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news » Cross stitch kit 100/049 Tea Roses by RIOLIS Premium

   October 22, 2015

Cross stitch kit 100/049 Tea Roses

Tea roses are beautiful and capricious, elegant and subtile. Their sweet and delicate aroma of a fresh tea is absolutely fascinating.


cross stitch kit tea roses


The Tea-Rose


Most beautiful of all the roses
Is this half-open bud, whose bare,
Unpetalled heart a dream discloses
Of carmine very faint and fair.


I wonder, was it once a white rose,
Till butterfly too ardent spoke
A language soft, and in the light rose
A shyer, warmer tint awoke?


Its delicate fabric hath the colour
Of lovely and velutinous skin.
Its perfect freshness maketh duller
Environing hues incarnadine.


For as some rare patrician features
Eclipse the brows of ruddier gleam,
So masquerade as rustic creatures
Gay sisters of this rose supreme.


But, dear one, if your hand caress it,
And raise it for its sweet perfume,
Ere yet your velvet cheek shall press it,
'T will fade before a fairer bloom.



No rose in all the world so tender,
That gloweth in the springtime fleet,
But shall its every charm surrender
Unto your seventeen years, my sweet.


A face hath more than petal's power:
A pure heart's blood that blushing flows
O'er youth's nobility, is flower
High sovereign over every rose.


Those are the beautiful lines which a famose French poet Theophile Gautier devoted to this type of roses.


Such a gorgeous carmine pink flowers are gathered in a splendid bunch by RIOLIS.
This grandiose project is first of all for skilled stitchers. And the result will exceed your expectations. The embroidered roses will please you for many long years unlike natural tea roses, which beauty is so ephemeral.


As well as all the other cross stitch kits in RIOLIS Premium collection this one is rich in different techniques (cross stitch, half cross stitch, backstitch). You will stitch with various quantity of threads and and use combined colors.
The kit contains Anchor stranded cotton threads (26 colors), beige 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric, a needle, detailed instructions and the colored chart. The accessories are gathered in special gift packing. Their safety is guaranteed by an untouched holographic sticker.