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news » Embroidery after V. L. Muravyov's Painting

   October 21, 2015

Embroidery Elk in a winter forest
after V. L. Muravyov's Painting

Landscapes are a favorite embroidery theme of many needlewomen. Such a work immerses you in the curing and calming beauty of a picture. At such moments it isn't really important what is the weather outside – the exhausting heat or a drizzle. A new cross stitch kit 1528 Elk in a winter forest guarantees a constant clear, fresh and frosty bracing weather in your house. In addition, a strong half of humanity may also like this design for its origin was created by an expert on hunting – count V. L. Muravyev.

V. L. Muravyov is a famous Russian painter who`s point of view on Russian hunting was a romanticist`s point of view. Practically all its masterpieces were dedicated to this theme. He was a great expert on hunting himself and new all those special hunter`s tricks, animals and birds habits were familiar to him. He was reproducing precious moments that evoke feelings in each nature adorer. For Muravyov a hunting was first of all a unity with forest, it`s inhabitants, an ability to see and understand.


High society and even a royal family were painter`s admirers. But count Muravyev was often called a self-taught person. He did not need to earn his living by his paintings. He studied art in the Petersburg Academy of Arts as irregular student. He approached his paintings very seriously as his lifework. He worked hard despite a quite dissolute - according to his relatives - way of life that he led before the Revolution. He elaborated his own style and special touch. For example, to make trunks of trees look more expressive the author scratched them down with a feather or marked them in relief with colors.

RIOLIS` designers proposed their style and a special cross stitch touch to reproduce the expressiveness of the painting. You will be able to use several embroidery techniques – cross stitch, half cross stitch and backstitch. The "palette" include a woolen yarn and cotton stranded threads (Safil and Anchor). In this design there are 31 colors in total. The approximate finished size is 40*28 cm. A needlework kit also contains a 14 ct white Zweigart aida fabric and a needle.