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news » Planter Decorations Little Birdie and Butterfly

   November 12, 2015

Planter decorations
Little Birdie and Butterfly



House plants are a lick of vivifying nature in our tense and active city life. You can create a small green oasis in your home. It will dispel fatigue and will give rest to all feelings. Lodge colorful inhabitants in it, and it will turn into a small paradise. Make a planter decoratons with your own hands by means of needlework kits 1553AC Little Birdie  and 1554AC Butterfly – make your house garden come alive.


Decoration is made on a plastic canvas. Its wave frequency corresponds to 10 ct Aida and let you easily stitch with 2-strand wool-acrylic threads Safil. Details and a contour are made with 1-strand stitches.


The tiny birdie is embroidered with 7 bright colors. Two halves are sewed together so to create a two-sided image.

A bright pattern of the exotic butterfly is also created with 7 colors of  wool-acrylic threads Safil. Magnificent blue fibers are made with 1-strand stitches. White seed beads are some kid of a special adornment. You can also make funny horns of a wire added to the kit.


To make stitching with needlework kit even more  convenient, a color scheme, detailed instruction, needle and a wooden stick are also included.