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   April 21, 2017

1623 Magnet "Owl" and 1622 Magnet "Fish"

Funny novelties for the lovers of new techniques!


Embroidery on a canvas is a genuine classic, but RIOLIS don’t stand still but continues to experiment and seeks for new techniques – for example, an embroidery on a plastic canvas.


Recently, in order to create embroidery crafts of interesting shape, it was necessary to use additional materials, for example, cardboard as a base. Now everything has become simpler: a plastic canvas is easy in use, and there are already blanks in the kits.

What did you know about the plastic canvas? It is rigid and well-shaped, durable and moisture-proof. To embroider a picture on it you don’t need a frame, and when you finish your work, you don’t need to iron it. The most interesting thing is that creativity on this kind of canvas is not limited only by embroidery: you can create three-dimensional figures, make decorations, charms and magnets for a refrigerator.

These two funny magnets are extraordinary novelties by RIOLIS. Both needlework kits contain colorful woolen/acrylic yarn Safil threads, a needle, a magnet, a felt and a plastic canvas. The canvas should be cut off along the contour after embroidery is done. Also, the kit 1623 Magnet "Owl" includes 3 seed beads and 1622 Magnet "Fish" - a ring that will connect the tail and  the body.

It is curious that you can use any technique and any material with such an unusual type of canvas – threads, ribbons, seed beads. You can use the technique of cross and stitch while working on 1623 Magnet "Fish" and just a stitch  in

1622 Magnet "Owl".

These bright magnets will locate nicely in your house and decorate the refrigerator. The fish will wag by tail, and the owl will keep an eye for everyone, who will try to to filch food at night ;)