyond its borders. Sakura became the main property of the island. During the blooming period, tourists from all over the world come to Japan to take part in traditional ritual of hanami – flower viewing, to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms. Each of the five petals means five stages of life success: health, joy, prosperity, luck and peace.
 Another Japanese symbol is Fuji. This mountain is glorified in the national poetry, you can often see it in the paintings of Japanese artists, and nowadays you can climb it with an excursion. The ancient volcano keeps calm for 300 years. For the Japanese, it was the place where the Taoist immortals lived. They believed the one who reaches the summit attain immortality.

RIOLIS does not promise eternal life, but offers to spend time with a pleasant benefit – the needlework. The RIOLIS artist Anna Petrosyan made this gentle triptych of paintings. We hope you enjoy it, especially fans of Japanese motifs in embroidery, as well as those who loved the lavender series.

Amazing color palette, gentle blue, refreshing turquoise, warm pink, bright red local architecture - all shades of Japanese spring gathered in the needlework kits 1743 Sakura. Pagoda, 1744 Sakura. Fuji, 1745 Sakura. Bridge. To create a special airiness in work, the technique of the cross-stitch and half cross-stitch is used. The beads add a special lay to the paintings.



Embroider the whole series of cute animals 



Charming novelties


RIOLIS invites you for a walk in the magic forest. Who is hiding under the leaves, rustling in the bush, who is squeaking in the old oak hollow, snorting in the thickets of dry grass or puffing, leaving a barely noticeable path in the sedge?

It should be someone from the new RIOLIS collection. A series of charming forest kids won`t leave anyone indifferent.

A year ago, small kit 1680 Sparrow replenished the RIOLIS collection. This bird sheltered lonely on a branch on a cold winter day, that many embroiderers fell in love with it. The love and hands of the skilled embroidery women warmed the sparrow, and the decoration was sometimes extraordinary and pretty nice. RIOLIS has noticed such kindness and love for the bird, so we have decided to release a whole series of cute animals.


Funny animals are ready to settle in your houses. Moreover, it won`t take much time to implement. Meet them. Fluffy and striped raccoon with amber eyes. Feathered brothers with curious eyes, looking at the surrounding forest world. Eared and cute hedgehog, bathed in wildflowers. Blue-eyed little boar walking among bright cornflowers.

Embroidery is done on the canvas Aida Zweigart 14 ct with woolen threads.

The size of the four finished works is 13 x 13 cm per each.



1753 Little Hedgehog                             1754 Little Raccoon                                  1755 Little Owls


1756 Little Boar


Tame these fluffy animals.


RIOLIS took part in Russischer Jahrmarkt fair in Germany


RIOLIS at Russischer Jahrmarkt fair

On 26th and 27th of May RIOLIS together with our wholesalers in Germany, SixPack, took part in Russischer Jahrmarkt fair.


This fair is oriented to Russian people who live in Germany and we were very happy to welcome a lot of visitors.


It was a pleasure to hear that many of the visitors already knew our company in Russia and now were happy to purchase our kits localy.


The exotiс bird on the pre-printed canvas


Embroidery Toucan

Tame the exotic bird and give it a house on the wall of your room.

Heat in the jungle, tropical flowers, bright bromeliads and an unusual bird with the most memorable beak - this is a new RIOLIS needlework kit 0077 PT Toucan.

These amazing birds belong to the family of woodpeckers. Black feathers, white shirtfront and a huge yellow beak. Toucan usually settle not only in tropical forests, but also in the mountains and on the plains of America - from Southern Mexico to Northern Argentina. Its name was given because of the sounds “toco toco”, which can be heard in the rainforests. Another name for Toucan is percussion. These beautiful birds can live for 50 years.

RIOLIS loves animal world very much, especially someone exotic and unusual. The imagination of our artist Alina Melenteva had already helped to create an amazing world in the PT series. The previous kits with majestic reindeer, firebird, magic unicorn and forest dragon - all this was invented and embodied by Alina.

RIOLIS replenished its collection with one more embroidery on the pre-printed background. No doubts, the variety of the colors attracts attention. This solid bird toucan sits on a branch among exotic flowers. It will be easy enough to embroider, especially if you follow the kit instructions and the chart. Also the needlework kit includes the Anchor stranded cotton, a needle, a Zweigart Aida canvas of high quality. And the hot mood of the tropics.


RIOLIS took part in H+H Cologne exhibition


H+H Cologne 2018

On 23rd – 25th of March RIOLIS participated in H+H Cologne fair in Germany. As every year, we were very happy to meet our clients from around the world, show them our newest designs and discuss about our cooperation.
We also welcomed a lot of potential customers from Scandinavian countries, UAE, Thailand and many others. Some of them placed their first orders during the show, so we are very happy that soon it will be even easier for needlework fans around the world to buy RIOLIS kits.
It was a huge pleasure to meet all these people during the fair and hear their ideas for the future. We are looking forward to meet you in the coming exhibitions!


Download a free chart!


Free cross-stitch chart

Easter card

Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart


The sea on the fabric. Embroider your own!


Sea stories

For the sea lovers

The sun, the sea, the embroidery… What a man doesn’t dream about the sea, even in summer? When the sun warms that it’s hard to be in town, and the soul calling for a seaside.


RIOLIS loves the sea too and invites you to go together to any distant seashore. In our collection the elements are presented in different versions.

Seaside towns beckon their coastal fresh wind. Where, how not, can you walk along picturesque streets, along the waterfront, catch a warm breeze and watch the sunsets or dawns when the sun hides behind the sea edge of the horizon or rises, born from sea foam and morning stars?



                                                  1644 Santorini                                  1645 Swallow's Nest


Immense sailers - especially for lovers of distant wanderings, for those who are acquainted with the fair wind of adventure from the books of Jules Verne, Robert Stevenson and Alexander Green.



      479 Ship                                                1091 Sailboat


The smallest and youngest needlework lovers can also embroider marine themes. There is the amusing sailor duck, the octopus as the conqueror of the depths and the boat in the "Happy Bee" series.


        Ќ¬160 Sailor                                            Ќ¬133 Octopussy                                  Ќ¬129 On the Waves


A series of two sailboats with a solid amount of backstitch and sea inhabitants continues the ship theme. In embroidered form, these pictures will look great in the nursery, we checked! ;)



1465 Sailboat "Luck"                                  1511 Pirate Ship


Threads are good, but there are also beads. A series of the needlework for children is specially designed for young embroidery lovers: here are the bright colors and a variety of subjects - you will never be bored! ;)



0062 –“ Sea fish                                          0072 –“ Boat


If you like marine life, especially dolphins, then look at our embroidered paintings with these mammals.



 0014 PT Three dolphins       


0044 RT Lighthouse will be useful for those who believe in signs and their own dreams.




Premium design 100/038 In the sunset was created with love of horses. There is an endless sea, the sun goes beyond the horizon, and a herd of horses rushes along the edge of the water.



That is not all. RIOLIS advises to try new technique of longstitch (1631 Town near the Sea).



You can make a brooch Starfish (1410ј—), if you do not have the real one from the seabed yet.



The sea is an element of unprecedented power, it can be calm and stormy, quiet and furious. Embroider your own! A picture with a sea view will make you dream about warm days in winter, and in the summer, you can go to the sea. Dreams come true, do not even doubt. ;)


1559 Wave


RIOLIS presents a series of urban landscapes, made in the half cross-stitch technique.



Half cross-stitch embroidery

RIOLIS presents a series of urban landscapes, made in the half cross-stitch technique. 

The harmony of old but tender things looks exciting. This combination inspired the artist Anna Sheveleva to create a series of images of the old town streets. A special ocher color, flowing from the embroidery, creates an autumn mood. There is a crow in the foreground, one of the most mystical birds, which keeps an unknown mystery of the golden nature in the kit 1676 Warm Autumn.

Embroidery kit 1677 Rainy Summer is permeated with a warm rain during the summer evening. It depicts another old town, which stores its secrets and a good atmosphere. Do you know the smell of a summer rain and the sound of the purity in the air after a shower? RIOLIS will remind this. Bright threads Anchor will perfectly convey the water color of the wet asphalt, cozy light from the large wooden windows and the luxuriant flowerbed.

The town appears in all winter beauty in the kit 1678 Snowy Winter. Fluffy snowflakes, like luminous moths, cover the roofs. The frosty air is transparent. And it seems like we can hear snow crunch under the yard keeper's feet or the wheels of the car. The picture shines by light colors, despite the time of the year, when the days become short, and less often the clear weather makes us happy.

Mysterious landscapes immerse us into an atmosphere of tranquility. To make those needlework done you should use only half cross-stitch on the Aida Zweigart 18 ct fabric with Anchor stranded cotton threads. The time for embroidery will be half as much, and the result will be very effective!


RIOLIS took part in Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK


RIOLIS at the Stitch International show in Birmingham

On 17th – 19th of February RIOLIS and its distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts, took part in Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK. The exhibition was successful and we are very happy to be a part of it every year. We met a lot of our distributor’s Solo Crafts clients and it was our pleasure to talk to them in person and help to choose new designs for their assortment.


We would like to say big ‘thank you’ for our distributors Solo Crafts and for everyone, who came to our stand. It is a wonderful feeling to be a big part in this charming needlework family!


RIOLIS took part in Creativation 2018 Show in Phoenix, Arizona


Creativation show 2018

On 20th – 22nd of January RIOLIS participated in Creativation 2018 Show in Phoenix, Arizona. As usual, we presented our newest and best-selling designs to the visitors of the show. 
It is always a pleasure to meet our clients and discuss about our progress during the year as well as share our ideas and plans for the future. We also welcomed a lot of new customers who were interested to introduce our needlework kits to their clients, few of them even placed their orders during the show.
Overall, we were delighted to meet our clients and needlework fans in the US and are looking forward to meet you in the coming shows!


Christmas toys


Christmas toys with your own hands

Magic Snowmen

Create a miracle easily, be happy for a long time!

What is the most magical and beloved holiday? Christmas! Preparing for it is an exciting activity. RIOLIS has an offer to create a trio of charming ruddy snowmen with the set of 1681AC Christmas Tree Decoration Snowmen, which will become undoubtedly the main heroes of the Christmas tree. We always believe in miracles, that all dreams will come true, so try to notice good signs and find a talisman that will help you in all undertakings during the whole year.

Do you know that toys of RIOLIS are not simple? For example, a snowman with buckets full of happiness will bring joy to your home, a snowman with a broom will mark well-being and prosperity, and a snowman with a shovel will throw luck and success under the windows of your apartment. Snowmen are made on a plastic canvas with woolen threads Safil in 10 colors, beads and metal accessories.



Other Christmas toys in RIOLIS collection:


Download a free chart!


Free cross-stitch chart


Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart


Art nouveau in your book


Embroidered bookmarks

Art nouveau for book lovers

A book and a bookmark are two friends, who are always together. How could you read a long text, trying to remember and not to lose the page, where you have stopped? People had thought about it on the rise of the writing. Now RIOLIS did, too.


Even ancient Egyptians began to mark the scrolls with a piece of papyrus, which would return to the necessary place. With the writing development parchment, pieces of leather were used as such "tracker". When young ladies in the XIX century read novels, then ribbons, flowers and lace handkerchiefs had appeared in the books. 

Bookmarks, familiar to us, started to appear for easier navigation in the book space with the advent of the printing: with a printed pattern, ribbons attached and an exquisite design. It turned out that they can not only be useful and practical, but also to aesthetic taste.


Can you remember this impression from childhood: put a flower or a leaf from a tree in a book, and then find through a long time a dried plant that resembles summer?

RIOLIS knows that every embroiderer besides needlework loves not only fascinating serials and cognitive films, but also books. Therefore, we offer to your attention bookmarks that will become special between the pages of your books. Especially for fans of the reading - embroideries 1613ј— Graceful Lily and 1614ј— Blooming Iris.


RIOLIS artist Alexandra Gusarova was inspired by the art at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries, when art nouveau has come into fashion. The canvas is glued to the paper in these kits. The monogram forms resemble petals. The embroidery represents a delicate flower of irises and lilies, which are embroidered with Anchor threads on the canvas 18 Aida Zweigart.


Art nouveau became one of the most romantic trends in art. Smooth lines and angles, flight of the fantasy, love of the nature. Widespread use of the ornaments is exquisitely interwoven with floral motifs. This is what you can find in the kits 1613ј— Graceful Lily and 1614ј— Blooming Iris.


New! Embroidery after J.W.Waterhouse's painting


Embroidery 100/055 Windflowers

The art and the poetry 

You can recognize the Pre-Raphaelites works among all types of art. In the Victorian era, in the middle of the XIX century, a group of artists made their own revolution in the world of painting. Refusing the canons provided by the Royal Academy of Arts, the painters decided to return to the models which were considered truly indisputable. So they began to work in the same way as the Italian painters of the Early Renaissance, "before Raphael and Michelangelo."

But these were only blind samples of the beginning of the XV century. The main Pre-Raphaelites tendencies were formed soon. It glorified artists of the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood in the second half of the XIX century, and also influenced the further development of the art and the literature. Mythology of the subjects, the cult of the beauty and artistic genius, aesthetics and stylization of forms have become the calling card of this art style.

John William Waterhouse was one of the main artists of that period. Although he haven’t been the founder of this style, his paintings belong exactly to the Pre-Raphaelitism. It is easy to recognize the brush, the muted shades and the plots on mythological, literary and historical themes. In his works, the drama of the moment is emphasized by the composition, and the charm of thoughtful, tender and young models is combined with pictorial techniques.

Riolis is not indifferent to the art and is often inspired by the world masterpieces. This time the artist Alina Melentieva recreated brilliantly one of the most famous paintings of Waterhouse - "Windflowers". The Middle Ages, the British forest, soaring fabrics, a young lady and a bouquet of windflower, or anemones, in her hands. On the way to creating a masterpiece with your own hands, Riolis advises to use embroidery kit 100/055 Windflowers with 33 colors of the Anchor stranded cotton and the canvas Aida Zweigart 14 ct. Touch the art and create an art gallery right at your home. 


New! The inspiration of the Dutch painters


Embroidery 1659 Dutch Still Life

The heritage of the painters of Northern Europe

Luxurious abundance, juicy fruits, exquisite cheeses - RIOLIS proudly presents the novelty 1659 Dutch Still Life, which you can find in the new catalog (є 31). Now you can create a real still life in the style of masterpieces of the XVII century on the black canvas 14 Aida Zweigart.

If you appeal to the history of art, you can recall that the still life was a very significant and iconic genre in the Dutch painting of the XVII century. Why was it exclusive? Each picture was different from the other. It was not only about the objects, but semantic implication.


There were many kinds of such paintings: the floral still life was full of colors of lush bouquets, monochrome one represented a meager still life of photographic precision in gray tones, hunting was always with a game, and the philosophical still life invariably depicted a skull and other objects with special meanings of human life. You can find also animals, birds and lizards on some paintings.

Genre of still life (nl. “stilleven”, frozen life) assumed the image of motionless objects. Therefore, it was not only dead nature (fr. nature mort), it was often full of life, poured with colors, it was just a frozen instant.


The images of the covered tables, which were called "banquets" or "breakfasts," were the most popular. You could find there everything: cheese, fruits, flowers, various dishes. Each thing was often ascribed certain significance.

Alexandra Gusarova, the artist of RIOLIS, developed the design for the needlework kit 1659 Dutch Still Life.  She was inspired by paintings of Northern Europe. Black canvas and bright threads Safil look majestically in the spirit of that time. By the way, there is an abundant pyramid of cheese, that Dutch masters loved to paint. The shell on the left - an exquisite nautilus cup – is a typical dish for drinks in wealthy houses.


RIOLIS took part in Tokyo Quilt & Stitch Show 2017


RIOLIS at the Tokyo Quilt & Stitch Show 2017

Busy season of the shows has started! On 3rd – 5th of October RIOLIS and our distributors in Japan, Craft Index took part in Tokyo Quilt & Stitch Show 2017 in Sunshine city convention center in Tokyo. Many people came to our booth and were able to see the stitched models of our newest and best-selling designs.

We are very happy to say that the show was successful and are looking forward to meet the needlework fans in the coming shows!



RIOLIS took part in The Knitting & Stitching Show in London, UK


RIOLIS at The Knitting & Stitching Show in London


On 11st – 15th of October RIOLIS and its distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts, took part in The Knitting & Stitching Show in London, UK. It was the first time for us in this show and we could say – a successful one! Our stand was crowded all days and the visitors were happy to finally see us in London show. Most of them came to buy Christmas presents for relatives or treat themselves.


Although all cross stitch market is having a little recession, you, cross stitch lovers, helped us to forget about it for a long time!


We would like to say big ‘thank you’ for our distributors Solo Crafts and for everyone, who came to our stand even to say ‘hi’. We had a great time together!


Creepy, funny, extraordinary Halloween kits



Happy Halloween with RIOLIS

Creepy, funny, extraordinary Halloween kits

RIOLIS presents three captivate embroideries – little magic friends from the “Happy bee” series. 

HB173 Happy Halloween

A pumpkin, a black cat, and a witch’s hat – it is not the list of the things, which you need for the witchcraft or Halloween party. These are the new subjects you can embroider with RIOLIS. 
Halloween is a charming holiday for everyone: children and adults are eager to frighten and enchant others. People decorate houses with pumpkins, webs and sweets look like eyes. Now RIOLIS is ready to offer one more decoration for your house – the embroidery.

HB176 Upside Down

HB175 Black Cat

You would notice three new subjects: HB173 Happy Halloween, HB176 Upside Down and HB175 Black Cat. These funny creatures will enrapture you or your children. The embroideries are made on 10 Aida Zweigart canvas with woolen/acrylic threads Safil. The size of the finished work is 15x15 cm – it will be exciting to embroider for beginners or masters.


New! Greek dream


Embroidery 1644 Santorini

Sapphire Island 

The azure sea, the blue sky and round roofs of local churches - even if you saw it only in pictures, you will recognize Santorini.

Santorini is the island in the core of the Aegean Sea. According to the tourist guidebooks, it is one of the most romantic places in the world, such a paradise for lovers. This is in our time.


By the way, the island is hot enough, because it has the active volcano. Historically, about 1500 years BC, the volcano erupted that half-island was flooded with the lava. The fire-spitting mountain collapsed under its own weight deep into the sea. By the most daring conjectures, it was Atlantis perished – the famous island, full of secrets. Who knows, who knows...

As you can see, RIOLIS loves traveling and is ready to visit any country with the embroiderers. This time we could not pass by snow-white houses under such a blue sky. Embroidery kit 1644 "Santorini" will warm you during the cold winter and refresh in hot summer at a glance at this landscape. Bright and juicy Anchor stranded cotton threads (32 colors) will look colorful on 14 Aida Zweigart canvas. RIOLIS artist Anna Petrosyan developed this design. The size of the embroidered work is 30x40 cm.

Embroidery of RIOLIS collection with such a memorable look attracts attention - do not deny that you wouldn't prefer to be there right now. The deepest blue, streets full of the sun, contrasting red flowers.


If you believe in embroidery signs - embroider a picture with a favorite place on the planet - and the dream will come true. Check it out! Imagine yourself on this snow-white staircase and come to the sea. Have you already felt the sea breeze? ;)


Download a free chart!


Free cross-stitch chart

Pincushion "The seashell"

Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart


New technique!

вышивка длинным стежком мак  вышивка длинным стежком анютины глазки  вышивка длинным стежком пион


 New longstitch embroideries

Longstitch embroidery is a rest for the lovers and a quick start for the beginners.

вышивка длинным стежком


We expanded our collection of embroideries with new technique – longstitch – for those, who would like to try something new in the embroidery world.


                               вышивка длинным стежком   вышивка длинным стежком   вышивка длинным стежком                                 Longstitch is a well-known technique among needlewomen all over the world. Three designs – 1570 Lavender, 1571 Sunflowers and 1572 Pink Garden – opened the RIOLIS longstitch series. Small bright pictures, lovely meadows, sunflowers, a doll house – these plots were really productive, we have received several good responses. 
вышивка длинным стежком

New RIOLIS embroideries 1632 Poppy, 1633 Three Pansies, 1634 Peony and theirs stylized flowers will take the imagination of little needlework lovers and help to direct their attention to a new interesting hobby.


вышивка длинным стежком мак  вышивка длинным стежком анютины глазки  вышивка длинным стежком пион

1632 Poppy                       1633 Three Pansies                         1634 Peony 

It's even easier and more enjoyable to work with these needlework kits. Stramine as a base makes it possible to embroider without a hoop. The drawing is applied to the canvas, so you do not need to check the chart. Embroidery is made with 4 wool-acrylic Safil threads. The new winding of threads on the plate helps to organize the process without unnecessary effort. Enjoy the process!

вышивка длинным стежком


New! Traditional lush colors


Embroidery kit

1642 Cushion/panel "Zhostovo painting"

The heritage of ancient painters


Black background, large bright flowers, a golden border along the edge. Many people can recognize a magnificent work by masters of the folk craft from Zhostovo village, situated near Moscow. Metal trays began to be paint at the end of the XVIII century, and the popularity of this work grew to the special kind of painting.

There are special rules in Zhostovo painting, which have been formed during centuries. Also craftsmen used their imagination for creating such items. Modern artists just like their predecessors, work according to patterns, and listening to the inner voice. The typical features of Zhostovo painting include not only flowers on a black background, but fruits, berries, birds, even lizards. Then the background turned red, blue or green. Bright and juicy stroke of paint-brush, large flowers, multi layers, traditional Russian coloring - Zhostovo painting is recognizable all over the world.

RIOLIS also opened up the heritage of artists on the canvas. We are pleased to present our novelty 1642 Cushion/panel "Zhostovo painting" - especially for lovers of embroidery and folk crafts. Safil threads (26 colors) will help you to achieve traditional colors, and the flowers will blossom on the black canvas 14 Aida Zweigart. The embroidery kit also includes a cloth for the back of the pillow and a needle.

The artist Elena Kolmakova managed to get close to the masters of painting and recreate an exquisite bouquet on a traditional background. The choice - to hang a panel in a frame on the wall or make a cushion (which already happened in the embroidery kit 1600 Cushion/panel "Viennese lace") - always remains for the needlewoman.


New! You can make it by your own


Embroidery kit 1620AC Biscournu Poppies

Bright and colorful thing made by your own!


Needlework is one of the oldest female occupation. What was the most important in sewing? Of course, the master’s skillful hands and a needle. Particular attention was paid to its storage. In ancient times, it was possible to learn about the owner's well-being by her needle-case: noblewomen had jeweled ones, which were made of ivory, metal or wood, and the peasants made cases for needles by themselves. The needle was considered as a feminine symbol. According to beliefs, ancient people put a needle in the cradle when a girl was born, and after her death a woman was buried with her needle-case.

In our times, needlewomen sew pincushions themselves, because this the storage is an important element for creating masterpieces. In addition, everyone knows that creative women are full of inspiration, so they keep needles in different ways, and pincushions can acquire completely unexpected shapes.

One of the types of pincushion is biscournu. It is an 8-corner cushion with an embroidered pattern and a soft filler inside. The name of this little thing came from the French language. Two embroidered canvases are stitched together along the contour and then stitched in the center. In fact, the function of biscournu is not only to keep needles and pins. It can also be used as an accessory: a key chain, a marker for scissors, even decorations for the house or a Christmas tree.

RIOLIS has already issued such item (1227 "Biscournu Fantasy") for needlewomen. Now there is one more – needlework kit "Biscournu Poppies" (1620ј—). The kit includes a beige canvas 18 ct Aida Zweigart (the previous biscournu had a serious 25 ct canvas), a needle, Anchor stranded cotton threads (10 colors), 2 beads, and also a filler. RIOLIS artist Elena Kolmakova developed this design.


The main thing is not to be afraid of new forms and decisions. The fascinating process of sewing biscournu will please every needlewomen, and colorful threads will turn into bright poppies.


Time for adventures and needlework


Embroidery for travelers

Cross-stitching is only for home-stayers? Not at all! This is a hobby for those, who like to travel even in their imagination. It is pleasant very much to sit in a cozy armchair at home, devote your free time to embroidering memories or dreams of distant wanderings. By the way, there is a good sign: if you want to go, for example, to the sea, you need to embroider a picture with the intended place of travel.


So, which tourist destinations offers us RIOLIS collection?


If you would like to travel around the world you can embroider needlework series "Cities of the World".


вышивка крестом города мира   вышивка крестом города мира   вышивки города мира


вышивки вокруг света    вышивка города мира   вышивки города мира берлин   вышивки города мира


Especially for Greece lovers RIOLIS released the needlework kit 1644 "Santorini". Vivid colors, bright blue traditional roofs – and don’t say you wouldn’t like to be right now at such magnificent place. 



For those who were charmed by the cozy and exquisite beauty of the fields, country roads and small settlements of Italy – the needlework kit 100/001 "Tuscany".


вышивка тоскана


If you are mesmerized by not only the province but also architecture, culture and urban life in Italy, we can offer you two embroideries, dedicated to ancient romantic Venice: 1552 "Venice. Bridge of Sighs" and 1127 "Venice. St. Marks Square".

вышивка венеци€ мост вздохов вышивка площадь сан марко

 We continue our journey through the Mediterranean shore and move to Spain. Grandeur of the muslim architecture will fascinates you with the kits 1459 "Alhambra" and 1579 "The Palace Garden".

вышивки дл€ путешественников јльгамбра вышивка хенералифе

Majestic Neuschwanstein castle embodies dreams of the beautiful European Middle Ages. It is the center of an invincible attraction for many travelers – a fairytale, which still exists nowadays.


вышивка нойшванштайн


And now we are moving to Eastern Europe for a walk in a mystical aura of Prague – the needlework kit 1058 "Charles Bridge – Prague".

вышивка прага


A distant shores, unknown countries ... But there are so many interesting and beautiful things in spacious Russia. Pay attention to the series "Cities of Russia"




One of the embroidery series – 0033 RT "Around the World", 0036 RT "Above the Clouds" and 0037 RT "Rattle of Wheels" – will be a great gift to a person who does not imagine his life without traveling. It won’t be difficult to complete the work and moreover it does not take much time, only the main subjects of the plot are embroidered on these kits, because the background and details is already applied to the canvas picture.


вышивка дл€ путешественников стук колес   вышивки дл€ путешественников вокруг света   вышивка дл€ путешественников за облаками


New! The most tender embroidery


Embroidery 100/054 "Ballet dancer"

Grace and fascination


I could have danced all night


And still have begged for more


I could have spread my wings


And done a thousand things


I've never done before



My Fair Lady - I Could Have Danced All Night 


Theatre lights, the rustle of the ballet dancer’s tutu, the tulle swish, the tapping of the ballet shoes, graceful movements, the flowers and the roar of applause. The image of a beautiful creature dancing on the stage is familiar to every girl. Surely, many girls in their childhood dreamed of hovering under the music of Tchaikovsky or Adan on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater as enchanting Odette or gentle Giselle.

The release of the RIOLIS Premium novelties is always an exciting event. As the appearing of a dancer on a stage. Now we are proud to present our long-awaited novelty – the embroidery kit 100/054 "Ballet dancer". Many needlewomen have already fallen in love with the plot and its extraordinary approach. The embroidery design is created by the artist Yuliya Krasavina and represents a gentle, surprisingly airy picture. It is written like pastel and pencil, and the dark gray canvas adds depth to the composition. The needlework kit contains Zweigart 14 ct Aida fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads (22 colors) and a needle. It is done with wrapped French knots for more expressive 3D effect. The seed bead from the kit will look good as an elegant earring for the heroine.

Greatness, grace and a little sweet fatigue after the ballet fill the embroidery. And also love from RIOLIS. By the way, it is pleasant mostly to embroider this work to the classical music.

Try it! ;)


Download three free cross-stitch charts! 


Free cross-stitch chart
for pouches for herbs!


Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart



New! Funny magnets on a plastic canvas.



1623ј— Magnet "Owl" and 1622ј— Magnet "Fish"

Funny novelties for the lovers of new techniques!


Embroidery on a canvas is a genuine classic, but RIOLIS don’t stand still but continues to experiment and seeks for new techniques – for example, an embroidery on a plastic canvas.


Recently, in order to create embroidery crafts of interesting shape, it was necessary to use additional materials, for example, cardboard as a base. Now everything has become simpler: a plastic canvas is easy in use, and there are already blanks in the kits.

What did you know about the plastic canvas? It is rigid and well-shaped, durable and moisture-proof. To embroider a picture on it you don’t need a frame, and when you finish your work, you don’t need to iron it. The most interesting thing is that creativity on this kind of canvas is not limited only by embroidery: you can create three-dimensional figures, make decorations, charms and magnets for a refrigerator.

These two funny magnets are extraordinary novelties by RIOLIS. Both needlework kits contain colorful woolen/acrylic yarn Safil threads, a needle, a magnet, a felt and a plastic canvas. The canvas should be cut off along the contour after embroidery is done. Also, the kit 1623ј— Magnet "Owl" includes 3 seed beads and 1622ј— Magnet "Fish" - a ring that will connect the tail and  the body.

It is curious that you can use any technique and any material with such an unusual type of canvas – threads, ribbons, seed beads. You can use the technique of cross and stitch while working on 1623ј— Magnet "Fish" and just a stitch  in

1622ј— Magnet "Owl".

These bright magnets will locate nicely in your house and decorate the refrigerator. The fish will wag by tail, and the owl will keep an eye for everyone, who will try to to filch food at night ;)




New! Embroidered Swallow`s Nest



Embroidery 1645 Swallow`s Nest

New! A romantic symbol of Crimea

вышивка ласточкино гнездо

A majestic medieval castle stands on the very edge of the rock by the sea. It meets a rising sun and a new day. Very romantic! Can it really be true?

We can easily imagine that a beautiful young princess enjoyed a picturesque look from this balcony. But it couldn't occur for real. The building was made in the first quarter of the 20th century, only about one hundred years ago. The project was created by the engineer Leonid Sherwood (the son of the famous architect Vladimir Sherwood). And he specifically tried to obtain such an effect – the building looked like an Eagle nest type medieval castle.

вышивка ласточкино гнездо балкон
вышивка ласточкино гнездо башн€

The castle had an unusual fate: it used to be a restaurant, a reading room, a museum, was under a long reconstruction after an earthquake… But for many decades its majestic silhouette has become a popular postcard  of the Crimean coast. Many artists and photographers have tried to imprint a beauty Swallow`s nest. There are embroideries of this monument in collections of many needlework kit producers. RIOLIS has decided to reopen in its own way this popular picture. We have concentrated on volume, lights and shadows. And we think it turned out to be gorgeous!

We provide to your attention a monumental design of Vladimir Krasnoshchekov - the embroidery 1645  Swallow`s nestTo create such a masterpiece of needlework you need to be prepared for a serious and long process. The size of the finished work is 35х60 cm. All the design is sewn up completely with 1- and 2-strand cross stitches. Details are accentuated with a small amount of stitches. You will work with 27 colors of wool/acrylic yarn Safil on 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. Pleasant blue, pink, violet, yellow and even green shades will make embroidery process comfortable and various. вышивка ласточкино гнездо


RIOLIS took part in H+H Cologne exhibition


riolis logo

RIOLIS at H+H Cologne exhibition

стенд риолис


RIOLIS at H+H Cologne

On 31st of March – 2nd of April RIOLIS took part in H+H Cologne exhibition in Germany. As yearly, we presented our newest and best-selling designs to the visitors of one of the biggest international craft and hobby shows.

Our stand was busy all days of the show and we were delighted to welcome our clients from around the world to discuss about our cooperation and future plans. Also, we met a lot of new people who were interested in our kits and hope that soon enough our kits will be introduced to some new markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Portugal and others.


We want to sincerely thank everyone who visited our stand and hope to meet you in coming shows!




New! Embroidery Bolshoi Theatre

вышивка большой театр


Embroidered 1638 Bolshoi Theatre

Inspired by Art


вышивка большой театр

We`ve been waiting for this novelty as for a world premiere of a famous spectacle – an opera or a ballet. Musicians tune up, a soft murmur comes from loges – guests are taking their seats. Lights go down, an applause is heard. And finally, the curtain rises, and the main character is right in front of us.

вышивка большой театр

Ladies and gentlemen, please pay your attention to the long-awaited novelty – cross stitch kit 1638 Bolshoi Theatre. The magnificent picture designed by Krasavina is filled with mystery and elegance. The Bolshoi Theatre looks even more fascinating in a moonlight, than in a daylight. This special atmosphere is created thanks to the black 14 Aida Zweigart and soft woolen/acrylic yarn Safil (24 colors). You will embroider (50х30 cm) using some techniques: 1- and 2-stranded cross stitch and half cross stitch. A needle is also included in the kit.


The Bolshoi Theatre – one of the main symbols of Moscow. It is worldwide recognizable. As being near the heart of Russian capital – the Kremlin, it is an important place of interest both for city visitors and for its inhabitants. Where else but in a theater, you can feel closeness to the incredible atmosphere of performance, get some inspiration, enrich yourself with a true culture and simply relax?

This embroidery is a remarkable gift for your relatives and friends.




New! The cutest embroidery Red panda


Embroidery 1627 Red panda

Who can be cuter than a panda? Only a lesser panda!

Surprisingly, not everyone is acquainted with the younger brother of the world's popular big panda. But this little animal is no less interesting and deserves no less fame.


RIOLIS proposes to correct this injustice and present an embroidery with the red panda!


There is some information about a lesser panda so you could proudly answer what kind of unusual animal you are embroidering. 

This animal is listed in the International Red Book among endamaged species. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these cute creatures. Red pandas are very unusual and, at one time, they put scientists to a dead end when they tried to find their place in the system of biological species. The animals resemble raccoons, bears, foxes and even cats. An interesting fact: there is an opinion that the browser Mozilla Firefox was originally named after red panda.

Although, lesser pandas belong to the carnivore order, but eat mainly bamboo (95% of their diet). So the animal on embroidery is shown enjoying his favorite pastime. In general, these little babies, sized of a cat, are good-natured and it is easy to tame them. But remember that keeping pandas at home is very harmful for them! If you want to take to your home a "fiery fox", it's better to embroider it.


Needlework kit 1627 "Red Panda" will bring you a lot of pleasure. Fiery-red, tropical-juicy green tints on blue-gray 14 Aida Zweigart canvas look spectacular. Special fascinating nuance of the process and the finished result is combined color, consisted of different shades. Woolen/acrilyc yarn Safil will give you pleasant tactile feelings. The structure of these stranded threads makes animal's fur on embroidery look alive. The work with medium sized picture (21x30 cm) will be easy and exciting.



New! Needlework anti-stress kits 


Needlework anti-stress kits Embroidery therapy

Now available!

The idea

It started with adult coloring books. This simple activity has been reopened. It turned out that it is the best help in the solution of an important problem, which almost every adult confronts - struggling with stress. As you know, you can deal with stress in different ways. Creativity is not only one of the most valuable, but also one of the most effective ways. Checked!

One of the first adult colorings were performed in Zen art style, which itself involves a kind of creative meditation. RIOLIS decided to follow the exact direction. The bases of the designs were formed by Ekaterina Arkhipova who made her sketches in Zen art style.


RIOLIS offers a new version of anti-stress work. Embroiderers try to apply their skills in a new direction, and those who are accustomed to the traditional coloring, can try to discover new sides and highlight sketches with stitches.


Needlework kits Embroidery therapy give you not only the freedom of creativity, but also the opportunity to choose a degree of freedom itself.


Beginners among needlewomen or those who want to fully relax with embroidery will like the ability to make the work in strict accordance with the cover. The kits will suit experienced needlewomen.

The needlework kit contains

For needlewomen new series schemes seem a little bit unusual, as traditionally they help to make the work in accordance with the picture shown on the cover. Notational conventions look unusual and refer to the encyclopedia of stitches, also placed in the booklet. If you decide to bring your own ideas, the lines marked on the canvas will help you. They will serve as a reference point in your work.


The most interesting thing is that regardless of whether you are embroidering according to the scheme or not, the work will turn out unique! While preparing kits for release, we have embroidered it several times, and we can say that it is impossible to practically make the same picture two times.


The needlework kit has as usually all the necessary materials to make a picture as it is on the cover: wool/acrylic yarn Safil, even weaven fabric manufactured in Europe with printed pattern and a suitable needle. In order to create your own version of the designs use beads, rhinestones, buttons and threads from the remnants of other RIOLIS kits!

Enjoy your creativity!




A new free cross stitch chart!


Free cross stitch chart of
lilies of the valley embroidery

free cross stitch chart of lilies of valley


We are happy to meet the coming of spring. To share this beautiful moment with craftsmen of all the world, let`s embroider a pretty spring bouquet of lilies of the valley. We offer a free cross stitch chart, a list of necessary materials, numbers of the thread colors and instructions.


Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart




RIOLIS took part in CHSI Stitches Show in Birmingham


RIOLIS at CHSI Stitches Show in Birmingham


On 19th – 21st of February RIOLIS and our distributor in the UK, SoloCrafts, took part in CHSI Stitches Show in Birmingham. As yearly, we presented our latest and best selling models to the visitors of the show. It is always a huge pleasure to meet our customers and hear their thoughts about new designs and ideas for the future.


It was a little sad to see that the attendance of the show has decreased; however, we are glad that more and more people reach us via social media which means every stitcher around the world can see our novelties immediately after they are issued.


New! Bead embroidery kits for kids


Bead embroidery for kids –
new series


A cherished dream of so many craftswomen is to fascinate their children with embroidery. Every parent would be happy if his/her child`s hobby is also useful. We don`t have to mention the importance of ability to concentrate for our children, especially in this age of the epidemic of attention deficit. Besides common interests in a family are a good basis of relationship.

Cheerful characters and bright colors draw attention of little fidgets. It just takes some patience to finish a small picture. A young cockerel welcomes a new day. A colorful butterfly is enjoying a good time. And friendly little fishes merrily chat in the underwater language.

You embroider only the contours of the picture. The process is simple, and the details are described in the manual: how to fix a thread, what is the sequence of work, how to level beads of a row. Not only a background of the picture is pre-printed but also symbols that tell you where to place beads.


The bead embroidery kits 0061 PT Fairytale Butterfly, 0062 PT Sea Fish, 0063 PT  Good morning! as usually include all necessary materials: a fabric with pre-printed picture, threads, seed beads, a needle and an instruction. Just open the kit and start to embroider!



New! Embroidery “Foxgloves”


Embroidered Foxgloves

Extraordinary decorative picture 1612 Mallow has its pair at last –
needlework kit 1629 Foxgloves

вышивка наперст€нкивышивка крестом мальвы


Perhaps, you don’t even know such flower – foxglove. Meanwhile, this plant not only looks effective as an embroidery, but also is very health-giving and exhausting. It was used as a curative in ancient times. Long time the substance, secreted from foxglove, was indispensable for treatment of cardiac failure. 


One more interesting fact is that Vincent Van Gogh had taken this medicine by prescription in his later years. There is a theory that this circumstance influenced artist’s color perception and gave an unusual palette of his paintings to the world.

вышисвка наперст€нки

Click to enlarge the picture

Click to enlarge the picture

The size of the embroidery was chosen uncommon for extraordinary flower – 19x90 cm. Design is not standard either. The kit has everything you need to stitch and enframe the work as shown on the cover: two wooden hangers and a detailed explanation of edge processing technology in instruction.

Embroidery is done by several kinds of half-wool threads Safil stitch on black canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Especially, it is mentioned that the work also implies the use of combined stitches. The color chart is shown enlarged on three sheets. Traditionally, needle is also included in the kit.

Click to enlarge the picture


RIOLIS took part in Creativation show 2017!


Creativation show 2017

riolis stand


On 21st – 23rd of January RIOLIS took part in Creativation Show in Phoenix, Arizona. As always, we presented our latest and best-selling designs to the visitors of the show and were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback. 


riolis novelties


During this show we not only met our current and potential clients, but also welcomed a lot of bloggers who were interested to hear more about RIOLIS kits. We were very happy to meet many shop owners who specialize in scrapbooking telling us that they want to include cross stitch kits back to their assortment. It is great to hear that more and more people are choosing needlework as their hobby!

Novelty! Cushion/Pannel Viennese Lace


подушка венское кружево


Cushion/Pannel Viennese Lace

An embroidery inspiration

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом венское кружево


Cross-stitch kit 1600 Cushion/Pannel Viennese Lace was created impressed by an exhibition of craft works that designer Elena Kolmakova visited one day. Floral and animal motives were real masterpieces. This moment of art admiration is captured now in the embroidery. вышита€ подушка венское кружево
набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом венское кружево

The fancy lace ornament reminds of the frozen frost ornaments. They are created by three main embroidery techniques - cross-stitch, half cross-stitch and straight stitch.

вышивка венское кружево
подушка венское кружево Only three colors (plus combined colors) of wool/acrylic yarn Safil are used in the embroidery. Pay attention that these are close shades. We advise to prepare a well-lit working place. Some concentration while stitching and the result will exceed your expectations!

For such a special embroidery the increased colored symbolical scheme is designed on two sheets. And there is also a detailed instruction.
вышивка венское кружево

How the finished embroidery will fit in your interior? As a pannel or as an embroidered pillow? It`s up to you. There are all necessary materials to create any of these options in this kit included a fabric for reverse side of cushion.



Download free cross-stitch chart for a Christmas napkin!


Free cross-stitch chart
for Christmas napkin


Happy Holiday Season! We`d like it to be even more cosy and  pleasant for you, so we decided to make you a small gift – free cross-stitch chart of a decorative napkin. Enjoy the —hristmas spirit!

Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart from RIOLIS



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Greeting card by RIOLIS


New! Embroidery after Van Gogh's Painting



New! Embroidery after Van Gogh's Painting

1591 Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses 

Embroidery after Van Gogh`s painting


Now you don't have to go to the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo in Netherlands to admire Vincent Van Gogh's picture Vase With Poppies, Cornflowers, Peonies And Chrysanthemums, written in 1886. To decorate your interior with this masterpiece you don't have to rob the gallery. It is far too easy with needlework kits RIOLIS – you can create a masterpiece with your own hands.


Please note that cross-stitch kit 1591 Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses is based on the painting, but also includes a work of embroidery designer. A colored chart was cautiously created to show a beauty of oil painting. The kit contains 27 shades of cotton stranded threads Anchor. It is quite easy to stitch, because only one technique is used for this design – 2-strand cross-stitching. But you'll have to get used to working on black canvas (14 ct Aida Zweigart), so it won't be boring! The finished size of embroidery is 30х30 cm.

There are some more designs based on Van Gogh's pictures in RIOLIS collection.

1088 Starry Night 

1087 Irises 





New! Embroidered bouquets



Embroidered bouquets

Novelties – cross stitch kits 1606 Bouquet with Sweet Peas and 1607 Bouquet with Lavender


вышивка букетика с лавандой      вышивка букетика с душистым горошком




Don`t you think that small bouquets are even more gentle and touching than magnificent luxury flower compositions? A little thing looks like collected by a fragile female hand during an early walk to surprise a girlfriend, a sister or a mother. Or it looks like a spontaneous gift of a young romantic lover. Revive a memory of a fresh first love!


A pair of embroidered bouquets is a good gift for a friend. Embroider one for her and keep the second one. Or treat your mother, sister or daughter – they will appreciate it!


The embroideries has a small size – only 15х18 cm. The designs are made for embroidery lovers who are ready to use different techniques for the sake of excellent result. The bouquets are embroidered with cross-stitches with different number of strands (3, 2, 1). A delicate background is made with half cross-stitches. And in the kit 1607 there are also loop stitches that make a bouquet live and voluminous.



The kit contains a traditional fabric for stitching – 14 ct Aida Zweigart, 15 and 13 colors of cotton stranded threads Anchor and a needle. You wil embroider according to the increased color schemes. As always, there is also a detailed instruction that will be clear even for beginners.


And finally, we remind you that in this series there are some more designs. Here they are:



1577 Bouquet with Coneflowers                   1576 Bouquet with Cornflowers


See RIOLIS embroidered city landscapes!



Embroidered city landscapes

 Artists like to draw the cities. Art historians consider the most ancient remained city landscape the fresco of the 1st century AD of 10 sq.m that was in a term of the Roman emperor Traian representing a seaport from height of bird's flight. Some scientists consider that it is a fictional city, but the others are looking for the proofs of its existence. And the fact is that already then artists considered city landscapes worthy to be depicted.

   вышивка города мира лондон   вышивка города мира агра


вышивка городские пейзажи   ¬ышивка городские пейзажи рим   городские вышивки берлин   городские пейзажи вышивка


This subject is no less popular among embroidery lovers. Therefore, among RIOLIS kits there are many city landscapes. The success of the Cities of the World series, including embroideries with the most recognizable symbols of legendary Paris (No. 0018 PT), London (No. 0019 PT), Agra (No. 0020 PT), New York (No. 0025 PT), Rome (No. 0026), Berlin (No. 0027) and Venice (No. 0030 PT) has inspired designers to create the similar series devoted to the cities of Russia. There are already out the kits with the views of Vladimir (No. 0048 PT), St. Petersburg (No. 0049 PT) and Kostroma (No. 0056 PT). The embroideries of the both series are made with  Anchor cotton stranded threads on the fabric with pre-printed background. They look spectacular.


городские пейзажи вышивки   городские вышивки владимир   города россии кострома


вышивка городские пейзажи храм васили€ блаженного In the Middle Ages the city landscapes used to be on biblical theme paintings. Today embroideries with temples on its central parts are beloved by many needlewomen. The embroidered Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral (No. 1260) or Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg (No. 1548) are popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. And Kul Sharif (No. 1367), the main mosque of Kazan, not only Muslims embroider.

city landscapes


вышивка мечеть кул шариф

In the 16-18th centuries city maps and plans were imprinted in engravings and etchings, and a little later urban views were also shown on engravings. Ancient engravings of the 19th century are a picturesque basis of the embroidery No. 1527 Walk in the park. городские пейзажи прогулка в парке
городские пейзажи амстердам From the middle of the 17th century the genre of city landscape became independent. The first were the Dutch masters. Designers of RIOLIS recreated two pictures of the Netherlands painter Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg in cross-stitches. Both city landscapes No. 1190 "Amsterdam. Channel Audezeyts Forburgval" and No. 1189 "Amsterdam. The old church and the church of Saint Nicholas" have an impressive size and are very close to the picture of Dutch master. городские пейзажи амстердам

вышивка городских пейзажей вена   городские пейзажи венеци€ мост вздохов   

вышивки городских пейзажей карлов мост

The views of the European cities embroidered with RIOLIS kits always draw attention of the audience. Vienna based on K. Zaychek's picture (No. 908) , No. 1127 Venice. St. Marks square, No. 1058 Charles Bridge - Prague, No. 1552 Venice. Bridge of Sighs are needlewomen`s love.


By the end of the 19th century artists impressionists have focused on plein-air painting. Their paintings of cozy streets, passersby and charming small restaurants perfectly correspond the atmosphere of a city everyday life. The embroidered with wool picture No. 1396  Square of the Trinity. Paris after August Renoir's picture bewitches and transfers you to the thick of events constantly happening in the center of a noisy and cheerful European capital.

вышивка городские пейзажи ренуар
вышивки городские пейзажи трамвайные дорожки And in order to finally reconcile you with a winter city landscape outside the window, we remind you of two embroideries –  No. 1489 Tram route and No. 1490 Cycle Lane. Bad weather looks so comfortable on them and reminds of the truth known to all embroidery lovers: the more it is rainy outside, the more it is pleasant to  nestle in a chair under a plaid with a new process. вышивки городские пейзажи

Embroider the cities that you`ve been to and that you are dreaming about!


Novelty! Cross-stitch kit 0057 PT Forest Dragon



Embroidery Forest Dragon

вышивка лесной дракон

Introduction to Dragonology from RIOLIS

Please meet the Forest Dragon. It is strong and looks menacing, but in its heart of hearts is kind and caring and, according to it's creator Alina Melentyeva, it is also a vegetarian! It doesn't like somebody to hurt the forest it lives in. But all in all, has a pretty simple and agreeable attitude to life. Such a cute character!


Both adults and children like dragons. While stitching this design you can tell a fairy tale to your child: how the Forest Dragon and a Brave Prince rescued a Beautiful Princess together or found the rarest creature in the world - a Bird of Happiness.

Click the picture to enlarge it

Click the picture to enlarge it

An unusual anatomy of the dragon will wake the dreams of even the most 'boring'of the adults. It posesses the spine of a dinasaur, scales of a fish and has the tail with an arrow tip. Every part of this design is embodied in a cross-stich with little accents in a simple stitch. Please note that mixed colors are used to create a wider palette. 

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом лесной дракон

Click the picture to enlarge it

наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом

Click the picture to enlarge it

The size of the finished design is approximately 30x40 cm, but remember that you only have to cross-stich the dragon and a patch of grass right below him. Rest of the picture is printed on the the 14 Aida Zweigart fabric. The cross-stich kit 0057 PT Forest Dragon also contains a colored chart, numbered thread sorter, a detailed instruction and a needle.

вышивка лесной дракон

Click the picture to enlarge it


Also in fantasy collection of RIOLIS:


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом единорог


0024 PT Unicorn

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом птица счасть€

0034 PT Bird of Happiness

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом северный олень


0043 –“ White Stag


New! Cross-stitch kit 100/052 Spring Tulips


Cross-stitch kit 100/052 Spring Tulips

An addition to RIOLIS Premium collection


What is a feeling that you have when someone presents you a bouquet of tulips? It's like becoming younger - even if you are a young girl yourself. It's a sign of spring, a season that always has a place in one's life. RIOLIS' new kit 100/052 will become an unforgettable present for all seasons, types of weather and for every embroiderer. 

embroidery tulips Size of the finished embroidery will be approximately 70x30 cm. Popular floral design in an unusual format will be a great decoration for an interior. Pink tulips look like they dance in a bright and colorful row. Semi-green buds and luxurious flowers are connected in a common visual rythm of the embroidered design.



An unusual color of the 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric shades in the pink flowers perfectly. White stems look festive and pristine. The embroidery kit contains 18 colors of Anchor-stranded mouline.



Together, a couple of easy embroidery techniques like cross-stitch in different number of strands, create an effect of a volumnous drawing.



Also in this collection

вышивка маков


Attention! Error in the kit 1525 Pet Cat




Error in the needlework kit
1525 Pet Cat

 набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом

Dear customers!


There is a configuration error in some of the embroidery kits 1525 Pet Cat. If you lack white color threads (No. 1 on a plate), please contact us by phone +370 (382) 52988 or by e-mail


We apologize for any inconvenience! Please help to distribute this information!


RIOLIS took part in Quilt and Stitch Show in Tokyo



RIOLIS at Quilt and Stitch Show in Tokyo


On 15th – 17th of September RIOLIS and our distributor in Japan Craft Index took part in Quilt and Stitch Show in Tokyo, Japan. This show took place for the first time and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors and their interest in needlework. 


During the show RIOLIS introduced workshops that were crowded due to a huge interest. We also welcomed a lot of visitors who were excited to buy our kits. We are glad that RIOLIS brand is already well-known in Japan and many of the visitors already knew our designs. 



Embroidered photo panel Princess Castle straight from the fairy-tale!


Embroidered Photo Panel Princess Castle

вышитое панно дл€ фотографии замок принцессы

With a wave of an enchanted needle an embroiderer reads mysterious charts and whispers enigmatiс number - and thus the magic is born! Create a world of a fairy tale and magic for your child with the help of new cross-stitch kit 1580 Panel/Photo frame Princess Castle!

With the help of a detailed instruction and a chart included in this kit one will master new fantastic embroidery techniques. Tall and impregnable towers of the castle are created with a well-know cross-stitch. But other magnificent kinds of stitches make lace-like fences and railings, intricate wings and lush flower-beds.


Embroidery techniques like blackwork and Bullion knots have a rich longstanding history. They are as old as the walls of medieval castles. By this day they are popular among contemporary designers who use them for clothes, accessories, panels, greeting cards and interior design.

This bright panel arranged in a pretty frame will compliment a portrait of a young girl. And it will be to the liking of both the embroiderer and the little princess on the picture herself. Little corners that hold the photograph in place and other cute elements are made fromcolorful felt and become another special feature of this design.


Before the question itself arises - RIOLIS is happy to announce that an embroidered panel for a young knight will also be released as soon as in the next catalogue that will come out in winter. 
As usual the kit contains all the necessary materials for creating a panel: beige 14 ct Aida fabric for cross-stitching from Zweigart, wool/acrylic threads from Safil (10 colors), 1 color of cotton mouline, two needles for different kinds of stitches, felt (3 colors), colored chart and a helpful instruction.



Cross-stitch with poppies and peonies "Oriental Bouquet"




Cross-stitch with poppies and peonies
Oriental Bouquet

Ancient Chinese phylosophy of Feng Shui promises that embroidery of poppies and peonies will bring happiness and prosperity into life.


According to Feng Shui tradition peonies and poppies are considered to be kings of plants and flowers in the Eastern cultures. It's hard to argue with this idea when you witness the beauty of the cross-stitch kit with a pre-printed background 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet. Keeping such plants in one's house is said to bring well-being in many areas of life. Of course you can't grow peopies or poppies in an apartment, but you can embroider those magnificent flowers to the benefit of your household.

Click the picture to enlarge it

Click the picture to enlarge it

Bright and rich color of poppies associates with passion and love.


By the eastern tradition, which pays immense respect to this flower, peony helps not only find your true romantic love, but also mend complicated relationships between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters. Sometimes a person feel that precious connection with their loved ones is lost forever. Bright color of these magical flowers like a fiery impulse will help find way to the loved one's heart.

Also Oriental Bouquet cross-stitch kit  holds all the pleasant blessings for girls and brides. Poppies are said to conceive a child. There is a belief in the embroidery community that a girl who starts cross-stitching a poppy picture, will soon be with a child.  In China poppies were symbols of a good wedding and a happy life for newlyweds. So this embroidery can also be used as a great wedding present!

Click the picture to enlarge it

Click the picture to enlarge it

Please note that cross-stitch kit 0050 PT Oriental Bouquet contains a piece of fabric with a pre-printed background. Semi-transparent outline of mountains and the background rows of leaves are already printed on the fabric with manufacturer's own equipment, so RIOLIS guarantees the quality of the print. An embroidery on such a fabric (14 ct Aida Zweigart) appears more volumnous and expressive, though the actual techniques used in the kit are pretty easy: a 3-thread cross-stitch and an ordinary 1-thread stitch. The design uses 17 colors of Anchor-stranded mouline threads (including color blends). A detailed instruction will help with this unusual fabric or explain all the nuances of embroidery to a novice in the needlework world. 

Wreath with Blue Spruce



Embroidered Winter Wreath with Blue Spruce


¬ышитый зимний венок с голубой елью



A long-awaited cross-stitch kit 1603 "Wreath with Blue Spruce" completes the popular series of seasonal wreaths from RIOLIS. After the release of the autumnal kit - 1537 "Wreath with Wheat" we were asked time and time again, when the next novelty will be added to this series. Finally, all four seasons came together!

зимний венок

Click on the picture to enlarge it

вышитый зимний венок

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Vast popularity of this theme entrusted RIOLIS designers with a major sense of responsibility before their fellow-embroiderers. Thus we present before you this embroidery of a winter-themed wreath.


A combination of fresh and fragrant conifers and spicy berries reminds of people's favourite winter festivities, including Christmas and New Year. And a good thing about it being released in August is that if you start stitching now, you can finish just in time before December!


Cross-stitch kit "Wreath with Blue Spruce" includes a couple of different embroidery techniques: a full cross-stitch with different numbers of threads and a 1-strand plain stitch. Bright coloured cotton mouline Anchor is combined with blended colours - total of 29 different shades. Size of the embroidery is not that big - 30x30 cm and it's not fully stitched, so please don't be afraid to try your skill with this kit! 1603 "Wreath with Blue Spruce" is replenished with white 14 ct Zweigart Aida and a suitable needle. Coloured chart and a helpful instruction from RIOLIS will guide you into the beautiful world of embroidery.

вышивка зимний венок с голубой елью

Click on the picture to enlarge it

Also in this series

   вышивка летний венок  

 осенний венок вышивка               вышивка весенний венок


Please download these free cross-stitch charts for napkins!


Free cross-stitch charts
for jar decorating 



Your favourite hobby can always help you prepare for this forthcoming autumn and stock up with your beloved summer vegetables and fruits! You can use these free cross-stitch charts with wonderful stitched tomatoes, red peppers and cucumbers for creating napkins and our easy manual will help teach you decorate jars with them.


Download PDF with a free cross-stitch chart from RIOLIS



Novelties! 0046 PT Cleopatra and 0047 PT African Princess



Such a different beauty

Every woman is beautiful. There are no exceptions. Though we can't deny that every era or a cultural origin dictates the rules and dogmas of beauty.


Perhaps, there were no other such a famous queen in human history as Cleopatra. Being the last ruler of the ancient country, the beauty and the clever woman, she became a legend and a world trend. Tales of her beauty and charm have reached us through centuries. And her portrait is considered one of the ten most recognizable images of human person. The inspired by legendary beauty artist of RIOLIS have devoted a design to her. The embroidery kit 0046 PT suggests embroidering the queen Cleopatra on the canvas Zweigart Aida 14 with pre-printed background. The kit also includes cotton stranded threads Anchor (sixteen colors), a needle and a colored scheme.
In a search of ideal beauty we move on across Africa to the southern part of the continent, to RSA, Province of Transvaal. There lives the Ndebele tribe. Women of the tribe are very fond of accessories. And though young girls go topless, their breast, wrists, waist, neck, anklebones, hips and heads are decorated with various necklaces, belts and bracelets made of beads. The total weight of all this stuff is quite often up to twenty five kilograms. Beautiful women, covered with tremendous exotic jewelry, with proud bearing and a swan neck of the Ndebele tribe are one of symbols of Africa. RIOLIS offers an original design with the African princess. Cross stitch kit 0047 PT contains Zweigart Aida 14 with pre-printed background, cotton stranded threads Anchor (19 colors), a needle and a colored scheme.

XIII. Orszagos Keresztszemes Kiallitas es Verseny Budapest exhibition



XIII. Orszagos Keresztszemes Kiallitas es Verseny Budapest exhibition




On 26th of June – 2nd of July RIOLIS distributor in Hungary Patent's Kft. took part in XIII. Orszagos Keresztszemes Kiallitas es Verseny Budapest exhibition.


The show attracted less people than was expected for a very interesting reason. It appears that people in Hungary are crazy not only about needlework but also about football and exhibition attendance was a little lower on match day of Hungarian national team in European championship. Although the first exhibition day was not very busy, the exhibition was great in general. 


People loved RIOLIS products and our distributors have sold much more our kits than other brands. 


Overall, Patent’s attracted several new clients and are satisfied with the result of this exhibition. 



The peony season has started!


The peony season has started!

Cross-stitched peonies in RIOLIS collection

It is not easy to find a woman indifferent to peonies. These flowers are even as much popular among ladies as the queen of flowers – rose. They say that this addiction represents our romantic and sensual personality. Needlewomen often say that embroidering peonies can help to find a husband and to kindle fiery passion in the chosen one. The embroidered pictures with these flowers will be also appreciated as a wedding gift and as a wish of well being and unfading love.


Cross stitch kit 1259 "Peonies in a vase" will be easy to work with even for not yet very experienced needlewomen and also will be a good choice for those who prefers to work with coarse woven fabric 10 ct Aida Zweigart. The size of the finished embroidery made with woolen/acrylic yarn Safil will be 40х40 cm.
набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом акварельные пионы
Cross stitch kit 1070 "Watercolour Peonies" is the gem of the well-known embroidery collection of watercolour flowers by RIOLIS. Lightness of water color brush strokes is represented by different quantity of strands and a half-cross stitch. Thin and exact stitches accentuate the bends of gentle petals. This design is made on a standard embroidery fabric 14 ct Aida Zweigart and cotton stranded threads Anchor.
Probably many cross-stitch lovers are already familiar with and seduced by this kit 100/039 "Pink peonies" from RIOLIS Premium collection. Spring shades of cotton stranded threads, Anchor and various embroidery techniques create the depth of the picture.
набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом



New cross-stitch designs from RIOLIS




When choosing a cross-stitch design many embroiderers pay attention not only to the picture, but to the superstitions connected to it. Every needlework community is full of wonderful stories about people who reached their dreams with the help of a lot of hard work and a little cross-stitch design. Want to find a new job, buy a house, have a baby or meet your sweetheart? Every dream is connected to its specific needlework design.

One of the most popular make-a-wish cross-stitch themes is a Mill. They say that to complete such a kit is to remind Lady Fortune about yourself and to bring your goals closer. RIOLIS' new kit 0045 PT "Windmill" promises to become such a fortune bringer. In addition to a mill the picture has two cute houses (want to buy a cottage somewhere nice and cosy?) and bright yellow sunflowers that are generally considered being a good omen.


Another big simbol for dreamers is a Lighthouse. It will help you to find a good job, open your own business, get a big promotion or elevate your social status. Experienced embroiderers say that the sea on a cross-stitch design with a lighthouse should be calm and tranquil to smoothen your path and eliminate all the delays. That's exactly the design RIOLIS has in it's new collection - 0044 PT "Lighthouse"


It doesn't matter if you believe in superstitions like that or not. Both kits use canvas with a pre-printed background so it doesn't take a lot of time to complete them. So take a chance and create something beautiful and lucky for yourself. Maybe it will really help and your wonderful story will be the next one RIOLIS community will read about!



To connect with your fellow cross-stitchers please visit our Facebook page -


OzStitch participated in The Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane



The Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane


Our partners in Australia, company OzStitch participated in The Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane on 17th – 20th of March. 

It was a show to a final customer and it was well attended. Many existing customers came in to meet OzStitch as well as take a look at the stitched models.

Many people came back home with our catalogue and some of them even placed orders after the show.


RIOLIS spring embroideries collection


Spring inspires

Has it ever happened to you that a nice and bright spring day suddenly wakes up the desire to start something new, discover unknown, plunge into fresh feelings? Some sort of "reset" is useful in any business. Therefore, in order to upgrade your relations with embroidery, we suggest you to choose a new spring process. In the RIOLIS collection there are a lot of embroideries inspired by spring mood. Choose the one or even more you like!

Let the "Spring Breeze Fairy" embroidery inspire you and your relatives! This RIOLIS novelty will definitely cheer you up and will not get you bored at work. Blended colors (strands of different colors in one stitch), variouse quantity of threads, half cross-stitch, stitch and even beads – all this diversity creates a light, nearly translucent image.


One of the first flowers in a year that please us with its emergence are modest and simple snowdrops. Lucky is the one who would collect a bunch of these fabulous, fragile, barely awake sprout. With a spring embroidery 1403 "Snowdrops" this bunch will be able to give you good luck and aromas of the wakening nature all the year round. The embroidered with ribbons flowers will give a charm to the picture. And the detailed instruction with schemes will help to cope – if necessary – with a new technique.



The blossoming fields of lilies of the valley replace snowdrops in the wood. The time of these flowers – from April to June, but because of the fact that they look so gently and innocently it is often associated with the beginning of spring awakening of the nature. And its aroma is, of course, the true aroma of spring. In RIOLIS collection you can find not only embroidered pictures, but also a greeting card with lilies of the valley. Choose process for yourself!




RIOLIS has a series of embroidered flower wreaths devoted to seasons. Embroidery "Wreath with Bird Cherry" (1536) – is just for spring time! A fresh palette – bird cherry, bellflowers, willow, light and cheerful colors – everything you need to get the spirit of spring. 




The spring is as beautiful in the city as in the countryside. Bright and cheerful colors of blossoming are pleasing to the eye. The embroidery of a spring landscape will become a real color therapy that will cheer you up after a hard working day and that your relatives and guests will admire. Choose one of the embroidered spring landscapes of the RIOLIS numerous collection!


The spring – is a high time for love confessions. Flowers are a universal language of love. Sometimes they can say even more than an eloquent message. Classics of the love poetry and ideal beauty of the flower embroidered with heart`s warmth – a formula of perfect  "Love Letters". This series of partial embroideries will create a great romantic mood and will help to strengthen  relationship.


Many of us want to feel at last after long winter not only a warmth of sunshine in the spring, but also a human warmth and caress. The embroidery «The Kiss after G. Klimt's Painting» (1170) is devoted to the one of the most enjoyable kinds of spending springtime. All scale and shades of feelings in the picture convey different embroidery techniques – cross-stitch, beads and bugles.



RIOLIS wishes you a wonderful, blossoming, romantic and creative spring!
And what`s your favourite spring embroidery by RIOLIS?



RIOLIS participated in H&H Cologne in Germany




On 18th – 20th of March we have participated in H&H Cologne in Germany exhibition as yearly.

This year the exhibition was very busy and we have welcomed a lot of visitors from all around the world.
We want to thank our distributors and wholesalers who visited our stand. It is always a pleasure to meet our partners in person to discuss current issues and hear their thoughts about possibilities for the future.


Also, we are very glad that many new clients came and we hope that soon our kits will be available in even more countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco and others.

During the exhibition we have gathered a lot of new ideas and are full of energy to work on them. Stay tuned to find out!
We are looking forward to meet you in the comings exhibitions!




New! Serbian Landscape embroidery


Serbian Landscape embroidery 

сербский пейзаж вышивка крестом


Serbia is probably not one of the most popular tourist destination for travellers from all around the world. Its beauty is not very bright or exotic. But just look at this landscape with pretty houses, rich fields and picturesque hills look so cozy and homey. RIOLIS offers a novelty – a cross stitch kit 1569 Serbian landscape – for those who feel nostalgic for a distant, far away, but at the same time so clear and familiar land.

Press the picture to enlarge it


сербский пейзаж вышивка крестом

Press the picture to enlarge it

The embroidered picture is inspired by quiet rural life. No men to be seen, but scattered here and there cosy houses surrounded by southern flowers, a dome of a rural churchlet, the cultivated fields, accurately collected haystacks – everything speaks about the peace of countrylife and love to the native land, family and neighbors. An idyll in which every citizen would like to live at least for a day!


The simplified outlines, unusual perspective and the the horizon line make tha picture look like a fairy-tale or a fantasy.This is also provided by style and technique. All the picture is embroidered with wool/acrylic yarn Safil and 3-strand cross-stitches. A traditional white canvas 10 ct Aida Zweigart is easy and fun to embroider. 28 colors are used in these picture, and there are no combined colors among them. A colored chart is designed by the artist so that one shade forms a compact group of stitches and it is convenient to embroider them. Therefore quite large picure of 40х40 cm will be easy to embroider.



Press the picture to enlarge it


New! Music embroideries Jazz and Rock-and-Roll by RIOLIS


Music embroideries
Rock-n-Roll and Jazz

музыкальна€ вышивка джаз


музыкальна€ вышивка рок-н-ролл


Women are fascinated by so many things, and needlewomen are even more so. Everyone of them for certain have not one, but two, three, and even four passions… Many are fond of music. For such creatively different and distinctive, bright and forever young – novelties from RIOLIS. We represent partial embroidery kits 0041 PT Jazz and 0042 PT Rock'n'roll.

The jazz is a music genre which has appeared at the very beginning of the last century and still remains actual and continues to develop actively. Jazz improvisations is a delicacy for the real musical gourmets.

музыкальна€ вышивка джаз

Press the picture to enlarge it

музыкальна€ вышивка рок-н-ролл

Press the picture to enlarge it

Having hardly appeared in the far 50th the rock'n'roll     paved the way to hearts of people with an unusually free manner of performance, an incendiary rhythm and naughty texts. Today this genre knows and loves every self-respecting music fan.
High requests of a skilled needlework lover will be satisfied with the variety of techniques used in these kits. In the embroidery Jazz in addition to cross stitch and stitch a more rare technique ¾ cross stith is used, for example, to give rounded shape to saxophone keys.

музыкальна€ вышивка джаз

Press the picture to enlarge it


музыкальна€ вышивка рок-н-ролл

Press the picture to enlarge it


It is pleasant to embroider with bright and saturated shades of Anchor cotton stranded threads. And the combined colors used in the scheme add live, interesting transitions and will let you feel yourself an artist mixing paints.

In both kits a metallic thread is used to emphasize a sharpness of forms and lustre of surface of musical instruments.


The background of the picture is applied to the fabric 14 ct Zweigart Aida.


The finished size of embroidered pictures will be 21х30 cm. Bright musical embroideries will decorate a teen room or bring interesting accent in a restrained interior of the muted shades.


музыкальна€ вышивка рок-н-ролл

Press the picture to enlarge it



RIOLIS took part in RIOLIS at Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham




RIOLIS at Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK



On 21st – 23rd of February RIOLIS and its distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts, took part in Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK. The exhibition was very successful and we are very happy to be a part of it every year. Almost all visitors who visited our stand had already been clients of Solo Crafts. They were interested to see the latest RIOLIS’ novelties and we were happy to hear their comments and ideas for the future.



However, there were some visitors who did not know our brand and saw our designs for the first time. It was a pleasure to hear they are surprised of our products quality and view of final result.



We would like to say big ‘thank you’ for our distributors Solo Crafts and for everyone, who came to our stand even to say ‘hi’. We had a great time together!


RIOLIS invites you to visit our stand at H+H Cologne!



RIOLIS is going to take part in 
H+H Cologne 2016

March 18–20, 2016

Koelnmesse, Cologne, hall 2.1, stand A061 B060

H+H cologne is one of the world’s largest trade event for knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery and handcrafts. 370 exhibitors from 40 countries. This is a great opportunity to get new business contacts, find new friends and have a pleasant chat with the old ones. Being known and loved worldwide RIOLIS can`t miss this chance to meet our colleagues, talk to our customers and find some more inspiration.


Please visit our stand A061 B060 on H+H Cologne. We`ve got some splendid novelties to show, interesting news and a lot of themes to talk about!


See a video about celebrating RIOLIS 20th anniversary at Needlework Formula exhibition!



On 11–14th of February RIOLIS took part in Needlework Formula exhibition in Moscow – one of the biggest events concerning hobby and crafts in Russia. There the company celebrated its 20th anniversary!


See the video about RIOLIS 20th anniversary at Needlework Formula exhibition!



Download free charts of the first RIOLIS needlework kits!



RIOLIS celebrates
the 20 year anniversary!

And to share this happy moment with you
we would like to present our very first designs!

This is how it started 20 years ago.



Download the free chart Countess PDF by RIOLIS



Download the free chart Count PDF by RIOLIS



New! Cross stitch kit 1556 Marigolds


Flower embroidery of Marigolds

вышивка цветов бархатцы

Marigolds are common residents of country and urban flowerbeds. Yet these beauty comes from distant, hot countries. In Europe they have spread from Spain after crossing the ocean on the way from Mexico. Indeed, these flowers are just like flying and fluttering in a stormy dance skirts. Embroidery 1556 Marigolds will give you another opportunity to see something unexpected in familiar.

Cross-stitching is an occupation, which dispose to a meditative and contemplative mood. First of all the mind gets on a subject that occupies hands. Perhaps that is why many needlewomen are looking for special embroidery subjects and choosing projects connected with all the good, cosy and warm. From this point of view embroidering marigolds should be a very enjoyable way of spending time. 

This plant symbolizes loyalty and longevity. In China it is also called "flower of ten thousand years". And as anemblem a bouquet of marigolds with a gold ring is associated with immortality. 

Saturated colors of flowers remind us of the joy of life and its bright moments. The palette of the embroidered picture is 18 colors of woolen/acrylic yarn Safil. Please note that some colors are combined (blends). Only two techniques are used in this project – cross-stitch and half cross-stitch without outline with backstitch. The kit includes 14 ct linen Aida Zweigart fabric. The approximate finished size is 20x20 cm


вышивка крестом бархатцы




Recall that there are several other cross-stitch kits in this embroidery series by Yuliya Krasavina. You can choose your favorite and inframe them in the same style.


вышивка крестом незабудки вышивка цветов подснежники вышивка цветов купавки вышивка цветов бархатцы вышивка цветов колокольчик

Novelties! Embroidered kittens Dreamer and Hunter


Novelties! Embroidered kittens Dreamer and Hunter

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом котенка мечтатель

Once there were two fluffy brothers – a white kitten and a black kitten. They were great friends and often spent time together in their backyard. They had common friends, shared a secret places for games and a wooden fence. But they liked different things. 

 The white kitten and strive to climb higher on the fence to spy out the fluttering moths or bright birds or nimble mice running around between the stacked logs of wood. For this he was named Hunter.

вышивка котенка ќхотник

Ќажмите на изображение, чтобы развернуть его

вышивка котенок мечтатель

Ќажмите на изображение, чтобы развернуть его

The black kitten was trying to get on a wooden perch to look over the fence or into the sky. Most of all he liked to look at the full moon in spring, when the air is fresh and clear. He became known as a Dreamer.

New RIOLIS embroideries 1546 Dreamer and 1547 Hunter are devoted to these two sympathetic characters. The charm of these pictures is not only in the affecting whiskered animals but also in small details.

Having finished cross-stitching and half cross-stitching do not forget to finish the picture with backstitch – draw every nail in the fence.

вышивка котенка ћечтатель

Ќажмите на изображение, чтобы развернуть его

вышивка кот€т охотник

Ќажмите на изображение, чтобы развернуть его

To make the flowers look particularly expressive decorate them with French knots. How to do it – please read the detailed instructions supplied with the kit.

The embroidery is done with woolen/acrylic yarn Safil on 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. The finished size is 20x20 cm. The kit also contains colored chart and a needle. 


RIOLIS took part in CHA Conference and Trade Show 2016



at CHA Conference and Trade Show 2016



On 9th – 12th of January RIOLIS participated in CHA Conference and Trade Show 2016, in Anaheim, California. We participated in this show for the third time and it was successful as well! It was pleasant to see the same people as last year coming back to our stand and saying that their customers enjoy our kits. They were interested to see the latest RIOLIS’ novelties and we were happy to hear their comments and ideas for the future.


Now we could surely say, that RIOLIS name in the USA is more and more recognizable as unique designs, best quality and innovative needlework kits company.




RIOLIS took part in TNNA Winter Show





On 9th – 11th of January RIOLIS and our distributor in the USA Wichelt Imports took part in TNNA Winter Show in San Diego, California.

It was our second time exhibiting in this show and we were pleased to meet many people from last year who dropped by to view our latest designs or make an order as well as new people who were excited to find out more about our products and suggest them to their clients.



It was a pleasure to hear a lot of compliments for our designers for their hard work on new kits and the feedback about the quality of materials.


Watch a short movie about our presence today!



This year RIOLIS celebrates 20 year anniversary! Here is short movie about our presence today


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We have also prepared a small present for you -
a free cross stitch chart of a snowflake.



Download PDF-file 

with free chart of snowflake



RIOLIS invites you to visit CHA Trade Show and TNNA Winter Trade Show!



CHA Trade Show and TNNA Winter Trade Show

In the very beginning of the new year RIOLIS is going to take part in two handicraft exhibitions in the USA at once: CHA Trade Show and TNNA Winter Trade Show.


CHA Trade Show is taking place on June 9-12 in the Anaheim Convention Center. RIOLIS stand number is 1579.


TNNA Winter Trade Show is taking place on January 9-11 in San Diego Convention Center. Please find RIOLIS stand 505!


Hope to see you on RIOLIS stands! We are always happy to hear your feedback, discuss the questions you are interested in and demonstrate our novelties. And do not forget to take our new catalogue, in which you will find all the collection of RIOLIS needlework kits. 


Plastic canvas embroidery – planter decorations Little Birdie and Butterfly


Planter decorations
Little Birdie and Butterfly

украшени€ дл€ цветочных горшков ѕтичка-синичка         украшени€ дл€ цветочных горшок Ѕабочка


House plants are a lick of vivifying nature in our tense and active city life. You can create a small green oasis in your home. It will dispel fatigue and will give rest to all feelings. Lodge colorful inhabitants in it, and it will turn into a small paradise. Make a planter decoratons with your own hands by means of needlework kits 1553AC Little Birdie  and 1554AC Butterfly – make your house garden come alive.


Decoration is made on a plastic canvas. Its wave frequency corresponds to 10 ct Aida and let you easily stitch with 2-strand wool-acrylic threads Safil. Details and a contour are made with 1-strand stitches.


The tiny birdie is embroidered with 7 bright colors. Two halves are sewed together so to create a two-sided image.

украшени€ дл€ цветочных горшков синичка

A bright pattern of the exotic butterfly is also created with 7 colors of  wool-acrylic threads Safil. Magnificent blue fibers are made with 1-strand stitches. White seed beads are some kid of a special adornment. You can also make funny horns of a wire added to the kit.


To make stitching with needlework kit even more  convenient, a color scheme, detailed instruction, needle and a wooden stick are also included.


Coming soon! Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle


Coming soon! Cross stitch kit 1549 
Owner of the Jungle

Ќабор дл€ вышивани€ крестом 1549 ’оз€ин джунглей


The leopard species is spread around the world wider than any other cat, except of course domestic cats. His soft and powerful paws silently step in savannas of Africa, mountains of the Caucasus and forest in Asia either. Deserts, rocks and the woods - he is home everywhere. A leopard is a natural-born hunter. He has always been respected and feared.


вышивка леопарда 1549 ’оз€ин джунглей Do you remember Kipling's fairy tale "How the Leopard Got His Spots"? "In the days when everybody started fair" there were only two hunters: the Leopard and the Ethiopian. They hunted giraffes, antelopes and zebras together. And it was a smarter one - a human - who had made the well-known spots on the skin of his colleague with his dark fingers. Thanks to these spots the skin turns into a real camouflage. The color reminds the picturesque spots of light that are making their way through dense foliage of the jungle and helps to become almost invisible in dense thickets.


The leopard is in the Red List. It is a rare case for a brave traveler to meet this dangerous but gorgeouse predator today. But all the needlework fans can afford a magnificent exotic pleasure - a leopard embroidery.


The leopard appears on many coats of arms. In heraldry this animal is a symbol of bravery, force, activity and agility. Cross stitch kit 1549 Owner of the Jungle will help you to create with your own hands a house patron and defender. 



The embroidery is made with Anchor stranded cotton threads on a colored 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. A magnificent skin, rich colors of tropical flora, lights and shadows are transferred by various stitch types: 3-, 2- and 1-strand cross stitch, 3- and 2-strand half cross stitch and a stitch. The fabric isn`t stitched up completely. The approximate finished size is 30х40 cm.


RIOLIS took part in The Stitches & Craft Show, Melbourne


RIOLIS at the Stitches & Craft Show 


On 22nd – 25th of October RIOLIS together with our partner OzStitch took part in The Stitches & Craft Show in Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne. 

It was our first exhibition in Australia and we were thrilled to meet a lot of needlework enthusiasts from this beautiful country. Our stand attracted a lot of visitors who wanted to know more about the company and products. Most people were amazed by our designs and it seemed that they saw masterpieces liked this for the first time. The feedback was excellent and we are pleased to have had an opportunity to be there.

The show was very successful and we believe that it was step to making RIOLIS needlework kits accessible for all the embroidery fans across Australia.


A new series by RIOLIS!


A new series Maslenitsa by RIOLIS


¬ышивка крестом ћасленица. Ѕублики            вышивка крестом ћасленица. Ѕлины

¬ышивка крестом ћасленица. ѕетрушка  


Maslenitsa – a very cheerful, vivid and beautiful national holiday. It is a kind of Slavic carnival lasting the whole week, that is also known as Pancake Week or Butter Week. And each of these days had a special meaning in the collective cheerful celebration: from welcoming Maslenitsa on Monday to its sending-off on Sunday.


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In old times this week had special meaning. Everybody knows that Maslenitsa marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Just imagine of what a great importance was this event for the way of life of our forefathers. Spring meant not just a fresh tree leaves, birdies and florets but an awakening of vital forces of the earth, beginning of a new cycle of fertility. Therefore attributes of content, abundance and wellbeing were of a great importance. This week rich feasts were arrenged. And of course round as the sun to pancakes had a special place on holiday tables.



¬ышивка крестом ћасленица. Ѕлины
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An important part of Maslenitsa ceremony is a burning of scarecrow - a farewell to winter. Ashes of a straw idol were dispelled over fields so that the death of one season wasn`t vain and the nature could revive in a new rich harvest.


¬ышивка крестом ћасленица. Ѕублики
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A new series of embroideries by RIOLIS includes cross stitch kits 1517 Bread Seller, 1518 Pancake Seller, 1519 Petrushka. The saturated palette of a cotton stranded threads Anchor, wool-acrylic yarn Safil, the combined colors and several stitch types will make the workingtime especially interesting and festively bright. The kits contain  14 Aida Zweigart.


See the details of the embroidered pictured of the new series.


вышивка крестом ћасленица

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¬ышивка крестом ћасленица
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¬ышивка крестом. ћасленица
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¬ышивка крестом ћасленица –»ќЋ»—
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¬ышивка крестом ћасленица
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¬ышивка крестом ћасленица

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New! Cross stitch kit 100/049 Tea Roses


Cross stitch kit 100/049 Tea Roses

Tea roses are beautiful and capricious, elegant and subtile. Their sweet and delicate aroma of a fresh tea is absolutely fascinating.


cross stitch kit tea roses


The Tea-Rose


Most beautiful of all the roses
Is this half-open bud, whose bare,
Unpetalled heart a dream discloses
Of carmine very faint and fair.


I wonder, was it once a white rose,
Till butterfly too ardent spoke
A language soft, and in the light rose
A shyer, warmer tint awoke?


Its delicate fabric hath the colour
Of lovely and velutinous skin.
Its perfect freshness maketh duller
Environing hues incarnadine.


For as some rare patrician features
Eclipse the brows of ruddier gleam,
So masquerade as rustic creatures
Gay sisters of this rose supreme.


But, dear one, if your hand caress it,
And raise it for its sweet perfume,
Ere yet your velvet cheek shall press it,
'T will fade before a fairer bloom.



No rose in all the world so tender,
That gloweth in the springtime fleet,
But shall its every charm surrender
Unto your seventeen years, my sweet.


A face hath more than petal's power:
A pure heart's blood that blushing flows
O'er youth's nobility, is flower
High sovereign over every rose.


Those are the beautiful lines which a famose French poet Theophile Gautier devoted to this type of roses.


Such a gorgeous carmine pink flowers are gathered in a splendid bunch by RIOLIS.
This grandiose project is first of all for skilled stitchers. And the result will exceed your expectations. The embroidered roses will please you for many long years unlike natural tea roses, which beauty is so ephemeral.


As well as all the other cross stitch kits in RIOLIS Premium collection this one is rich in different techniques (cross stitch, half cross stitch, backstitch). You will stitch with various quantity of threads and and use combined colors.
The kit contains Anchor stranded cotton threads (26 colors), beige 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric, a needle, detailed instructions and the colored chart. The accessories are gathered in special gift packing. Their safety is guaranteed by an untouched holographic sticker.


New! An embroidery after V. L. Muravyev's picture Elk in a winter forest


Embroidery Elk in a winter forest
after V. L. Muravyov's Painting

вышивка по мотивам картины лось в зимнем лесу

Landscapes are a favorite embroidery theme of many needlewomen. Such a work immerses you in the curing and calming beauty of a picture. At such moments it isn't really important what is the weather outside – the exhausting heat or a drizzle. A new cross stitch kit 1528 Elk in a winter forest guarantees a constant clear, fresh and frosty bracing weather in your house. In addition, a strong half of humanity may also like this design for its origin was created by an expert on hunting – count V. L. Muravyev.

вышивка по мотивам картины лось в зимнем лесу

V. L. Muravyov is a famous Russian painter who`s point of view on Russian hunting was a romanticist`s point of view. Practically all its masterpieces were dedicated to this theme. He was a great expert on hunting himself and new all those special hunter`s tricks, animals and birds habits were familiar to him. He was reproducing precious moments that evoke feelings in each nature adorer. For Muravyov a hunting was first of all a unity with forest, it`s inhabitants, an ability to see and understand.


High society and even a royal family were painter`s admirers. But count Muravyev was often called a self-taught person. He did not need to earn his living by his paintings. He studied art in the Petersburg Academy of Arts as irregular student. He approached his paintings very seriously as his lifework. He worked hard despite a quite dissolute - according to his relatives - way of life that he led before the Revolution. He elaborated his own style and special touch. For example, to make trunks of trees look more expressive the author scratched them down with a feather or marked them in relief with colors.

RIOLIS` designers proposed their style and a special cross stitch touch to reproduce the expressiveness of the painting. You will be able to use several embroidery techniques – cross stitch, half cross stitch and backstitch. The "palette" include a woolen yarn and cotton stranded threads (Safil and Anchor). In this design there are 31 colors in total. The approximate finished size is 40*28 cm. A needlework kit also contains a 14 ct white Zweigart aida fabric and a needle.

вышивка по мотивам картины муравьева лось в зимнем лесу



New cross stitch series by RIOLIS - The Farm!


Our new country folk!

"Good morning, Duckie! Such cute babies you have!" Merry Piglet greeted his neighbour and her adorable yellow ducklings who furrowed the waters of local pond for the very first time.




"Good morning, Mr.Lamb! How do you like my new blue bow?" Ms.Cow invitingly bated her eyelashes and jingled her brass bell.




"Good morning! Good morning, my friends! Would you like to join my breakfast?" Mr.Lamb generously invited everyone to share his sheafe of hay.



Thus began this bright summer morning. And it promised to become a warm sunny day and then turn into a quiet evening in a very pleasant company.


Cross-stitch kits from our new series The Farm should be stitched on a cosy porch while listening to the lively noises of birds and insects, or at least in a family living room in a big armchair under old Grandma's lamp while planning your next summer vacation together with your whole family.


Enjoy the idillic peace of both your home and soul. Create a beautiful embroidery! RIOLIS has alredy taked care of all the rest.

All three cross-stitch kits include woolen/acrylic threads Safil and white Zweigart 10 Aida fabric. Funny designs will please both novices and experienced embroiderers - its finished size is only 20x20 cm. You can choose to stitch only one, a pair or all the series of pictures and frame them separately or all together.


New! Cross stitch kit Neuschwanstein Castle


Novelty! Cross stitch kit 1520 Neuschwanstein Castle

вышивка замка Ќойшванштайн

Even those who doesn't know what this castle is recognize it by its beautiful sight. Enjoy stitching and let yourself be fascinated by a fairytale charm of the monument.


The castle was a dream of the Fairy Tale king Ludwig II that had been turned into reality. Only the best was chosen for its building – masters, materials, styles... It is no coincidence that both inside and outside it reminds of a beautiful theatrical scenery. A well-known scenic painter Christian Jank took part in its creation. According to Ludwig's idea, interiors were imbued with motives of ancient German legends and Wagner's operas. The king was its avid fan.


The spirit of romanticism is not only in halls of the castle itself. Surrounding landscapes create the breathtaking beauty together with "The new swan rock" (a literal translation of the name).
вышивка замка Ќойшванштайн
вышивка крестом замка Ќойшванштайн The view of the Alpine ridges from the encased with marble towers is absolutely stunning.


The needlework kit 1520 Neuschwanstein Castle is stitched with wool/acrylic yarn Safil on 14 ct Aida Zweigart white fabric. This work suits skilled stitchers - its finished size is 35*60 cm.  The work is made with 2- and 1-strand cross-stitch, 1-strand half cross -stitch and 1-strand stitch. The surface of the picture is fully stitched.


RIOLIS in Feria Merceria y Manualidades Barcelona exhibition


RIOLIS in Feria Mercería y Manualidades Barcelona exhibition

RIOLIS cross stitch kit


On 4th – 5th of October RIOLIS distributor in Spain Todo Punto de Cruz took part in Feria Mercería y Manualidades Barcelona exhibition.


The show attracted a little less visitors than usual, but the customers who came, liked Todo Punto stand and RIOLIS pictures very much. It was a pleasure to hear that the model which attracted most attention was Terra cushion from kit 1483. Customers were excited to see how good our wool/acrylic thread looks on a finished model. There are still quite many needlework fans who do not know our thread, so it was very important for them to see finished works with them.

Overall, Todo Punto attracted several new clients and are satisfied with the result of this exhibition.


Cross stitch kit 1510 Fox


Cross stitch kit 1510 Fox


Meet a fluffy winter beauty from RIOLIS cross stitch kit 1510 Fox!


cross stitch kit fox


Winter forest attire suits her well, doesn`t it? She looks spectacular. It seems even strange that her flame-colored coat does not make all the ice and snow around melt down. Probably it is so because this heat is kind and soft. The fox seems to be a heart of the frost-bound forestland.


cross stitch kit fox


Stitch this flame-colored fox to make it burn all the adversity that could happen to you and let it light up your spirit. Like a burning candle this pretty animal can become a symbol of hope and love and will grace your sweet home!


The embroidery is made with woolen/acrylic threads Safil to make this picture look even more vivid. The finished size of the picure is 21*30 cm, but you would not have to stitch it all over - the basic backround is a dark gray 14 сt Aida Zweigart fabric. Also a kit includes a needle.




Start to prepare for Christmas and New Year holidays with RIOLIS!


Christmas and New Year needlework kits 

Haven`t you already started preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations? These holidays is a happy hunting ground for needlewomen. You have to make so much presents, decorations for a Christmas tree and a festive interior. So enjoy a long preparation time and see RIOLIS Christmas and New Year kits! Hope they will inspire you!

Decorations for Christmas tree

To hang out beautiful baubles and toys joyfuly expecting the holiday to come is a favourite activity for old and young alike. But creating the unique image of the celebration center - the Christmas tree - rest on a hostess. This year RIOLIS proposes the fresh solution – an embroidery on plastic canvas.


It`s really  easy to make Christmas tree decorations with the cross stitch kits 1538AC Santa Claus, 1539AC Snow Maiden and 1540AC Bell. It won`t be difficult even for beginners to stitch small figures.  Characters of the New Year's fairytale turn out to be three-dimensional and bright.


новогодние набор дл€ рукодели€ риолис Golden hair of the the Snow Maiden are showed out of kokoshnik and a negligent hair parting is shown at itis back. новогодн€€ игрушка на пластиковой канве —негурочка
вышивка на пластиковой канве ƒед ћороз Movable legs in valenoks of Santa Clause are long to go dancing. вышивка на пластиковой канве ƒед ћороз
вышивка на пластиковой канве колокольчик And jinglets seem to be ready to make a pure and bright sound.

Embroidered winter card

The collection of greeting cards is replenished this year with cross stitch kit 1513AC Winter. Nice round snowman with a carrot nose seems to be confused because of naughty bullfinches. Amusing snowy sketch!


The picture is made with wool-acrylic yarn Safil on  Aida Zweigart fabric. The approximate size of finished embroidery - 14х14 cm. A mat with an opening for the embroidery is included to the kit. новогодн€€ вышита€ открытка —неговик

Presents with the symbol of the New Year 2016

The sign of the next year is Monkey. And that means that handmade talismans with this animal are going to be a wished for present or a suitable decorations for the celebration. There are monkey novelties for all tastes in RIOLIS collection.


вышита€ подушка джунгли Probably it won`t be easy to leave this cushion made of the needlework kit 1534 Jungle for somebody else. The family of cheerful monkeys can amuse both adults and children. The soft stitches made with wool-acrylic yarn Safil  are so attractive to touch. вышита€ подушка джунгли
набор дл€ рукодели€ сама€ оба€тельна€ If you wish to work with some soft material try to make a monkey figure of felt by means of a needlework kit 1512AC Charming. You can use it in office. Her tenacious hands can hold pens and pencils. фигурка из фетра —ама€ оба€тельна€
набор дл€ вышивани€ бисером фигуристка One of the best monkey qualities is her artistry and ability to find unexpected solutions. Have you ever wanted to turn everything upside down and for example go skating as the heroine of embroidery 1526 Figure skater?
And at last what a New year without embroidery of its sign? Pay attention to the cross stitch kit HB161 Monkey of the Happy Bee collection! набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом обезь€нка


RIOLIS has even more Christmas and New Year ideas! See all of them here.



RIOLIS is going to take part in The Stitches & Craft Show, Melbourne


cross stitch kits

RIOLIS at The Stitches & Craft Show, Melbourne

On October 22-25th a memorable event The Stitches & Craft Show will take place in Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne. Handmade fashion, quilting, coloring-in, knitting, stitching and lots of other handmade experiences at one place!


RIOLIS is going to take part in this handycraft event. It`s our first time in Australia! 


Come and visit the stand 607 which we are sharing together with our partner OzStitch. You will be able to see closer our best embroidered pictures. And do not miss a chance to talk with RIOLIS represenatives and ask them any question you like about our needlework kits and work of our company.


RIOLIS took part in NajaarsVakbeurs KreavaK exhibition


RIOLIS in NajaarsVakbeurs KreavaK exhibition



Our distributor in the Benelux countries, The Stitch Company, took part in NajaarsVakbeurs KreavaK exhibition on 13th-14th of September, 2015.

Dutch needlework fans were excited to see our latest and best selling stitched models and receive a detailed explanation about RIOLIS product lines. The Stitch Company was happy to welcome both long term and new customers who wanted to order or just check in and see the novelties.

It is a little sad that the exhibitions in the Netherlands are becoming smaller and less needlework companies take part in them. However, we are pleased that The Stitch Company received very positive feedback about our products and attracted some new customers during the show.


RIOLIS newest design - a cross-stitch kit є100/047 "Pastoral".



RIOLIS newest design - a cross-stitch kit є100/047 "Pastoral" praises an idyllic rural life. 



Pastoral as a genre manifested itself in European culture in various forms - in paintings, sculpture, literature and even music. Its roots take place in works of many classical authors. For many centuries since masters of words, colors and forms reverted to those fine examples of creative work. There is something magnetic in those joyous but simple motives! RIOLIS designers also turn to the rich tradition of European paintings - and now you can try yourself as a creator of a lovely piece of rural poetry.




A couple in love represents charms of a free life in a village. A courteous admirer leans his elbow  on a stone fence in a blooming garden and quitely talks to a beautoful girl who just finished gathering grapes. Innocent coquetry of a young heroine shines through her appearance: a speckle on her cheek, flowers in her hair and garment...




The scene looks especially bright and vivid with a picturesque view in the background.



This cross-stitch masterpiece from the RIOLIS Premium collection will please the true connoisseurs of handicraft! To transmit all the shades and textures they will need to use several needlework techniques: a counted cross-stitch, a 3/4 cross-stitch, a half-cross-stitch, a 1-strand stitch and a French knot. This work also includes blended colors of threads. Size of the finished work is 40*50 cm, it is stitched on a colored 14 Aida Zweigart fabric with 31 vibrant colors of Anchor-stranded mouline.


New! Cross stitch kit 100/048 Portrait of Lopukhina after Borovikovsky`s painting


вышивка по картине портрет Ћопухиной


One of the treasures of the Tretyakov gallery is portrait of M. I. Lopukhina by Vladimir Borovikovsky. RIOLIS presents a new vision of the masterpiece. Subtle details of artistic manner and senses are reproduced by clear and natural to each needlewoman language of thread and needle in cross stitched design 100/048 by RIOLIS Premium.



Borovikovsky is famous for his ability to uncover the inner world of the hero. The expression of the young girl attracts with purity and profundity at the same time. "The Russian Mona Lisa" – so this masterpiece is sometimes called for its mysterious attractiveness.


вышивка крестом ѕортрет Ћопухиной


Languishing grace of pose and softness of face features represent pensive character. It seems like she is a heroine of sentimental novel, but nevertheless her image is vivid and true.


¬ышивка крестом репродукции портрета Ћопухиной


Especially naturally look folds and color transitions of the dress. The cross stitched picture also reproducts the slightest nuances.


вышивка репродукции


The unity of the nature and a person – the idea especially popular among thinkers of that time. The landscape looks conventional a little, contours are washed away and are lost in a haze (it`s stitched by means of combinating various techniques), but nevertheless it is important. Its details bear  functions of symbols. For example, what do you think the branches of grapes mean on this picture?





набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


As well as other embroideries of RIOLIS Premium collection it will give you the chance to apply different techniques (cross stitch, half cross stitch, stitch and chain stitch), stitch with variuos quantity of threads and with combined colors.


The kit contains (32 colors), Zweigart 14ct. white AIDA, a needle, detailed instruction and colored chart. All the material are assembled in a special gift packing. Their safety is guaranteed by holographic sticker.


RIOLIS needlework kits in Tokyo



It`s just impossible to pass by such a beautiful window!


RIOLIS needlework kits


RIOLIS partner in Japan Yumi Yashima (CRAFT INDEX company) together with its client has made a beautiful present for all needlework lovers – a gorgeous window dedicated to RIOLIS designs. And inside the shop there is even more of needlecraft beauty!


Echizen_ya shop is one of the biggest and the most long-established needlecraft stores in Tokyo. It`s been open since 1865. It`s been one of the first importers of techniques & threads from overseas. And it is really well-known in Japan. It is comfortably located near the Tokyo Station.


Shop Name: Echizen_ya

Address:1-1-6, Kyobashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Create cross stitched planter decorations with needlework kits є 1498AC and є 1499AC!


вышивка на пластиковой канве Ћеечка    украшение цветочного горшка  увшинчик


Women create and guard home cosiness and comfort. They know that it is made of many - sometimes imperceptible - details. They are often interested in such things which won't even come to mind of the most of men and will precisely stump them. For example: how to decorate a flowerpot? RIOLIS proposes the original solution – stitching on plastic canvas!


Needlework kits є 1498AC and є 1499AC will help you to make Watering Can and Tea Pot Planter Decorations with your own hands. With them you can find unusual way of dressing your interior and using your needlework skills. Also you can find practical use for this vivid detail. For example, you can mark flowers demanding extra watering or special care.


вышивка крестом на пластиковой канве Ћеечка и  увшинчик


Cross stitching on plastic canvas is the new line RIOLIS products. With its help you can create interesting details to make your interior more cosy and comfortable with your own  hands. Detailed instruction will help you to understand features of working with it.


With this kit you wil stitch with 2-strand wool/acrylic yarn Safil on the plastic canvas corresponding to size of holes of 14 ct Aida. Finished sizes are 5,5х5,5 cm (Tea Pot) and 5,5х6,5 cm (Watering Can). Also cross stitch kit contains color chart, a needle and a wooden stick.


Needlework kit 1500 – to create cross stitched cushion Tulips


Cross stitched cushion Tulip



"This is such a pretty flower," said the woman. She kissed its lovely red and yellow petals, and just as she kissed it the flower gave a loud pop! and flew open. It was a tulip, right enough, but on the green cushion in the middle of it sat a tiny girl.


Hans Christian Andersen Thumbelina



Have you ever wondered what is it like – to lay your head and take a nap on a soft and elastic petal of a Tulip just like the newborn Thumbelina? RIOLIS embodies the most fabulous dreams!


cross stitched cushion Tulips


Spring is the new beginning. Tulips are steadily associated with this time. They are loved for giving us the feeling of tenderness and renewal. They bring renewed strength.


cross stitched cushion Tulips


—ross stitch kit under the anniversary number 1500 Cushion Tulips is a bunch of excellent mood and joyful emotions. Bright colors  inspire and the roundish form relax – a good combination for house atmosphere. Cross stitched colorful tulips will attract various pleasures to your life. And also such cushion will become a great decoration of your interior.


The kit contains color scheme, detailed instruction and all necessary materials to create cross stitch cushion Tulips. The first stage of work is cross stitching with 2- and 3-strand threads. You will "paint"  white fabric of canvas 14 Aida Zweigart with 23 colors of wool- acrylic yarn Safil. Finished size is about 45х45 cm.


cross stitched cushion Tulips


Fabric for the reverse side of the embroidered cushion is also provided.


cross stitched cushion Tulips


If you`ve decide to decorate the embroidered cushion with a cord as it is shown on kits cover you can follow the detailed instruction.


Needlework kit є 1505AC will help you to make the stylized embroidered Vintage pendant.



Vintage style is already popular in the world of fashion for years. Movie stars love it. Practically all the eminent fashion brands advert to it from time to time. It shows fashion horizon which extends not only for current trends, but also gets deeper into centuries and into the essence of female beauty. Unique things and details are the basis of this style.


Needlewomen has an advantage – they can ring the changes on their look by creating special accessories with their own hands. Needlework kit є 1505AC will help you to make the stylized embroidered Vintage pendant.



Women love jewelry and accessories so much because they can make dramatic change of your image and make the same outfit look absolutely differently.


¬ышитое колье ¬интаж


It will be really easy to make the embroidered Vintage pendant for needlewomen. You just have to attentively follow the detailed instruction with the color schemes picturing each step of work. You will apply skills of stitching with threads, beads and ribbons. All necessary materials are included in the kit: canvas T25 Lugana, Anchor cotton stranded threads, beads, ribbons, felt, filler and even a wooden framework and metal fitments. The finshed size of pendant is about 4,5х6,5 cm.


Series of cross stitched cherry blossom by RIOLIS


вышивка сакура


What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.


Kobayashi Issa


When at last  the spring comes it seems like every following day is even better. Freedom and freshness brought by a soft, easy breeze is in the air and we wish to leave behind all the habitual and ordinary things forever. Traveling to far away countries is the best way of getting new and bright impressions. Every year the whole world waits when from the East, from the land of the rising sun will come the news of the beginning of spring – cherry blossom holiday.


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


Cherry blossom in Japanese culture is a symbol of transience of life and all the beauty in the world. This short period of time is not a holiday in the common sense of word. Its real meaning is meditative admiring flowers – Hanami ("flower viewing").


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


RIOLIS offers a special way to meet spring and settle it in your house. The stitching of cherry flowers will give you many pleasant hours of enjoying beauty of awakening nature. Embroidered sakura is an invitation of welcome guests – pleasure, love and prosperity – to the family hearth.


вышивка сакура

Lately a series of Japanese motives embroideries by RIOLIS has been replenished with a new design – є 1508 Cherry blossom.

And the cross stitch kit 607 Spring table created by Yulia Krasavina is another RIOLIS design that pleases needlewomen not the first and not the last season of cherry  blossoming. 

набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


Ќабор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


One more interesting embroidered spring motive – partialy cross stitched design with preprinted background є 0029 PT Branch of Sakura.



New needlework kits є 1496 Forget Me Nots and є 1497 Lilly of the Valley 


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом    вышивка крестом


Here we are at last in the most pleasant, sunny and romantic time of the year! Forget me nots and lilies of the valley are the essence of these full of life season.


The embroidered rustic bunches of flowers of the RIOLIS needlework kits є 1496 Forget Me Nots and є 1497 Lilly of the Valley will look pretty good together. Designer Yulia Krasavina created them in a common style. They not only look alike, but also have something common as symbols.


In the language of flowers their meanings are very close to each other. They mean innocence and fidelity. Embroidered pictures or cross stitch kits will be a great gift for ladies  for example for Mothers Day. By giving this gift, you will admit that you appreciate truely female qualities of the person.


Light and subtle shades of embroidered flowers "are made" with soft and pleasant wool/acrylic threads Safil. Tha fabric – Zweigart 14ct. flaxen AIDA canvas – gives special charm to the pictures. Finished size of the embroidery is not large – only 20х20 cm. The embroidery is made with 2-strand cross stitches, half cross stitches and stitches.


New cross stitch kit 1488 Hot Summer



cross stitch sunflowers


Cross stitch kit 1488 Hot Summer


Cross stitch sunflower by RIOLIS


The sun is the first association which comes to your mind when thinking about sunflowers. It is in its name literally, also in its form and colour. It is well known that in many languages this plant is called quite the same. The desire to turn to the sun warmth, light and goodness is probably understandable for everyone. After all the center of our universe in physical and spiritual sense is the Sun.


cross stitch sunflowers


Cross stitching sunflowers will turn you to the bright and creative side of life. Find your pleasure in the details! Look closer – a little butterfly has set down on the magnificent golden bunch. Make its contours with 1-strand stitches (as shown on the coloured scheme of the embroidery) – animate it!


cross stitch sunflowers


The needlework kit 1488 Hot summer contains soft and manageable wool/acrylic yarn Safil (26 colours), 14 ct Aida Zweigart white canvas, colour chart, instructions and a needle. Finished size is quite large – 40x30 cm. But the background isn't all over stitched up.




The RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!



Children grow up so fast. One day your kid can get on a sofa on his own – then get candy from a table – press button of the elevator  – get on a tree branch in a garden… So many discoveries for little fidgets and, of course, their parents!


Higher and Higher! – the RIOLIS new kids height meter – for those who longs for everything bright and interesting and isn't afraid of the sky-high adventures!


детский ростомер –»ќЋ»—

Children maybe don't know, but  measuring kids height isn't just the medical procedure. For folks this family ritual is a cause of pride and pleasure. Who knows how possibly heigh will get this today-85 cm-grown up kid!


Cross stitch kit є 1507 Higher and Higher! will also help you to make small family event more colourful and interesting for your child. What balloon he or she will be able to touche this time? What character to get known to?


cross stitches height meter



The embroidery is crowd with bright, pleasant details and characters. The height meter is embroidered with 3-strand cross stitches of a cotton stranded threads of 24 bright colours. The plot is competed with 1-strand stitches. Its fabric is a white 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas. The size of finished item is 19х90 cm. Also the kit contains LACE and a wooden hanger.


You can decorate the bottom edge of the height meter as it is shown on the cover with tassels made of the remained threads.


We introduce a mini series of RIOLIS novelties – cross stitch kits 1479 Rooster and 1480 Hen.



Cross stitch kits Rooster and Hen  


We introduce a mini series of RIOLIS novelties – cross stitch kits 1479 Rooster and 1480 Hen.


The pictures create a logical and natural unity. Rooster and hen are considered to be vivid symbols of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, for many Slavic nations these two domestic animals are present in one form or another in the wedding ceremonies. Often they were embroidered. The pair of birds implied the newlyweds themselves. Their figures were portrayed in profile, turned to each other. Red rooster symbolizes the wish of happiness, prosperity and health.


Modern stitching belief is that rooster has to be stitched with needle and threads by the one who wants to quickly find manly and reliable partner in life, and hen with the chicken – for a quick start of happy family life.


Ќабор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


According to feng shui traditions, rooster attracts wealth, successful career and public recognition. How can you argue with this handsome?


Ќабор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


The hen with chicken represents a happy motherhood.


¬ышивка крестиком


The fans of floral embroidery notice small bouquets. The rooster proudly paces through thickets of daises. Te hen with the chicken is comfortably settled among the primroses.


вышивка цветов ромашки   вышивка цветов примулы



The liveliness and volume of stitched pictures is created by successfully chosen combination of techniques: cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch with a different amount of threads. The feathers of the birds look textured and detailed.


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом    набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом



Rustic motif of embroidery will be the best way to warm you up during cold winter evenings. Warm shades of Anchor stranded cotton (22 and 23 colours) are used in these pictures. Cross stitches and stitches are done on beige 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. You will have quite many pleasant evenings with a beloved needlework because the size of finished even though not fully stitched pictures is 30x40 cm (cross stitch kit 1479 Rooster) and 30x30 cm (cross stitch kit 1480 Hen).


Kits also include chart in full colour and a needle.



—reate Strawberry purse from felt with your own hands!


felt purse


Needlework kit 1492AC helps to create Strawberry purse from felt with your own hands.


Pleasant to touch, bright, cheerful and useful small accessory is easy to sew on your own! Detailed instructionsphotos illustrating every step of preparation, patterns and charts will not leave you any chance to get confused or lost in the process.


Decorating the purse with a composition of flowers and berries will bring joy to any needlework fan. Every element is created in its own way, using different stitches and techniques. Whip stitches give light wave to the leaf. Long and short stitches draw details – seeds and sepals. On the feather stitches grow fruits and leaf. French knots add liveliness and volume to the flower.


needlework kits


Needlework kit includes two colors of stranded cotton threads, four colors of felt, a needle and clasp.


кошелек из фетра


Compact size of felt purse (8 x 9 cm) makes it possible to use it not only for its intended purpose, but also for keeping various small items. The hostess will definitely find a use for it!


Needlework kit 1504AC Brooch Porcelain





Needlework kit 1504AC will help you to create accessory to complete unusually gentle, elegant and feminine outfit. Cross stitched brooch Porcelain will become glamorous vintage detail of your wardrobe.



How far the fashion history has taken this accessory from its purely practical roots! Once someone somehow just needed to join two pieces of fabric. Over the centuries this item has undergone dramatic changes and attracted special attention of fashionistas. Still this detail hints at the intention to connect, close, disguise that gives a subtle charm of mystery and sophistication. Nowadays brooch often serves as an original accent of an outfit.


cross stitched brooch porcelain


Brooch Porcelain is stitched with stranded cotton threads (counted cross stitch, stitch techniques), beads and completed with ribbons. Fabric is white 28 ct Brittney Lugana. Needlework kit contains all the necessary materials, including wooden base, filling and pin for brooch.



Cross stitch kit 1484 Allium


вышивка цветов крестом


Another floral design by RIOLIS from the latest catalogue is a cross stitch kit 1484 Allium.


This cross stitched picture is especially interesting to those who want to expand their collection of floral compositions designed by Yuliya Krasavina. Needlework fans are already familiar to the long-lasting series of her designs and do love these cross stitched bouquets made on flaxen fabric with wool/acrylic yarn Safil.



вышивка цветов    вышивка цветов    набор дл€ вышивани€ шерстью цветов   


  набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


A picture with a bouquet is believed among needlewomen to be of good omen and preserve spouses love and understanding. It is common to think that this saying works especially well with native flowers that are carefully planted in many gardens across the country. They remind about the coziness of villages where you even breathe more freely.


Surprisingly, such prosaic – at first sight – flowers as allium look especially original and interesting as a framed cross stitched picture. They are not often chosen as a subject of an artwork, but they definitely worth it! This is a truly exquisite beauty of simplicity, beauty of ordinary things.


Take a look at something ordinary through artist's eyes and probably you will discover something as bright as a firework of flowers on a cross stitched picture Allium.


вышивка цветов крестом


The picture is done with cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch using different amount of threads.


набор дл€ вышивани€ шерстью


Size of the finished work is medium - 24 x 30 cm. The background is not stitched, it is created by 14 ct flaxen Aida Zweigart fabric.


вышивка цветов крестиком


The kit includes soft and cozy wool/acrylic threads Safil (12 colours). Cross stitching with wool/acrylic threads creates especially voluminous and bright pictures.


вышивка шерстью


As always RIOLIS cross stitch kit includes a needle, full colour chart and instructions.



Needlework kit 1483 includes all necessary materials to create and decorate cushion Terra!



cross stitch kit cushion Terra



We want to pay your attention that the novelty from catalogue 2015 – needlework kit 1483 includes all necessary materials to create the case for decorative cushion Terra.


Kit contains:


• fabric for the back of the cushion;


• zipper;


• enough threads to decorate the cushion with the fringe!


RIOLIS took part in H&H Cologne exhibition 






RIOLIS took part in H&H Cologne exhibition on 27–29th of March in Germany.


This year we celebrated 5 year anniversary of sales abroad and it was already 6th time we participated in H&H exhibition.


We had a wonderful stand where we displayed most of our latest novelties, some of which are not even included in the latest catalogue. It was a pleasure to hear positive feedback about these designs, and also to know what ideas our customers have for the future kits.


RIOLIS designs


As every year, we met with our customers from all over the word to discuss the current issues and future activities. Moreover, we welcomed a lot of new potential clients who were interested in our products. We hope to start cooperation with them soon and introduce our kits to new markets such as Malaysia, Morocco, Israel, Romania, Croatia etc.




We met many people and heard a lot of great ideas, so it was a very successful exhibition and we are looking forward to meet you in the coming ones!


RIOLIS will take part in H&H Cologne exhibition in Germany on 27th – 29th of March 





We are happy to announce that RIOLIS will take part in H&H Cologne exhibition in Germany on 27th – 29th of March as yearly. We are looking forward to introduce our latest designs to the clients from all over the world.


We invite you to visit our stand on Aisle A No:055, Aisle B No:060 (two corner stand)!



Cross stitch kit 1483 Terra Cushion



cross stitch kit


Cross stitch kit 1483 Terra Cushion will add an interesting detail to a familiar interior of your home and will bring the spirit of long distance travels and great ancient civilizations.


Did you know that it is believed that the writing of South America’s Incas was exceptional? It looked like multi-coloured geometric patterns. With the help of it, ancient Indians recorded very important things: history of their nation and the story of world’s creation. Fabrics, ceramics and other household items were decorated by beautiful and meaningful inscriptions. New RIOLIS cross stitch kit reproduces Peruvian ornament. Maybe you will embroider your story with it!


Cross stitching is done on large 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric with Safil wool/acrylic threads of 8 colours. We want to pay your attention that the kit includes fabric for the back side of a cushion and a zipper. This kit contains everything that is needed to create an original cushion with your own hands!


RIOLIS took part in Vilnius Book Fair 2015




RIOLIS cross stitch kits


On 19th – 22nd of February RIOLIS partners in Lithuania KaSiulai participated in a Vilnius Book Fair 2015 for the second time. Due to the last year success RIOLIS and KaSiulai decided to take part in a Fair that seemed to be irrelevant to our product at first sight.


RIOLIS cross stitch kits


Our stand attracted a lot of visitors. They were happy to see the stitched pictures and have opportunity to buy our kits right there. Also it was pleasant to see the same people in a year coming back to our stand and saying that their customers enjoy our kits.


RIOLIS took part in Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK 


RIOLIS cross stitch kits



cross stitch kits RIOLIS


On 15th – 17th of February RIOLIS and its distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts, took part in Craft Hobby + Stitch International show in Birmingham, UK. Our company participates in this exhibition every year and we are very happy to see both new clients who just saw our designs for the first time and people who buy our kits for several years and just want to discuss current issues.


RIOLIS cross stitch novelties


As in every show, we introduced our latest models in ICH+S such as 1489 Tram Route, 1490 Cycle Lane, 1477 tea With Lemon, 1476 Raspberry Tea, 1494 Breeze Through Mane and new designs with printed background. We received a positive feedback from many visitors and hope that RIOLIS brand will grow stronger in the UK market.


RIOLIS helps you to creat gifts for Valentine’s Day by your own hands 


St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday which gives a good reason to please your loved ones with your great needlework skills. What could tell more about your feelings than a gift made with your own hands?


There is not much time left until 14th of February, so we offer a selection of small needlework and cross stitch kits from RIOLIS that will help you to make a pleasant surprise for your soulmate.


  • Even the beginners will not encounter any trouble to make a small card with the elements from soft felt with the detailed instructions and chart in full colour.
набор дл€ рукодели€ 1420AC

Let your love bloom as a soft heart on a fantastic tree from the needlework kit 1420AC Card Tree of Hearts.

A card Heart Collage from the needlework kit 1421AC will bring lots and lots of love and happiness to its owner.

наборы дл€ рукодели€ 1421AC ќткрытка

набор дл€ рукодели€ открытка

And this cross stitched card 1461AC Love Ewe will remind you that this year of the sheep brought you the joy of love.


More experienced can try to cross stitch a small picture – declaration of love. Cross stitch kit 1197 Love You is done on even waved fabric. This means that preparation of this gift will require your special attention!



  • Give your Golden or Tender (according to the temperament) Heart to someone you like – this gesture will be appreciated for sure! Choose 1353 or 1354  kits for embroidery with metallic thread and beads to do it.

наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом   наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом


  • To make the warmth of your love always be with your special someone — give handmade keyfob 1285 AC Kitty or 1284AC Rose as a present.

наборы дл€ рукодели€ брелок из фетра   наборы дл€ рукодели€ брелок из фетра


  • One more great choice of a gift is a small lovely cross stitched picture as a reminder of your closeness.

наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом дл€ начинающих


наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом    наборы дл€ вышивани€ крестом


RIOLIS took part in TNNA Winter Trade Show


RIOLIS needlework kits


On 10th – 12th of January RIOLIS participated in TNNA Winter Trade Show, Phoenix, Arizona.


RIOLIS needlework kits


For RIOLIS it was the first organized by The National NeedleArts Association exhibition and we were thrilled to meet a lot of companies of this union. Our distributor in the USA, Wichelt Imports deputized for RIOLIS.


RIOLIS needlework kits


Our brand is not yet well enough known in this part of the USA, so our stand has attracted a lot of visitors who wanted to know more about the company and its products. The feedbacks were very positive.


RIOLIS needlework kits


Many companies were eager to offer RIOLIS products to their customers, some of them  has even placed their orders during the meetings at the show.






Embroidered flowers Watercolour Gerberas











набор дл€ вышивани€ цветов


RIOLIS line of watercolour flowers has been replenished with new cross stitch kit 1485 Watercolour Gerberas.


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом    вышивка цветов    набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


вышивка цветов    набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом    вышивка цветов


Many fans were waiting for a new design created by artist Anna Petrosyan and gladly welcomed the fresh and sunny bouquet. Gerbera in the language of flowers means secret, smile, light flirtation and optimistic mood. The kit of orange-pink-yellow bouquet is like a deep breath of fresh air. The work is done with 22 colours of Anchor stranded cotton threads.


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


The composition is filled with air. 14ct Aida Zweigart fabric is not fully stitched. The size of finished picture is 30 * 30 cm. This size of work is appropriate for more experienced embroiderers.


вышивка цветов


Watercolour background of embroidery will add lightness to your mood. By the way, kit is also done very simple and fast because of mostly used half-cross stitches


набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом


Cross stitch is done with a different number of threads. Due to this, the picture looks livelier and has more volume.


вышивка цветов крестиком





Winter novelty! Cross stitch kit Magical Sleigh Ride



cross stitch kit magical sleigh ride


Winter novelty from brand RIOLIS Premium is the cross stitch kit 100/046 Magical Sleigh Ride. You can find this kit in our latest catalogue 2015. This daring trio already rushes from the pages of the catalogue to bring sparkling fun and holiday mood to the home of their masters and their families.


Troika is a unique phenomenon. This word in other languages is associated with Russia. It is a very specific type of harnessing of the horses. Each horse goes by its own gait. Strong and calm with a wide trot and playful and temperamental horses gallop beside each other. Efforts are divided unevenly but the team can race incredibly fast for a long time.


People like the horses and use them not only as means of transportation. High speed and beauty of the movements made them a beloved entertainment.


Do you remember how in War and Peace Rostovs took a ride on Christmas Eve? “From that sleigh one could hear the shouts, laughter, and voices of the mummers. […] It was only by the keener wind that met them and the jerks given by the side horses who pulled harder – ever increasing their gallop – that one noticed how fast the troyka was flying. With screams squeals, and waving of whips that caused even the shaft horses to gallop- the other sleighs followed. The shaft horse swung steadily beneath the bow over its head, with no thought of slackening pace and ready to put on speed when required”.


Harness of the horses is richly decorated. On the embroidered RIOLIS picture reins, belts and arcs of white horses are decorated with Anchor golden metallic thread, beads and bugles.


Frosty and sparkling atmosphere of magic winter night is created with help of special canvas – 14 ct Aida-Star with holographic lurex.


Work on cross stitch kit Magical Sleigh Ride will better fit experienced embroiderers. The size of finished piece is big – 55 x 30 cm. Embroidering you will have to use combined colours and several techniques: cross stitch, half cross stitch, ¾ of cross stitch and stitch. For bead embroidery the needlework kit includes a special second needle.


New! Evening bag with cross stitch Graphite



cross stitched bag Graphite


RIOLIS continues to please the most dedicated and creative needlewomen responding to their fashion needs. Needlework kit 1441 AC Evening bag Graphite was created by our designers who offer their view on the most interesting trends of high fashion. In one of our news we have already wrote that unusual handbags with cross stitch have occupied the imagination of many fashion designers this year.


Connection between needlework and such beloved and necessary for every woman accessory as a bag is a fact in fashion history. After all, the passion for cross stitch was one of the reasons why small handbags that then were called reticules became popular in the salons of high society. During the discussions of latest news ladies often embroidered, so the handbag that was made by the needlewoman herself or was custom made included needles, the piece that was being embroidered, hoop and other needed materials. Then every lady’s handbag was unique and was able to tell a lot about its owner – her character and hobbies. The bags were decorated richly with embroidery and beads, and were made of lace or fabric.


Time brings some changes in woman’s demands for functionality and appearance of accessories. Modern women of large cities often choose leather companion of mass production. However, the beautiful side of humanity is largely open to the world, and each one seeks to tell others something about themselves stressing their individuality of external appearance.

Therefore, the handbag with cross stitch, and even made by yourself, today has become a manifestation of free thinking, awareness of current fashion trends and the possibility to boast about your skills in beloved and very feminine hobby.

The style and unusualness of Evening Bag Graphite does not change its functionality. This bag has universal form. You can take it both to the office and to an evening event. It perfectly fits to active lifestyle of a modern woman. Monochrome embroidered ornament adds interesting nuance to the image. To interpret this nuance in your outfit is an inspiring challenge and an opportunity to show your taste.


We want to pay your attention to a size of finished piece; it is 26 x 16 x 11 cm. Detailed instructions and chart in full colour will help you to sew the bag. The techniques that you will need are cross stitch, stitch, beadwork and some experience in sewing. The materials that you will use are Safil wool/acrylic threads, Anchor stranded cotton threads (5 colours), slightly bigger than traditional, black 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric, three kinds of beads, two kinds of felt and tapes. Even the most experienced needlewomen will not be bored with such a variety of techniques and materials! Needlework kit also includes fabric for lining, plates for the bottom of the bag, zipper and 3 needles for different materials and types of work.


To conclude, we also want to remind you about the bags with cross stitch from RIOLIS that were issued this year. Ethnic motives decorate the work of needlework kit 1429 AC Aztecs Bag. With Evening Clutch Bag from the needlework kit 1428 AC you will feel stylish and irresistible in any festive event. If someone has already finished any of these bags, we are looking forward to receive your comments and photos of your works!


This is how different RIOLIS can be!


RIOLIS at shows in USA



RIOLIS catalogue


RIOLIS is happy to announce that this year we will be attending two shows in USA: Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show (CHA MEGA Show) and TNNA Winter Trade Show.


Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show (CHA MEGA Show) will be on January 10th–13th in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. Our stand number is 1807.


TNNA Winter Trade Show will be on January 10th-12th in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. Our stand number is 900.


Pay your attention to the RIOLIS wedding designs!



needlework kit pillow for wedding rings


This week RIOLIS wants to pay your attention to the wedding designs!


Folk traditions for a beautiful wedding! Vintage motifs on original accessories for the ceremony is a memorable detail that you will be proud of. RIOLIS cross stitch kit 1474AC will help you to decorate a pillow for wedding rings.


Let embroidered doves bring you loyalty and family happiness!


Pillow size is 8 x 8 cm. 25 ct beige Lugana Zweigart suits perfectly for a small works with detailed patterns. This embroidery for the wedding is done with the Anchor stranded cotton threads (6 colours), including metallic thread. Beads (1 colour), filling and 2 needles (for cross stitch and for beads) are also included in this kit.


Previous catalogues of RIOLIS needlework kits also offered embroidered ring pillows Biscornu Fantasy, kit 1227.


needlework kit riolis biscornu fantasy


A new design of RIOLIS soutache accessories is a headband. Kit 1445 AC Soutache headband and earrings Sunrise of Pears will help you to create bright and delightful image with perfectly matched jewelry.


needlework kit soutache accessories


The kit includes soutache tape, beads, tape, felt, fittings and a needle. In addition you will need: white colour thread є 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


Needlework helps every family to keep the memories of special moments. Here are some more RIOLIS kits created for weddings.

cross stitch kit wedding metric  cross stitch kit wedding metric  cross stitch kit wedding metric

cross stitch kit photo frame


cross stitch photo frame

cross stitch kit wedding card


cross stitch kit wedding freeting card



Take a look at RIOLIS` winter cross stitch kits!


White, shiny, magical and festive – it`s all about RIOLIS’ winter emroidered pictures.


Find your favourite winter picture among needlework kits of brands Create it Yourself, Happy Bee and RIOLIS Premium and you will fall in love with this season once again.


Some needlewomen say that stitching with wool/acrylic threads in winter makes you feel warmer and cozier. Choose one of the landscapes below as your new project and you will be able to check it out yourself.


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 1080 Winter view


winter cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 989 Russian Winter – on 15 ct Aida Zweigart fabric


winter cross stitch kit   winter embroidery

Cross stitch kits with wool/acrylic threads 1305 Winter Day and 1388 Frosty Morning


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 1245 Snowy Winter


If you are more familiar with cotton floss you also will be able to embroider cozy and beautiful winter landscapes with RIOLIS needlework kits.


winter embroidery

Cross stitch kit 100/002 Winter Village


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 1427 Winter Evening


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 1172 Winter Sunset on 25 ct Zweigart Lugana


Cross stitched winter landscapes RIOLIS Premium on fabric 14 ct Aida-Star Zweigart with holographic lurex will help you to create a mood of magical Christmas and New Year holidays.


cross stitch kit riolis

Cross stitch kit 100/041 Christmas Eve


winter embroidery

Cross stitch kit 100/046 Magical Sleigh Ride – available from the middle of December!


For some people winter is the time of philosophical thoughts. A search of new spiritual impressions and subtle feelings often leads to the East. Perhaps this is how the small selection of oriental winter motives has appeared in the RIOLIS collection.


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 1156 The Pagoda


cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit 814 Winter


cross stitch kit riolis

Cross stitch kit 0028 PT Cranes


For the kids winter is the time of fun snowy games and pranks. Even adults do not shy away from frosty fun. For a beginner embroiderer of any age it will be fun to try their strength with small and bright cross stitch kits from brand Happy Bee dedicated to winter sports.


cross stitch kit  cross stitch kit

cross stitch kit riolis   cross stitch kit riolis

Cross stitch kits for beginners HB144 Ice Hockey, HB145 Biathlon, HB146 Curling, HB147 Pair Skating. Short Program


Have a nice winter season!


New cross stitch kit 0028 PT Cranes


cross stitch kit cranes


RIOLIS cross stitch kit 0028 PT Cranes depicts dancing on the snow Japanese birds. The most romantic time for these majestic birds is the beginning of spring when the snow has not melted yet on the fields. They are so keen to awaken the feelings of their spouse (cranes mate for life) that they utterly devote to the joy of the natural dance moves while fluffy snowflakes are flying from the sky.


Cranes is a frequent motif in different kinds of traditional arts in Japan. Etched image of the birds amazes by refined simplicity of symbolism. A pair of cranes in the kit symbolizes a successful and endless family union.


RIOLIS offers not an ordinary version of cross stitch - partial embroidery. Background has already been printed on 14 ct Zweigart Aida. Being embroidered birds become particularly lively and convex. In order to increase the effect, several types of techniques are used: cross stitch and half-cross. The kit for needlework includes 20 colours of Anchor stranded cotton threads. The size of finished picture is 30 x 40 cm.


You won't miss summertime - just add snowy romance to your home!


Bead embroidery for Christmas from RIOLIS




Somebody has not even started it yet, but RIOLIS continues to prepare for Christmas and New Year!


Needlework kit 1464 AC Christmas Angel will help you to create a Christmas tree decoration with your own hands. This charming holiday decoration will bring the family comfort to the festive atmosphere. You can fill your home with it and share it with your relatives and loved ones.


Give the finished figurine to those who you want to pass this golden sparkling joy that the angel holds in his little hands. Even if you will not be able to spend winter holidays together, you will be fondly remembered. New Year should start with positive emotions!


Christmas Angel is an original Christmas tree decoration. Main part of its creation is bead embroidery. Additional volume is created by inserting the filling between the two sewn layers of felt. The biggest part of the figurine, its dress, is done on 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas which is well known for many needlewomen. Its edges are sewn with beads on the felt; this is why they will not be seen when the decoration is finished. Carefully follow the instructions of needlework kit. Both written explanation and scheme will help you and will not leave you in painful doubts about your next step of the work.


The kit includes all the necessary materials: 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas, Anchor stranded cotton threads (1 colour), beads in 3 colours, one big bead for angel’s head, ribbons for the bow and loop, two colours of felt, filling and a needle. The size of finished decoration is 5 x 5,5 cm.


Other needlework kits from RIOLIS can also supplement holiday decorations.

Needlework kit 1378 AC Snowstorm perfectly fits with the novelty by colours and materials. In this kit you will also be working with felt, stranded cotton and beads.


 christmas needlework kit with felt, stranded cotton and beads


Follow our news and do not forget to leave your comments!


Cross stitch kit for beginners Two Ravens




Cross stitch kit for beginners Two Ravens


The novelty of Happy Bee line cross stitch kit HB153 Two Ravens is a perfect choice for beginners or for the youngest embroiderers!  The design is inspired by well-known funny and unpronounceable Russian tongue-twister about croaking ravens Clar and Clara. This is how RIOLIS designers see its characters.


The new embroidery kit matches all the criteria for children. It is light and bright. Also if you are looking for materials that are suitable for a school project cross stitch kit HB153 Two Ravens can be an interesting and appropriate solution.

Little cross stitch kit (16 x 13 cm, the background is not stitched) can be completed in a short period of time. The work is simple to do on large white 10 ct Zweigart Aida fabric. The kit also includes Safil wool/acrylic threads in only 7 colors and a needle. Transitions from one color thread to another are not frequent. You can learn how to make several embroidery techniques with this kit . Stitches are used in this work along with the cross stitches. This will make the picture more expressive. And you will find in the kit the major helper for the beginners – the detailed instructions.


New! Cross stitch kit At the Fountain



новинка набор дл€ вышивани€ крестом "” фонтана"


Novelty – a cross stitch kit 1472 At the Fountain – reminds of holidays and long distance trips. RIOLIS’ designers offer you Mediterranean seaside landscape as an opportunity to plunge into the pleasant associations.


Many people started to choose the time of vacations not on the traditional peak of the season. Everybody knows about the dark side of the peak of holiday season – the unbearable heat and large number of tourists. But you can feel the atmosphere of a small Southern seaside town that has calmed down and become itself again just now while stitching a landscape At the Fountain. Enjoy the beauty of the streets and small squares with fountains without the fuss of rushing vacationers!


Embroidery with ribbons and French knots will decorate and liven up the created landscape. All the necessary materials and the instructions with clear explanations of the techniques are included in the kit. You will be able to enjoy the process of creation of the picture with your own hands for quite a long time because the size of finished piece is 40 x 30 cm and entire surface has to be stitched. The work is done on 14 ct white Aida Zweigart fabric with Anchor stranded threads of 30 colours.


New! Cross stitch kit Free Fall



cross stitch kit Free Fall


"You need not ot be frightened lake a rabbit. […] What is finer than flying?" said his eagle.

 Bilbo would have liked to say: "A warm bath and late breakfast on the lawn afterwards;" but he thought it better to say nothing at all.

J. R. R. Tolkien “The Hobbit”


RIOLIS introduces the latest novelty – cross stitch kit 1471 Free Fall. This needlework project will entice those who just like Tolkien’s hero Bilbo love and appreciate the charms of home comfort and peaceful time but at the same time are ready for the adventures.


Eagle is a universal symbol. Just like in ancient myths this bird was the intermediary between the sky, elements of air, fire and earth. Today it connects the cultures of the entire world. Eagle causes similar associations to the people of different nationalities and beliefs: freedom, pride, high spirit, courage and greatness. Therefore, its image is so common in the modern political heraldry. Lion is the king of the beasts and eagle is the king of birds.


This picture is a big embroidery. It is most likely that the work on this kit will be a too difficult test for the beginner. The size of the finished picture is 50 x 40 cm. All this surface of white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric is covered with stitches of 28 colours of Safil wool/acrylic threads. Texture of the feathers of the wide spread wings looks particularly impressive on the embroidered picture. It is created not only by the shades, but also with different techniques – cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch.


Take a look at everyday problems from the heights of the bird’s flight together with the cross stitch kits from RIOLIS!


Cross stitch kit of a woman’s portrait Forget Me Not



cross stitch kit Forget me not


Cross stitch kit 100/045 Forget Me Not is a worthy sequel to the collection of woman’s portrait embroideries of RIOLIS Premium brand.


We are glad to note that people, who saw RIOLIS latest novelties, drew their attention to this kit.


This new image continues the set traditions of the series. It is not easy to get into the high society of our lovely ladies!

New heroine brings new features to this close group. If we would say that the element of two previous ladies was evening (cross stitch kits Velvet Evening and Lilac Evening), then our new friend is a morning beauty. Youth, freshness and innocence is what makes up the face of her beauty.


Compositional and semantic centre of the embroidered portrait is a bouquet of forget-me-nots. This key artistic detail reveals character and maybe even alludes to a love story. In the era to which our heroine belongs flowers were often used as a way to tell about your feelings without any words. There were floral dictionaries. Forget-me-nots meant true love, sincerity, consistency and loyalty. Looking at the young beauty and dreamy expression on her face, probably many of you will agree that the bouquet in her hands means exactly that.


Blue which is traditionally associated with loyalty and family in European culture is a colour accent of this picture. It vividly stands out from pastel background of other colours. It also emphasizes the harmony between bouquet and colour of the girl’s eyes. Sky blue is the colour of her soul.


Colour that is significant for the picture is highlighted by techniques that enliven the picture: embroidery with ribbons and beads. Ribbons on the hat are not just an image, they are real. It looks like the image starts to descend from the surface of fabric. Cross stitching of the bouquet flowers is enlivened by the use of beads and ribbons.


From technical point of view, cross stitch kit Forget Me Not is more suitable for experienced needlework fans. To finish the image, they will have to demonstrate their skills in several techniques: embroidery with stranded cotton threads (Anchor, 19 colours) in cross stitch and stitch, ribbons and beads.


Note that a careful designer work of light and shadow and texture is expressed in the embroidery chart in a quite frequent alternation of different shades of threads. Embroidery fabric will not cause any problems because the kit includes standard 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric of pleasantly beige shade. The size of the finished portrait is quite big – 30 x 40 cm, which will require some patience while working.  The background is not stitched and due to this the figure looks more alive and voluminous. Standard complectation of the kit includes special embroidery needle with blunt end and a thin bead needle. Also, do not forget about exclusive gift packaging of RIOLIS Premium brand!


New! Cross stitch kits cushions Little Goat and Lamb



cross stitch kit cushion Little Goat   cross stitch kit


Get ready for New Year!


RIOLIS needlework kits will help you to prepare for the most important and joyful events. If you want to make them special memorable you need to follow universal wisdom and take care of your relatives and holiday surprises for them in advance.

RIOLIS hopes that the series of cross stitched decorative cushions and small pictures with cute and friendly symbols of year 2015 will make the preparation become really joyful.


Symbols of 2015 are sheep and goats. In order for you to prepare everything for cosy and festive winter, we have already issued two new cross stitch kits for making cushions. They continue the popular series with images of animals from Eastern horoscope in one style for kid’s room. You can refresh your impressions of this series in our website; they will also be included in our new needlework catalogue.


New characters of the cushions are every bit as lovely and their eyes shine with just as much fun. These two new needlework kits match perfectly. Light blue and pink backgrounds hint that these are the paired designs.


As all needlework kits from this series do 1453 Little Goat Cushion and 1452 Lamb Cushion will help you to create the front side of the cushion. It is embroidered with Safil wool/acrylic threads on white 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. You can make back side according to your taste. You can decorate the cushion as it is shown in the picture – with bright pompons from wool/acrylic threads which you can buy separately. The size of finished cushion is 30x30 cm.


Here are some more new RIOLIS needlework kits which will help you to create a festive New Year mood.


A pair of two cute cross stitch kits for beginners and children from Happy Bee brand is very similar to images on new cushions. They can successfully create an ensemble in the interior of child’s room.


cross stitch kit Happy Bee

HB 155 Little Lamb 15 x 15 cm, 10 ct white Aida, Safil wool/acrylic threads, ribbons



HB 154 Little Gray Goat

15 x 15 cm, 10 ct white Aida, Safil wool/acrylic threads


This dimensional figure of sheep made from a needlework kit will be a great decoration for a Christmas tree.


needlework kit symbol of the year


1442 AC Lamb Snowball

7 x 7 cm, felt, stranded cotton, beads, ribbons, filler


This eedlework kit will help you to create an exceptional, cute and interesting greeting card with shy little lamb. Over the next year your friends and family for sure will not forget you!


needlework kits greeting card


1461 AC Card “Happy Holiday”

14 x 14 cm, 14 ct white Aida, stranded cotton


A blonde angel and a wonderful lamb floating in the clouds will decorate child’s room and will add tenderness to it.


cross stititch kit angel


1360 Day of an Angel

30 x 30 cm, 14 ct white Aida, wool/acrylic threads


New! Soutache accessory – Hairpin Sea Knot



needlework kit Sea knot


Needlework kit 1444 AC Hairpin Sea Knot is one more novelty from RIOLIS which continues popular marine theme. This time we will master a new genre – accessories from soutache. To be more precise: a hairpin.


The product can be a great addition to an elegant outfit. This accessorie is a beautiful hint of memory of summer joy and holidays.


The design of the soutache hairpin is exquisitely laconic. Only three colours are used: two shades of blue and silver. The rule of three colours in a female outfit is strictly adhered.


Weaving of soutache tape imitates sea knot making technique. It is well known that these knots can be very difficult. But step by step chart and instructions with explanations will help to easily work with a fancy weave of two kinds of soutache tape, three types of beads and stranded cotton threads. Needlework kit includes almost everything to create an accessory from soutache with your own hands. It also includes felt which is a lining for weaving, metal base and a needle. The size of the hairpin is 9 x 5 cm.


Please note that for the work on this accessory you will also need pliers, glue, thimble and scissors!


New! Cross stitch kit Watercolour Jasmine



cross stitch kit Watercolour Jasmines


A bouquet of jasmines is watercolour, light, fresh, bright shades and delicate flavours.


Art is ideal way to capture the beauty. Thanks to art, it remains constant and beneficial in this unpredictable world. RIOLIS is enriching its embroidery collection of flower compositions and offers us and our homes a beautiful bouquet of freshness in cross stitch kit 1467 Watercolour Jasmine.


Beautiful and fresh imitation of watercolour style painting is reproduced not only by choosing the right colours (21 colour) of Anchor threads, but also by choosing the right combination of embroidery techniques. Craft fans will have to use different numbers of threads and make half-cross stitches to complete the work. This will convey watercolour shades with different intensity and light. Follow the steps in the detailed instructions and colourful cross stitch chart!


Towards the edges of the 14 ct white Aida Zweigart stitches beautifully and smoothly transitioning to different complexity techniques. Size of the finished picture is - 30x30 cm.


This kit belongs to popular and favourite line of RIOLIS cross stitch kits as well as Premium kits 100/007 Sunflowers, 100/008 Tulips and Create it Yourself kits 1069 Watercolour Phlox, 1070 Watercolour Peonies and 1335 Watercolour Roses.


Now you can supplement the collection of watercolour flowers from RIOLIS!


New! Cross stitch kit Sailboat “Luck”



cross stitch kit Sailboard "Luck"


Cross stitch kit 1465 Sailboat “Luck” marks the beginning of fleet RIOLIS. First ship is already available with the latest novelties. Let us reveal a little secret: the collection will be extended, so follow the novelties!


Sailboat, sea and travels to distant countries – this picture will cause longing for open spaces, salty wind and adventures even for city residents. You can ask any grown and serious man: there probably was time in his childhood when he was reading until the late night the novels by Melville, Jules Verne, Marryat, Cooper or Nekrasov and Belyaev and dreaming to grow up and become a pirate, sea wolf or, on contrary, a gallant sailor of the noble crown.


Limitless ocean is so incredibly spacious but not empty or boring at all. Look how many inhabitants of the sea were portrayed by RIOLIS’ artists. They opened the secrets hidden under the veil of blue waves. Sea conceals so many discoveries and a positive incentive for the development of child’s curiosity! Cross stitched sailboat will be a great decoration for kid’s room or an interesting interior element of a popular marine style.


Bright 14 colours of Anchor stranded cotton threads will bring the adventurous and perky mood to your home. Embroidery can be done by a beginner with a supervision of more experienced master or by careful study of the detailed instructions and charts for cross stitch, included in the needlework kit. Working on this kit you will use only two most usual embroidery techniques: cross stitch and stitch. Size of the finished piece is medium – 21 x 30 cm. The work is done on a standard 14 ct white Aida Zweigart canvas. Needle is included in the kit as well.


New! Cross stitch kit Wreath with Fireweed



cross stitch kit


Summer – country theme is crowned by a novelty from RIOLIS, cross stitch kit 1456.


Wreath with Fireweed collected all flavours and all charm of summer fields. Richness and diversity of the sweet flowers is so tempting that it even attracted a small fluffy bee.


The combination of various techniques makes the embroidery unusually lively. You may even start to wonder whether a live bee would be tempted by these field goods like, according to ancient legend, grapes in the painting of ancient painter attracted the birds. To cope with the technique of side transfer in such realistic artistic manner will help detailed colourful chart and comprehensive instructions.


Cross stitch kit 1456 Wreath with Fireweed will bring a lot of joy of needlework not only for experienced embroiderers. The size of finished picture, stitched on white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric, is 30 x 30 cm. Embroidery is done by cross stitch and stitch with different amount of threads. We would like to pay your attention that in the wreath is woven a girlish ribbon which will appear on embroidered picture by making stitches with a ribbon. Ribbon and a needle are included in the kit, just like 28 colours of Anchor stranded cotton threads.


New! Cross stitched castle Alhambra



cross stitched Alhambra


RIOLIS novelty, cross stitched castle Alhambra on the background of majestic Spanish Sierra Nevada Mountains, invites all needlework fans to travel!


It is always right the time to discover new horizons and push the boundaries. Cross stitch kit 1459 Alhambra takes us not only many kilometres away, but also to the different era. To those ages that are written about in the books and dreamed of by many. Then the greatness of man’s handwork was in harmony with nature, the most monumental builder, and with the pride of the spirit.


Alhambra is one of the best preserved medieval Arab castle towns in the Iberian Peninsula. During the time when these Islamic invaders penetrated the sea coasts of Europe, their culture was experiencing an incredible bloom. Reflection of it is still alive within the old walls of this architectural and park ensemble. Water and light creates this inexpressible beauty of the internal space about which recall travellers who visited this place. While working on cross stitch kit of castle Alhambra, remember about masterpieces of art that are kept in it, and your work will acquire new shades.


Embroidery is done with Safil wool/acrylic threads (27 colours); techniques used are cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch. Instructions and detailed chart in full colour will help you to finish the kit. Picture of the castle will be done on white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. The size of the picture is 50 x 30 cm and whole picture will be covered with stitches. So this kit will be most suitable for those who already have finished some cross stitch projects. We want to pay your attention that a needle is already included in the kit.


One of our regular customers in Lithuania Janina Kondrotiene opened an exhibition of all her works



RIOLIS regular customer`s exhibition in Lithuania


Probably all our fans will agree that cross stitching can be very addictive. It is so delightful to see the picture appearing clearer and clearer with every stitch. Cross stitching helps to achieve peace of mind. And the framed pictures are a great present for the loved ones. All these good qualities combined together make a perfect hobby.


RIOLIS customer`s exhibition in Lithuania


One of our regular customers in Lithuania, Janina Kondrotiene, took up cross stitching 3 years ago when she retired. In these years she has stitched over 30 pictures! It takes only a few months for her to finish a complicated Premium picture. She and her daughters decided that this impressive collection had to be seen by more people than their family and friends. So they opened an exhibition of all her works. We were impressed by both quality and quantity of Janina`s work. All the pictures are perfectly embroidered.


RIOLIS`s regular customer


However, the most interesting part of her huge work is the story behind every picture – 788 Carmen was stitched for her daughter, 1144 Elephants in the Savannah found its place in her grandson’s room and 1077 was a perfect gift for her son in law.


exhibition of RIOLIS designs


It was a pleasent surprise for us to receive invitation to this exhibition. And it was great to meet and talk to Janina in person. She is a lovely and sincere woman who put her soul into every embroidery. It was an exhibition that gladdened our hearts.


It is said that people are young while they are creating. So we wish Janina not to stop creating, stitching and making people around her happy.


RIOLIS and SoloCrafts took part in ICH+S Autumn Show in London




On 21st and 22nd of September RIOLIS and our distributors in the UK, SoloCrafts, took part in ICH+S Autumn Show in London. We usually participate in the same exhibition in Birmingham, so we were looking forward to introduce our designs to the different part of the UK.


RIOLIS designs


The show in London was held first time after a long break and we were happy to be a part of this beautiful event. We have welcomed some loyal customers of SoloCrafts in our stand. It was a great opportunity to hear their feedback about our latest novelties and discuss the current issues. Also, some new customers visited and placed their first orders. We hope it will be a start of a great cooperation.


Overall, we are satisfied with the result of this exhibition both for the number of visitors and promotion of the brand.


NEW! Cross stitch kit for beginners Clover



cross stitch kit for beginners clover


Cross stitch kit for beginners Clover HB152 from the line Happy Bee continues the theme of summer flowers’ novelties and will appear on the new RIOLIS catalogue.


Cross stitch kit HB152 Clover is ideal for those who want to learn how to create something interesting by their own hands. Easy to stitch picture is most suitable for this purpose. Flower Clover which is simple to make and brings good luck will give you energy for the realization of your plans.


This cross stitch kit can be offered as a basis for creative projects at schools. Traditionally, carefully designed and a simple colour scheme of embroidery will help children. The kit includes everything you need which is also very useful for beginners. Embroidery is done on high quality white 10ct Zweigart Aida with quite large cells. The kit also includes wool/acrylic Safil threads of 7 colours and needle. The size of finished kit is small - only 13 x 16 cm.

Cross stitch kit Clover will help children and all who wish to join the world of crafts.


New! Cross stitch kit Tree of Desires



cross stitch kit


Cross stitch is another unique way to create tree of desires with your own hands.


There are special services on the internet that help you to keep and publish your wish lists. They help you to remember what, in which store and from what manufacturer attracted you. However, it is only notes for yourself and friends as a keepsake.


If you really dream and want these wishes to come true, tree of desires will help you. This is one of the oldest but still widespread forms of ritual acts that have deep roots and contains logic, common to many cultures. Perhaps you have seen in your travels such special places and plants to which everyone passing brings a piece of paper, thinking about something very intimate.


Cross stitch kit 1462 Tree of Desires offers not only to create this needlework for the home which will keep your notes with ideas for the future, but also will help to embody them. Easy cross stitch kit will wake your imagination and slumbering creative abilities. This is the first step to fulfilling your dream.


Clear chart for cross stitch, size of the work and technique will be suitable for beginners. The picture is done in cross stitch with 2 strands of threads on white 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. Size of the picture when it is finished is only 21 x 30 cm. Embroidery with wool/acrylic threads Safil (7 colours) will be pleasant and easy thanks to the detailed instructions. Three types of ribbons which you will tie on the branch with the notes and a needle are also included in the kit.


RIOLIS`UK distribution partners, SoloCraft, took part in Perth Show in Scotland





On the 7th and 8th of September RIOLIS’ UK distribution partners, SoloCrafts, took part in The Perth Show at the Dewars Centre in Scotland. Our Scottish stockists were excited by the new RIOLIS selection, and went away looking forward to showing them to their customers. The display attracted interest from new traders who are eager to offer the RIOLIS brands in their shops because of the quality and range of designs.


craft show RIOLIS


RIOLIS will take part in ICH+S Autumn show in London on 21st – 22nd of September


We are happy to announce that RIOLIS will take part in ICH+S Autumn show in London on 21st – 22nd of September together with our distributor in the UK, SoloCrafts. This will be the first time we will take part in the exhibition in London, so we hope to welcome a lot of new visitors that were not able to attend the shows in other locations of the United Kingdom.


We invite you to visit our stand A18 in ExCel center, London and see our new collection as well as our bestselling designs!


RIOLIS offers the overview of needlework kits dedicated to autumn



Many people have trouble getting used to the thought that the summer is already over. RIOLIS offers for them the overview of needlework kits that are dedicated to the new season. We are sure that our autumn cross stitch kits will convince everyone that there is no bad weather or bad season of the year!


Embroidery of autumn creates this unity with an outside world wich will definitely strengthen the harmony in your soul.


The diversity of autumn colours will surely bring you a good mood and make you feel optimistic. Look how many different shades are there in cross stitch kits 1334 Silent Autumn, 1314 Crimson Autumn and 1079 Autumn View.


cross stitch kit silent autumn


cross stitch kit crimson autumn


cross stitch kit autumn view


Nature is so beautiful in its effects in autumn that it makes us want to take home a piece of it. Bring the bright spirit of multi-coloured leaves to your family with cross stitched picture from the needlework kit 1050 Rowan.


needlework kit rowan



Autumn is famous not only for its beauty but also for harvest. Its richness is pleasant to the eye. Embroidery of autumn fruits in an interior is a good luck sign. It will give the family prosperity, health and stamina during the struggles of life. Embroider the kits with wool/acrylic threads 1076 Fruits of Autumn, 1450 Ripe Apples and 1363 Mushroom Basket.


cross stitch kit fruits of autumn


cross stitch kit


cross stitch kit mushroom bascet

After reading and looking at our overview of autumn embroideries from RIOLIS, you will not be able to argue that this time of year can be joyful for


•           Children (cross stitch kit HB130 Splash Splash);


cross stitch lit for beginners


•           Adults (cross stitch kit from RIOLIS line Create it Yourself 1431 Riding Out);


cross stitch kit hunting


•           Fans of wandering through rooftops and climbing over fences (cross stitch kit 613 City & Cats Autumn).


cross stitch kit


It even seems that the money ripens on the tree exactly in autumn (needlework kit 1294 Tree of Money).


cross stitch kit


Any time of year is interesting with RIOLIS!


New! Cross stitch kit Ripe Apples



cross stitch kit ripe apples


Cross stitch kit 1450 Ripe Apples is without doubt a vivid example of needlework for the home. Theme, color tones and execution by your own hands – it all suggests the comfort of family and home.


Easily recognizable texture of cross stitch looks beautiful and is appropriate in almost any interior. Needlework decorates and warms the space, showing the care and sincerity of hosts. Harvest, fertility and maturity – that’s what this embroidery reminds us about. Apples seem so ripe and just ripped off the tree full of fruits! Autumn seems to be very generous in the garden which brought this basket.


Materials included in this cross stitch kit are also associated with warmth and comfort. Fabric for cross stitch is 10 ct flaxen Aida Zweigart. The threads are Safil wool/acrylic in 23 colors. Techniques used are traditional: cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch. Talking about the size of this picture, we can say that it is medium. Size of the finished piece is 30 x 30 cm. Moreover, cross stitched is only the picture without background. Loyal buyers of RIOLIS kits will not be surprised to find chart in full colour, instructions and a needle in the package of the kit.


New! Cross stitch kit Sweet William


cross stitch kit sweet william


Flower embroidery can become your favourite type of needlework! New cross stitch kit 1463 Sweet William will instil this passion.


When gardens are in blossom you can find there all colours of the rainbow. And the air is saturated with summer scents. We used to enjoy all these in summer. It was so pleasent to spend all the time in the sun enjoying the happiest season of the year. But neither then nor now we cannot forget our cosy home which shelters us from bad weather every day. You can take care of it by decorating your house with a bouquet of summer flowers from RIOLIS.


Sweet William blooms in the middle of July. Recognizable scent gave the flower its name. You can almost smell it when RIOLIS’ cross stitched picture of these flowers will transform your living place according to your memories of the summer garden.


Experienced embroiderers will rate this cross stitch kit 1463 Sweet William as an easy one. The size of the finished picture is not very big – only 24 x 30 cm. Instructions include detailed escriptions with pictures and charts explaining how three embroidery techniques, used in creation of bouquet, should be done – cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch. However, the work on this kit will be interesting not only for the beginners. Kit includes Safil wool/acrylic threads (14 colours) and flaxen 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric.


New! Cross stitch kit Carousel



cross stitch kit Carousel


New needlework kit 1458 Carousel from upcoming new RIOLIS catalogue will bring you to memories and joys of childhood. The theme of the picture will win the hearts of needlework masters of all ages.


Here carousel carries past a boy riding a horse imagining he is a brave knight, noble defender of his lady. She is proudly watching him outside carriage window. Another little dreamer imagines himself as a fearless sailor who was rescued after the shipwreck by friendly dolphins. A little pretty girl imagines herself as an Indian princess who is being carried on a luxurious and maybe even magical oriental rug on a back of her loyal elephant.


Novelty from RIOLIS is not just a beautiful picture. Its theme is interesting and exciting. Did you know that the idea of carousel can be traced back to distant Middle Ages? Then it was presented in periodically held feasts where attention of the audience was attracted by live pictures and staged battles. It was the most important event attended by all the society. Triumph united participants in live staged legends and old tales, in equestrian competitions which usually took place in a circle. Can you see our cross stitch kit Carousel and its characters, boys and girls, in these historical sketches?


Carousel is a celebration, a cycle of images, colours and stories – a real circle of family, peace and traditions!


Needlework kit 1458 Carousel is done with cross stitch, half cross stitch and stitch. Separate elements are done with French knots. These embroidery techniques can be applied on coloured 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas with 23 colours of Safil wool/acrylic and Anchor stranded cotton threads. The work will be done with a help of coloured chart. We want to remind you that the needle is also included in the kit. The size of finished picture is 35 x 35 cm.


Novelty of the season – cross stitch kit Gentle Lilac



cross-stitch kit Lilac


Have lilacs already faded in your garden? Or do you longingly wait for the weekend when you will go to the country and feel its spicy scent?


Picture, created in art department of RIOLIS and embodied into detailed cross stitch chart, only starts blooming. Novelty of summer 2014 – needlework kit 1447 Gentle Lilac .


With help of 19 colours of Anchor stranded threads on grey 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric you can collect this fluffy bouquet. Note how different embroidery techniques help to transfer volume and texture of branches of lilacs. Detailed instructions will explain how to make your picture lively and even seem fragrant. Your embroidery skills in cross stitch, half stitch, stitch, ability to make loops and French knots will help you to reveal once again the beauty of these blossoms.


The size of the finished picture is 24 x 30 cm. Traditionally, the kit includes the needle.


New cross stitch kit є1451 Andalusian character



cross-stitch kit Andalusian character


Cross stitch kit 1451 Andalusian character is dedicated to current year 2014 which is the year of the horse. Why this Spanish breed of horses was chosen as a model for  RIOLIS novelty?


Andalusian character means Southern temper, enthusiasm, fire and also generosity, traditions and charm of a legend. This breed is well known for its beauty and elegance of gait which looks spectacular on ceremonial parades and sport performances.

New needlework kit just recently went on sale, but we have already received positive feedback from our loyal customers who has noted successfully developed chart. Our designers made the famous Spanish lush breed look as live. Thank you for all your kind words!


Embroidery is done with 2- and 3-strand cross-stitches and 1-strand stitch. 23 colours of Anchor cotton stranded threads are belonging to almost one monochrome but very intense spectrum (from pure white to coal black). They create voluminous and embossed figure. It is particularly clear on the black background of canvas 14 ct Aida Zweigart. Result of the work will be 30 x 45 cm picture. This needlework kit, as all other RIOLIS kits, includes a needle.


RIOLIS hopes that this horse will bring a lot of joy, festive mood and energy to your home!


New! Cross stitch kit 1437 On the Holiday



Cross stitch kit 1437 On the Holiday


Summer joy: smells and sounds, adventures and games, friends – it is all there in the country. Every year everybody – young and old – are eager to get these pleasures.


Our furry four-legged pets are not alien to these expectations of sunny pranks. It seems like man’s friends are ready to delight us with their cheerful mood and provocative games all day long. All interspecific contradictions disappear under the warm rays of kindness.


Our “vacationers” – heroes of new RIOLIS needlework kit 1437 started a fun fuss on wooden porch. Then suddenly something starts rustling. Is someone hiding in the gooseberry bushes? Kittens and a puppy became alert and are ready to rush towards new amusements.


Country scene is a nice plot for serene hours of embroidering. You will work on 14 ct Aida canvas from the material that is best for summer, flaxen, and with the most natural wool/acrylic threads. All these natural and summery components are included in a new needlework kit. Size of the finished picture is 30 x 40 cm.


Take a break from a bustle and urban everyday life with a new cross stitch kit from RIOLIS – 1437 On the Holiday!


New! Cross stitch kit Portrait of Jeanne Samary



cross stitch kit Portrait of Jeanne Samary


Cross stitch kit 1439 Portrait of Jeanne Samary continues a line of reproductions of classic paintings.


This time RIOLIS’ designers suggest their interpretation of one of the most famous portraits from French painter Pierre-August Renoir presented in original cross stitch kit.


Renoir is well-known for his portraits of women. “I could not walk yet, but I already loved painting women”, - master has confessed. The series of portraits of actress from Comedie Francaise theatre is one of the most famous.  All the audience (and even professionals – art historians) choice awards goes to this picture of secular beauty, executed in 1877 (paintings with this main heroine are often distinguished by the year of their creation).


According to some researchers, this Renoir’s portrait is one of the most impressionistic – both in spirit and technique of execution. He had his own view of art and special manner of painting, somewhat different from style classics. Cross stitched picture conveys bold texturally laid brushstrokes.


Colors were important for the painter. Discussing the pallet of the work, he wrote that firstly it is necessary to introduce the color which is associated with the model. Cross stitch kit 1439 will please you with just as interesting work with colors.


The painter worked extremely carefully on model’s eyes and lips. It is the focus of the painting. Look and facial expression of the actress conveys all femininity of her character and liveliness of mind. The chart of cross stitch kit also offers to highlight this important nuance using different techniques of needlework.


Cross stitch kit 1439 includes 14 ct beige Aida Zweigart canvas, Anchor stranded cotton threads in 31 color and a needle. The Renoir’s painting is not very big (56 x 40 cm). The size of embroidered picture is a little smaller than original – 30 x 38 cm.


A new needlework kit by RIOLIS!



New needlework kit by RIOLIS Blue Lagoon


Needlewomen always have a lot of ideas how to transform, refresh or make more beautiful the world around them. Active creative person will never miss the opportunity to take the matter of creation of one’s own unique image into their own hands. Ready decisions are too ordinary and boring!


RIOLIS shares and supports needlewomen in their finest aspirations and introduces to the most demanding ones our new kit Blue Lagoon.


Following the instructions of kit 1422 AC Blue Lagoon, you can make an unusual piece of jewelry by your own hands – gently blue necklace. The necklace is made of soft, passing one another waves of blue and white soutache and entangling translucent and white beads, reminding of sea pearls.


It is time for marine fantasies and fresh outfit!


The size of decorative element of the necklace is 16 x 8 cm. The kit includes chart in full color, 2 kinds of soutache tape, 5 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and a needle. To finish the kit you will also need blue thread no. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


Novelty! Create a set of necklace and earrings with a new needlework kit by RIOLIS.



New needlework kit 1412AC Easter Tale


Prepare a place in your jewelry box for the new accessories! RIOLIS continues to please craftswomen with new kits to create jewelry and introduces the opportunity to take the matters of creating your unique image in your own skillful hands.


Weightless fabric with fancy ornaments, small embroidered shoes easily carrying the hostess, patterns of henna, rich aromas, sweet flavors are the temptations of Eastern Fairytale. Indispensable part of mysterious Oriental beauty image is bright and eye-catching jewelry which seems to have concentrated all spirit of the outfit.


Colorful beads shimmering in different colors is the main accent of the jewelry set “Eastern Tale”. It will complement and favorably match any –  even brightest summer – outfit of its owner.  Bright beads and ribbon, holding the necklace adds freshness and lightness. Soutache tape – of course – is golden. Golden is the color of wealth, luxury and aristocratic delicacy.


Discover new horizons of your image together with a new kit for creation a set of necklace and earrings 1412 AC Eastern Tale!


The size of finished decorative element is 8 x 6 cm and clips – 2 x 3,5 cm. The kit includes: chart in full color, soutache tape, 6 kinds of beads, metal fittings, ribbon, felt and needle. To make the accessories, you will also need yellow thread No. 40, pliers, glue, thimble and scissors.


Novelty! Cross stitch kit 100/043 A Secret Romance.



Cross stitch kit 100/043 A secret Romance


There are many ways to tell a story. Most often we do that by using our best skills.

Try to tell a story "A secret Romance" with RIOLIS using your great skills of needlework.

A new cross stitch kit 100/043 is a real secret, unfinished story. It seems like a beautiful late spring, waiting for a hot Italian summer. Or, maybe, fragrant roses are blooming in the terrace in the early morning, taking advantage of the time to cool off before the scorching Spanish summer siesta?

In the foreground we see the raising imagination details. They somehow uncover details of the secret romans to the audience – who are the inhabitants of the house, how many of them are there? That hat – is it girl’s, or maybe her mother’s, or sister’s?

Then our attention switches to the real centre of the image – its main character, a girl in a pale pink dress. Figure with slightly crouched head reminds us of the dew of youth  and romantic sadness at the same time. Why did she leave the terrace, where, probably, recently had sat in a comfortable chair and enjoyed variegated flowering? Perhaps she is sad because someone who she was waiting for did not come?

Meet beautiful stranger and find out the secret of her Romance!

Kits under the brand RIOLIS Premium include the highest quality materials, a combination of different embroidery techniques and beautiful gift box with holographic sticker which works as a protection from opening. The work is done with Anchor stranded cotton threads (30 colours) on 14 ct white Zweigart Aida fabric. Coloured chart, 4 different colours of ribbons and 2 needles are also included. The size of embroidered picture is 40 x 60 cm.


A new cross stitch kit



A new cross stitch kit


RIOLIS is proud of its series of female images. Many needlework masters remember and love Lilac Eveling, Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Tenderness, Harmony, Summer Delight, Columbine… Beauty and femininity has a lot of faces.


One of the first works of RIOLIS designers, dedicated to female image, is Velvet Evening. We can say that this kit opened a whole bright series of cross stitch kits that inspired a lot of embroidery fans to create. This kit has become a real genre classics and a RIOLIS’ visit card.


Today we happily announce that cross stitch kit 100/027 Velvet Evening is back in our assortment again. RIOLIS knows that many people have waited for this event. We had to make the fans wait for this lady. However, as it is with any woman, the waiting is fully rewarded. Now she is ready to go out again refreshed and with all her romantic beauty.


 “...Extraordinary beautiful woman... in black silk dress, very simple and elegant; hair, apparently, dark brown and just cleaned; ... dark deep eyes and thoughtful brow; facial expression was passionate and looked even arrogant”- it is a description of Nastasia Filipova from a novel Idiot by F. M. Dostoyevsky. Sounds familiar, right? It is one of many associations that come to mind. It seems that this lady is undeniable and real heroine of literal, artistic or just a simple novel, written by the life itself. Her image is attractive, it excites and intrigues.


 This versatile and deep image is embodied by using several kinds of embroidery – cross stitch, stitching with ribbons and beads. This makes a work a little more complicated, but also more interesting – both technically and artistically. The image looks more alive and voluminous including details completed with ribbons and beads. Lady’s jewellery – roses on the hat, beads and ribbons on the dress – look as they are real.


Size of the finished work is 30 x 40 cm. The work is done with Anchor stranded cotton threads in 18 colors on 14 ct beige Aida Zweigart canvas. The kit also includes two kinds of ribbons, four kinds of beads and two needles. The kit is packed in a beautiful gift wrapping.


A new needlework kit



A new needlework kit


Going to public for a woman is an opportunity to feel perfect and exceptional. Perfection is achieved by carefully choosen details and accessories.


Elegance and brightness is an ideal, undeniable combination. Embody it in one’s outfit is a wish for every woman. Successful execution of this combination guarantees happy moments of feminine triumph.


Exactly this combination was caught and realized by RIOLIS designers in new evening clutch which you can create with your own hands with help from needlework kit 1428 AC. Elegance of classic form of clutch is matched with brightness and lightness of embroidery’s design that decorates the accessory. Peacock feather adds mystery, elitism and personality to the outfit, hint of expressiveness and femininity of the owner of the clutch.


The happiest and most memorable night is with the image from RIOLIS.


The size of finished clutch is 24 x 11 cm. The kit includes metallic threads of three colors, Anchor stranded cotton threads, 2 kinds of beads, 3 needles, 2 magnets for fastening, chain for shoulder strap for the clutch, lining fabric and 2 plates for shaping the purse.


A new kit by RIOLIS



A new needlework kit 1437 Aztecs


Fashion blogs and glossy magazines have already announced that fashion shows presented a new and at the same time old trend for spring–summer 2014 season. It is embroidery! Cross stitch and satin stitch, bright and delicate, floral and ethnic – it is the latest trend and most recent news.


The winter severity, stiffness and icy paleness have passed. Bright colors give the fight for gray weekdays and sleepy routine!


Craftswomen can always boast their skills; manifest not only creating beauty and harmony in the space around themselves, but also in very unstable and exposed to windy influences area – their trendy image. Skilful work may lie in the wardrobe for years and suddenly regain its former glory and reverence of sophisticated fashionistas.


For instance, the latest collection of famous brand Valentino is richly decorated with embroidery – most of the fabric’s surface is covered with it. Décor is ethnic ornament; geometric ornaments in bright contrasting colors put to the mosaic of overall pattern are characteristic to folk art.


This global fashion trend is supported by bag Aztecs, created by RIOLIS’ designers. This fashionable accessory you can create with your own hands with help of new needlework kit 1429 AC. Stitched geometric pattern, bright colors and unusual details – insert from felt with a zipper and small front pocket for little things.


The size of the finished bag is 21 x 29 cm. You can carry tablet, book, notebook or new RIOLIS catalogue in it. The work is done on black 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas with wool/acrylic threads Safil in five colors.  Kit also includes lining fabric, zipper, two kinds of felt and two needles.


A new needlework kit



New cross-stitch kit


To build a family nest is a dream of couples in love and one of the most important tasks in life for any person.


There are no things too small. Important is every stage, every branch that folds into a cozy nest.


All this is needlework, gentle hand work in broad sense. Probably this is why for many future hostesses and happy wives needlework and cross stitching is one of their favorite activities, which says a lot about their character and attitude for life.


Marriage is one of the events in person’s life that is consecrated by the oldest traditions. These traditions are deep rooted and often have sensible and practical reasons. Therefore, for the bride they are usually associated with bride’s skills of craftswoman.  Traditions can be transformed and adapt without losing their original meaning and spirit.


Every family has their own wedding customs. Try to start a new wonderful tradition! Save and frame with your care, skill and craftsmanship the most important moment – the very beginning of family life.


This idea and opportunity RIOLIS presents in our new needlework kit 1423 Love and Happiness. This kit will help you to create cross stitched panel with felt details for your favorite wedding photo which will delight you for years of happy family life.


Size of the finished work is 30 x 40 cm; it is suitable for photo of 24 x 18 cm. The work is done with wool/acrylic threads Safil on white 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas. The kit also includes two kinds of felt and two needles.


The new kit 1433 Oriental poppies Cushion!



novelties cross-stitched cushion


Poppy loves freedom – which is why it grows in the open.


Poppy is stubborn – its bright color reminds of little furious fire.


Poppy is sensitive and vulnerable - there is a saying in some countries: “blushes like a poppy”.


Poppy has a short lifespan, just like everything that is perfect – it blooms only a few days.


So many associations come only from the spectacular appearance of this scarlet flower!


It seems that all this adds even more charm and mystery. The nature has given it completely unexpected quality for such a romantic and passionate appearance – a property to induce sleep. This ability of the poppy is the subject of many ancient myths and legends.


“Lovely young god of dreams Hypnos quietly rushes on his wings above the ground with poppy heads in his hands and pours a hypnotic drink from a horn. He gently touches eyes of people with his magic rod, quietly closes their eyelids and plunges the mortals to sweet dream. Hypnos is a mighty god and neither mortals nor gods, even the god of thunder, Zeus, can resist him” (N. Kun Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece).


Give in the charms of poppies and rest on your own cross-stitched cushion made from new kit 1433 Oriental Motifs.


Front side of the cushion is stitched with wool/acrylic threads Safil in 12 colours on white Aida Zweigart canvas. The back side of the cushion you can make according to your taste. You can decorate a cushion with a cord from wool/acrylic threads (as displayed in the picture) that you can buy separately from your local dealer of RIOLIS products. The size of finished cushion is 60 x 40 cm.


A new cross-stitch kit!



new cross-stitch kit


Create a masterpiece!


New cross-stitch kit after the painting The Rider by Karl Bryullov.


RIOLIS continues to share our view on world of art with the needlework fans. Creation of the art reproduction – especially in a different technique – it is the process of understanding and rethinking the work of art. Our designers did a great and incredibly interesting job, trying to transfer all diversity of skill of the painter by new means.

You might have seen this painting in Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia or have admired its reproductions. Technical and compositional perfection of then starting artist was noted even by his contemporaries in the first half of 19th century.


Do you remember how incredibly light and thin was the veil trailing from the hat of the rider and blowing in the wind? Do you wonder if it is possible to transfer it to canvas? It looks like our designers have managed to do that. Weightless fabric unnoticeably and gradually fades into shadows of the treetops of the park from which emerged the rider.

Interestingly transferred and impressive pre-storm lightning of the painting successfully identifies composition and emphasizes the story of the masterpiece. It is not just an impressive, romantically painted ceremonial portrait of horseback riding. This painting is about childhood dreams, fearlessness and happiness of youth.


Both heroines, and even two so different their companions – dogs, are interesting in their own way. Looking at the girl the viewers can recognize themselves and their admiration of the wonderful rider. Moreover, a young rider is a real mystery. How perfectly calm is her facial expression when just stopped black horse under her stands on the rear legs from excitement. Mystery is similar to Mona Lisa’s smile.


RIOLIS offers you to try to feel and relive the process of creating the masterpiece of world culture.


A real work of art now will adorn your interior!


The size of the finished embroidery is 40 x 50 cm.  The work is done with 32 colors of Anchor stranded cotton threads on 14 ct black Aida Zweigart canvas.


A new cross stitched cushion


The new kit 1426 Dreamland Cushion


new cross stitch kit


Many of our loyal friends – needlewomen and craftsmen – have already taken a chance to get to know the dreamland of RIOLIS: they visited its valley with lush gardens and cozy village and will forever remember its bright fiery red meadow (kits 1358 Valley of Fairytale and 1359 Meadow of Fairytale).


RIOLIS continues series of kits imitating patchwork technique. This technique means that the work is done of the patches of fabric that constitute a mosaic, not always the abstract one.


Now you will be able to relax and send your imagination to the flight in the colorful fairyland, curled up on decorative cushion made with your own hands.


Patchwork-style elements are becoming more and more popular in various interiors. They are cozy and look impressive both individually, by becoming bright accents of interior space, and in combination, by supporting several elements of one style.


Embroidery is done on white 10 ct Zweigart Aida canvas, size 40 x 40 cm with wool/acrylic threads in 28 colors by chart and instructions. Kit includes all necessary materials for the front side of the cushion. You can make back side of the cushion according to your taste. One of the ways to decorate the cushion is by a cord made from our wool/acrylic threads that are sold separately (the needed number of thread you can find out from your local dealer of RIOLIS products).


On 24th – 26th of April annual Japan Hobby Show took place at Tokyo Big Sight.


On 24th – 26th of April annual Japan Hobby Show took place at Tokyo Big Sight. Our distributors in Japan, Craft Index Corporation, participated in this show as last year.
During the 3 days of exhibition, almost 125 thousand people visited the show, so it was a great chance to introduce our new designs for new and for existing customers. There are still many people who are not familiar with cross stitch and they were surprised how good a cross stitched picture can look.

Also, many of the customers were interested in our wool/acrylic yarn. This kind of thread is not popular in Japan, so the visitors had a lot of questions and were happy to try something new. We feel that this exhibition has helped a lot to increase not only brand awareness, but also to show people how easily they can create real masterpieces from our kits.





The new kit є1431 "Riding out"


Riding Out



The new RIOLIS cross stitch kit Riding Out will not only please the passionate embroiderers, but also their soulmates.


The painting depicts hunters in the traditional manner, on horseback and with dogs. Riding out took its original appearance in the XVI century and exists in many countries around the world, including Europe, Russia and North America.

The size of embroidered picture is 60 x 40 cm. The work is done with Anchor stranded cotton threads (30 colors) on 14 ct white Zweigart Aida fabric.


New kits


New metrics for newborns




New colorful metrics for boys and girls – the perfect way to celebrate the addition to the family!


You can decorate embroidery with your babies name, date, height, weight and time of her or his birth. Separate chart with the alphabet and numerals is specially added for this kit.


Work is done with Anchor stranded cotton threads on white 28 ct Zweigart Lugana fabric and is decorated with delicate lace.


The new kit 1413 Moorish Lawn Cushion


Moorish Lawn Cushion



RIOLIS has complemented its pillow collection with a new cross stitch kit 1413 Moorish Lawn Cushion.


Image of the bright wildflowers on the front side of the cushion will decorate a summer terrace or a comfortable chair near a sunny window. The kit includes 10 ct Zweigart Aida fabric which is suitable for use even for people with weak vision. Embroidery is done with Safil wool/acrylic threads (23 colors), size of finished cushion is 40 x 40 cm.


Back side fabric and threads to make the finishing sides of the cushion are not included in the kit.


New kits.


Postcards Tree of Hearts and Heart Collage




On February 14ththe whole world celebrates Valentine's Day. RIOLIS offers to express your feelings for beloved one through your love for needlework not only on this occasion!


Postcards Tree of Hearts and Heart Collage are easy to make and it will help you to please anyone you want to. Hearts of soft felt on the front of the card will be the perfect addition to the gentle message inside!


The kit includes everything you need to complete a beautiful postcard: a chart in full color, instructions, 14 ct Zweigart Aida fabric, Anchor stranded cotton threads, beads, felt, needle and cardboard with the opening for the design.


Great time in Cologne 


As every year RIOLIS took part in H&H Cologne exhibition on 21st – 23rd of March in Germany. We are glad to take part in this exhibition for the fourth time since the opening of our export office in Lithuania. During these years in H&H Cologne exhibition we have met a lot of our customers and potential customers from the countries all around the world.




This year we had a very good exhibition, met a lot of our clients and discussed the current questions and future plans. It was a great pleasure to hear the nice words from the clients about the quality of the products and our service.




Additionally, we were delighted to hear that RIOLIS kits has already taken the leading positions in sales in some markets. Also, many potential clients who have either never heard of our products or been unsure about the characteristics of our kits visited our booth and were impressed with our designs and quality of the product. We were glad to welcome visitors from many different parts of the world – Guatemala, Chile, Iceland, Mexico, RSA and others. Hopefully, it will not take long until RIOLIS kits are available in these countries.



To sum up, we had a great time in Cologne this year because it is always nice to present our new designs and have a live conversation with our customers. Once again we want to thank all our distributors, wholesalers and shops around the world that found time and visited our stand.


It was great to meet you and we are looking forward to see you in coming exhibitions!







The new kit 1409AC


Brooch Little Hat



We have supplied our collection with kits that will help you to make accessories of felt.


Charming brooch Little Hat is dotted with colorful flowers made of felt, ribbons and beads.


This extraordinary handmade accessory will be a bright and exclusive part of your outfit!


The new kit 1396 "Square of the Trinity. Paris" based on painting by Pierre-August Renoir


Square of the Trinity. Paris



Time flows slowly on the famous Square of Trinity...

Soak up the atmosphere and mood of the late 19th century Paris which is immortalized on the canvas by the famous French impressionist Pierre-August Renoir.


1396 "Square of the Trinity. Paris" based on painting by Pierre-August Renoir is done on a white 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas with Safil wool/acrylic and Anchor stranded cotton threads in 30 colors.


A new bead embroidery kit 1405 "From all Heart"


From all Heart



Bead embroidery kit 1405 "From all Heart" is a unique handmade gift.

Birthday, wedding, engagement, declaration of love for the beloved one?..

Everyone will be able to capture these important events on the delicate beige Lugana Zweigart fabric with Anchor threads and beads in three colors!


The new cross-stitch kit 




1398 Fuchsia is a new bright and sunny design from RIOLIS.


Flower fuchsia looks like ballerina, dancing in lush skirt on thin shapely legs! "Little Dancer" Fuchsia was discovered by French royal botanist Plumier in the late 17th century. Since then, this elegant flower pleases the eye and lives in legends and stories of many people as "little ballerina" giving happiness, fun and joy of life.


A lot of people visited this show and many of them...



On 9th–11th of March RIOLIS for the first time took part in L'Aiguille en Fête (PRO) exhibition in Paris, France. We participated in this show together with our distributor in France, Diffuzart.
A lot of people visited this show and many of them had already been clients of Diffuzart, so they hade already been familiar with our products and just wanted to see the new designs and discuss current business questions. However, there were quite many visitors who did not know our brand and saw our designs for the first time and were fascinated by them. It was a pleasure to hear their nice words and introduce our product lines. 
Therefore the exhibition was very successful and we`ve been very happy to be a part of it. 




The new cross-stitch kit

Gentle snowdrops by RIOLIS
In different languages snowdrops are called differently:  in English it is called “drops of snow”, in German – “snow bells” and in Czech – “snowflake flower”.  In botany this plant became known as “milk flower”.
In Russia, since ancient times there was a legend that Winter and its eternal allies Cold and Wind did not want to let the beauty Spring into their domains. All the flowers were scared of the threats of Winter, except for one small but brave snowdrop that stretched its white petals above the cover of snow to the Sun. Thus, the snowdrop is considered to be a symbol of hope for light, warmth and a new spring...
1403 Snowdrops is a tender and subtle work which is embroidered on coloured 14 ct Aida Zweigart canvas with Anchor stranded cotton threads and decorated with satin ribbons.

A new cross-stitch kit


Mountain Lake



The new cross-stitch kit 1397 Mountain Lake is a charming and wonderful design for experienced embroiderers.


The work is done on 10 ct Aida Zweigart with 30 colors of wool/acrylic threads.


We invite you to visit L'Aiguille en Fete 2014 exhibition to see our latest designs and talk more about RIOLIS products.


We are pleased to announce that this year we will take part in L'Aiguille en Fete 2014 exhibition in Paris, France. The fair will be held on 9th – 11th in of March in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Hall 6. RIOLIS will participate in this show with our distributor in France, Diffuzart.

We invite you to visit L'Aiguille en Fete 2014 exhibition to see our latest designs and talk more about RIOLIS products.

We are looking forward to meet you in stand B12.2!

More about exhibition you will find here


The new kit “Labrador”





It is not widely known that the intelligent, playful and social Labrador dog is not only a sweet pet, but also is a great hunting dog.


In fact Labrador is the right hand for the thoughtful and hasteless hunters who enjoy relaxing in the nature.


We offer you to stitch the new kit 1399 “Labrador” on 14 ct Aida Zweigart with 25 colors of wool/acrylic threads.



We are glad to have creative customers who find new ways to promote our product.

We are glad to have creative customers who find new ways to promote our product. RIOLIS partners in Lithuania KaSiulai, who have both internet and regular shops in Vilnius and Kaunas always come up with interesting ideas for promotion as competitions or workshops.
This time they had a new idea – to participate in a Vilnius Book Fair 2014. In a small market as Lithuania, there are no specialized shows for the needlework or hobby in general, so RIOLIS and KaSiulai decided to take a chance and take part in a Fair that is, on the first sight, irrelevant to our product. We are glad to say that it was a chance worth taking and the Fair was very successful. Our stand attracted a lot of interested visitors – some of them were happy to see the stitched pictures and remember how they used to stitch in school and of course try it again now, others were just excited that they receive everything needed to finish a picture in one package. Also, during the fair we distributed a lot of RIOLIS catalogues, so we hope that a lot more people will see our designs and choose the kits they like later.

On 16th – 18th of February RIOLIS participated in ICH+S Trade Show in Birmingham, UK.

On 16th – 18th of February RIOLIS participated in ICH+S Trade Show in Birmingham, UK. Like last year, RIOLIS participated with our distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts. 
In the exhibition we present our best selling and impressive newest designs. The visitors were very fascinated to see our newest collection. 


The show was very successful. Do not counting on weather difficulties in UK, we have had even more visitors as previously shows. This makes us happy, as our brand becomes known in this market and taking leading positions in this kind of hobby.

We are glad to inform you that this year we will participate in ICH+S Trade Show in Birmingham, UK again. 


We are glad to inform you that this year we will participate in ICH+S Trade Show in Birmingham, UK again. The show will take place in NEC Birmingham on 16th – 18th of February. Like last year, RIOLIS will participate in the show with our distributor in the UK, Solo Crafts.

In this exhibition we will not only present the pictures of our bestselling designs, but also our newest models that will be issued later this year.

We are looking forward to meet you at stand A30!


Our distributor in the Benelux countries, The Stitch Company has recently held Open days. 

On 20th and 27th of January The Stitch Company had Open Days for shops. The visitors were excited to see a wide selection of stitched models and choose the kits according to them.
On January 30th – February 1st our distributor had Open days for final customers. They were also very happy to see the stitched models, buy the kits they liked most and receive more information about the products.

On 11th – 14th of January RIOLIS participated in CHA Conference and Trade Show 2014.


On 11th – 14th of January RIOLIS participated in CHA Conference and Trade Show 2014, in Anaheim, California. It was our first exhibition in the USA and we were thrilled to meet a lot of companies from this market. As RIOLIS brand is not well known in the USA yet, our stand attracted a lot of visitors who wanted to know more about the company and products. The feedback was very good and many companies were eager to present our product for their customers, some of them even placed their orders during the meetings.


The show was very successful and we believe that it was step to making RIOLIS needlework kits accessible for all the embroidery fans across US market.