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   May 23, 2017

Embroidery for travelers

Cross-stitching is only for home-stayers? Not at all! This is a hobby for those, who like to travel even in their imagination. It is pleasant very much to sit in a cozy armchair at home, devote your free time to embroidering memories or dreams of distant wanderings. By the way, there is a good sign: if you want to go, for example, to the sea, you need to embroider a picture with the intended place of travel.


So, which tourist destinations offers us RIOLIS collection?


If you would like to travel around the world you can embroider needlework series "Cities of the World".


вышивка крестом города мира   вышивка крестом города мира   вышивки города мира


вышивки вокруг света    вышивка города мира   вышивки города мира берлин   вышивки города мира


Especially for Greece lovers RIOLIS released the needlework kit 1644 "Santorini". Vivid colors, bright blue traditional roofs – and don’t say you wouldn’t like to be right now at such magnificent place. 



For those who were charmed by the cozy and exquisite beauty of the fields, country roads and small settlements of Italy – the needlework kit 100/001 "Tuscany".


вышивка тоскана


If you are mesmerized by not only the province but also architecture, culture and urban life in Italy, we can offer you two embroideries, dedicated to ancient romantic Venice: 1552 "Venice. Bridge of Sighs" and 1127 "Venice. St. Marks Square".

вышивка венеция мост вздохов вышивка площадь сан марко

 We continue our journey through the Mediterranean shore and move to Spain. Grandeur of the muslim architecture will fascinates you with the kits 1459 "Alhambra" and 1579 "The Palace Garden".

вышивки для путешественников Альгамбра вышивка хенералифе

Majestic Neuschwanstein castle embodies dreams of the beautiful European Middle Ages. It is the center of an invincible attraction for many travelers – a fairytale, which still exists nowadays.


вышивка нойшванштайн


And now we are moving to Eastern Europe for a walk in a mystical aura of Prague – the needlework kit 1058 "Charles Bridge – Prague".

вышивка прага


A distant shores, unknown countries ... But there are so many interesting and beautiful things in spacious Russia. Pay attention to the series "Cities of Russia"




One of the embroidery series – 0033 RT "Around the World", 0036 RT "Above the Clouds" and 0037 RT "Rattle of Wheels" – will be a great gift to a person who does not imagine his life without traveling. It won’t be difficult to complete the work and moreover it does not take much time, only the main subjects of the plot are embroidered on these kits, because the background and details is already applied to the canvas picture.


вышивка для путешественников стук колес   вышивки для путешественников вокруг света   вышивка для путешественников за облаками