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   September 30, 2015

Cross stitch kit 1510 Fox


Meet a fluffy winter beauty from RIOLIS cross stitch kit 1510 Fox!


cross stitch kit fox


Winter forest attire suits her well, doesn`t it? She looks spectacular. It seems even strange that her flame-colored coat does not make all the ice and snow around melt down. Probably it is so because this heat is kind and soft. The fox seems to be a heart of the frost-bound forestland.


cross stitch kit fox


Stitch this flame-colored fox to make it burn all the adversity that could happen to you and let it light up your spirit. Like a burning candle this pretty animal can become a symbol of hope and love and will grace your sweet home!


The embroidery is made with woolen/acrylic threads Safil to make this picture look even more vivid. The finished size of the picure is 21*30 cm, but you would not have to stitch it all over - the basic backround is a dark gray 14 t Aida Zweigart fabric. Also a kit includes a needle.