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news » Embroidery for lovers of the sea

   March 28, 2018

Sea stories

For the sea lovers

The sun, the sea, the embroidery… What a man doesn’t dream about the sea, even in summer? When the sun warms that it’s hard to be in town, and the soul calling for a seaside.


RIOLIS loves the sea too and invites you to go together to any distant seashore. In our collection the elements are presented in different versions.

Seaside towns beckon their coastal fresh wind. Where, how not, can you walk along picturesque streets, along the waterfront, catch a warm breeze and watch the sunsets or dawns when the sun hides behind the sea edge of the horizon or rises, born from sea foam and morning stars?



                                                  1644 Santorini                                  1645 Swallow's Nest


Immense sailers - especially for lovers of distant wanderings, for those who are acquainted with the fair wind of adventure from the books of Jules Verne, Robert Stevenson and Alexander Green.



      479 Ship                                                1091 Sailboat


The smallest and youngest needlework lovers can also embroider marine themes. There is the amusing sailor duck, the octopus as the conqueror of the depths and the boat in the "Happy Bee" series.


        160 Sailor                                            133 Octopussy                                  129 On the Waves


A series of two sailboats with a solid amount of backstitch and sea inhabitants continues the ship theme. In embroidered form, these pictures will look great in the nursery, we checked! ;)



1465 Sailboat "Luck"                                  1511 Pirate Ship


Threads are good, but there are also beads. A series of the needlework for children is specially designed for young embroidery lovers: here are the bright colors and a variety of subjects - you will never be bored! ;)



0062 Sea fish                                          0072 Boat


If you like marine life, especially dolphins, then look at our embroidered paintings with these mammals.



 0014 PT Three dolphins       


0044 RT Lighthouse will be useful for those who believe in signs and their own dreams.




Premium design 100/038 In the sunset was created with love of horses. There is an endless sea, the sun goes beyond the horizon, and a herd of horses rushes along the edge of the water.



That is not all. RIOLIS advises to try new technique of longstitch (1631 Town near the Sea).



You can make a brooch Starfish (1410), if you do not have the real one from the seabed yet.



The sea is an element of unprecedented power, it can be calm and stormy, quiet and furious. Embroider your own! A picture with a sea view will make you dream about warm days in winter, and in the summer, you can go to the sea. Dreams come true, do not even doubt. ;)


1559 Wave