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   May 13, 2016



When choosing a cross-stitch design many embroiderers pay attention not only to the picture, but to the superstitions connected to it. Every needlework community is full of wonderful stories about people who reached their dreams with the help of a lot of hard work and a little cross-stitch design. Want to find a new job, buy a house, have a baby or meet your sweetheart? Every dream is connected to its specific needlework design.

One of the most popular make-a-wish cross-stitch themes is a Mill. They say that to complete such a kit is to remind Lady Fortune about yourself and to bring your goals closer. RIOLIS' new kit 0045 PT "Windmill" promises to become such a fortune bringer. In addition to a mill the picture has two cute houses (want to buy a cottage somewhere nice and cosy?) and bright yellow sunflowers that are generally considered being a good omen.


Another big simbol for dreamers is a Lighthouse. It will help you to find a good job, open your own business, get a big promotion or elevate your social status. Experienced embroiderers say that the sea on a cross-stitch design with a lighthouse should be calm and tranquil to smoothen your path and eliminate all the delays. That's exactly the design RIOLIS has in it's new collection - 0044 PT "Lighthouse"


It doesn't matter if you believe in superstitions like that or not. Both kits use canvas with a pre-printed background so it doesn't take a lot of time to complete them. So take a chance and create something beautiful and lucky for yourself. Maybe it will really help and your wonderful story will be the next one RIOLIS community will read about!



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