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Let’s attract good luck with embroidery, or rather a symbol of the coming year!


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   December 01, 2021

RIOLIS Christmas designs

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to pick this year’s decorations for this magical holiday! Perfectly picked decorations help setting festive mood and guarantee a smile every time you enter the room. Without doubt, the best decorations are made with a lot of love and your own hands, so RIOLIS is here to help you make these holidays truly unforgettable!
Here are our top Christmas designs (they can be great presents as well!). Click on the picture or name of the kit to view detailed information about the design.


New! Already available!

Cross stitch kit 1985 New Year’s Aroma

New! Already available!

Cross stitch kit 1977 Winter Tea Time

Cross stitch kit 1897 Lapland
Cross stitch kit 1910 Gingerbread Wreath

New! Already available!

Cross stitch kit 1980 Winter Gifts

Cross stitch kit 1907 New Year’s Letter
Cross stitch kit 1906 To the Holidays
Cross stitch kit 1752 Christmas Table Topper
Cross stitch kit 1898 New Year’s Calf
Cross stitch kit 1903 Christmas Shelf
Cross stitch kit 1889AC Snowflakes Decorations
Cross stitch kit 1901 Bear, Cones and Deer
Cross stitch kit 1729 Poinsettia