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RIOLIS is one of the biggest cross-stitch manufacturing companies worldwide. Our factory and office is located in Europe, Lithuania.


With more than 25 years of experience in creating and developing quality handicraft products, it's lead us to be a market leader within a very competitive market.


We have a long-lasting experience in creating and producing cross-stitch kits of different designs: starting from simple and suitable for beginners, all the way to more challenging designs, made for devoted needlework lovers. We offer over 1000 designs in our wide range that will suit any taste and budget.




If you embroider, love your hobby and want to improve it, you have come to the right place!


Under the trademark RIOLIS we offer you:

If you are interested in needlework, with us it can become your favorite activity.


On our website you can find detailed lessons on different techniques and methods. Among them you will definitely find the style which is the closest to your heart.


Do you have a needlework business? If so, you'll certainly be interested in our ranges as a wholesale customer. Contact us at for more information.


Trademark RIOLIS

In this RIOLIS line you will find various pictures, embroidered cards, cushions, ornaments and accessories. In our extensive range we have pictures based on famous artist’s paintings, a garden full of floral designs, children’s motifs, urban scenery, village landscapes, sunflower fields, still life and Chinese pagodas – in other words, designs to tempt every stitcher to pick up a needle and start a new project.


Trademark RIOLIS Premium

This line is ideal for people who would like to create real masterpieces with their own hands. Cross-stitching a RIOLIS Premium chart is a pleasure, it will brighten your winter evenings and will also become a wonderful gift or interior decoration at your home. Looking for a present to surprise your stitching friend? Selecting a RIOLIS kit would be the perfect choice!


RIOLIS Diamond Mosaic


This is our newest line, that launched in 2018. The designs have been selected from our cross-stitch models, but have been made to reach another audience – the ones that are looking for a quicker result or for people who prefer not to stitch. We use only highest quality materials, which does not contain any chemical elements and are safe for your health. You can take a look and find how easy is to work with it and what brilliant results can be achieved. 


Diamond mosaic kits are already popular all around the world and they have proven to be an exciting pastime for the entire family! Adults and young people alike will enjoy expressing their creativity by completing our designs with shimmering SQUARE DIAMONDS. In several EASY STEPS, anyone can create beautiful vibrant projects!


Our talented team of professional artists have selected some of the VERY BEST DESIGNS long loved by our customers. They also felt that the square diamond format was unique in that it creates a FULL and COLORFUL coverage of the canvas producing an amazing result in just a few hours!



All the assortment of RIOLIS needlework and diamond mosaic kits are presented in our catalogue, which is published annually.


Create masterpieces with your own hands together with company RIOLIS and present an extraordinary beauty to others!