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RIOLIS at the Creativa 2019 
(Dortmund, Germany)



1807 Geese


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news » Half cross-stitch embroidery

   March 14, 2018

Half cross-stitch embroidery

RIOLIS presents a series of urban landscapes, made in the half cross-stitch technique. 

The harmony of old but tender things looks exciting. This combination inspired the artist Anna Sheveleva to create a series of images of the old town streets. A special ocher color, flowing from the embroidery, creates an autumn mood. There is a crow in the foreground, one of the most mystical birds, which keeps an unknown mystery of the golden nature in the kit 1676 Warm Autumn.

Embroidery kit 1677 Rainy Summer is permeated with a warm rain during the summer evening. It depicts another old town, which stores its secrets and a good atmosphere. Do you know the smell of a summer rain and the sound of the purity in the air after a shower? RIOLIS will remind this. Bright threads Anchor will perfectly convey the water color of the wet asphalt, cozy light from the large wooden windows and the luxuriant flowerbed.

The town appears in all winter beauty in the kit 1678 Snowy Winter. Fluffy snowflakes, like luminous moths, cover the roofs. The frosty air is transparent. And it seems like we can hear snow crunch under the yard keeper's feet or the wheels of the car. The picture shines by light colors, despite the time of the year, when the days become short, and less often the clear weather makes us happy.

Mysterious landscapes immerse us into an atmosphere of tranquility. To make those needlework done you should use only half cross-stitch on the Aida Zweigart 18 ct fabric with Anchor stranded cotton threads. The time for embroidery will be half as much, and the result will be very effective!