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news » Serbian landscape embroidery

   March 22, 2016

Serbian Landscape embroidery 


Serbia is probably not one of the most popular tourist destination for travellers from all around the world. Its beauty is not very bright or exotic. But just look at this landscape with pretty houses, rich fields and picturesque hills look so cozy and homey. RIOLIS offers a novelty – a cross stitch kit 1569 Serbian landscape – for those who feel nostalgic for a distant, far away, but at the same time so clear and familiar land.

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Press the picture to enlarge it

The embroidered picture is inspired by quiet rural life. No men to be seen, but scattered here and there cosy houses surrounded by southern flowers, a dome of a rural churchlet, the cultivated fields, accurately collected haystacks – everything speaks about the peace of countrylife and love to the native land, family and neighbors. An idyll in which every citizen would like to live at least for a day!


The simplified outlines, unusual perspective and the the horizon line make tha picture look like a fairy-tale or a fantasy.This is also provided by style and technique. All the picture is embroidered with wool/acrylic yarn Safil and 3-strand cross-stitches. A traditional white canvas 10 ct Aida Zweigart is easy and fun to embroider. 28 colors are used in these picture, and there are no combined colors among them. A colored chart is designed by the artist so that one shade forms a compact group of stitches and it is convenient to embroider them. Therefore quite large picure of 4040 cm will be easy to embroider.



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