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news » Christmas and New Year needlework kits by RIOLIS

   September 29, 2015

Christmas and New Year needlework kits 

Haven`t you already started preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations? These holidays is a happy hunting ground for needlewomen. You have to make so much presents, decorations for a Christmas tree and a festive interior. So enjoy a long preparation time and see RIOLIS Christmas and New Year kits! Hope they will inspire you!

Decorations for Christmas tree

To hang out beautiful baubles and toys joyfuly expecting the holiday to come is a favourite activity for old and young alike. But creating the unique image of the celebration center - the Christmas tree - rest on a hostess. This year RIOLIS proposes the fresh solution – an embroidery on plastic canvas.


It`s really  easy to make Christmas tree decorations with the cross stitch kits 1538AC Santa Claus, 1539AC Snow Maiden and 1540AC Bell. It won`t be difficult even for beginners to stitch small figures.  Characters of the New Year's fairytale turn out to be three-dimensional and bright.


новогодние набор для рукоделия риолис Golden hair of the the Snow Maiden are showed out of kokoshnik and a negligent hair parting is shown at itis back. новогодняя игрушка на пластиковой канве Снегурочка
вышивка на пластиковой канве Дед Мороз Movable legs in valenoks of Santa Clause are long to go dancing. вышивка на пластиковой канве Дед Мороз
вышивка на пластиковой канве колокольчик And jinglets seem to be ready to make a pure and bright sound.

Embroidered winter card

The collection of greeting cards is replenished this year with cross stitch kit 1513AC Winter. Nice round snowman with a carrot nose seems to be confused because of naughty bullfinches. Amusing snowy sketch!


The picture is made with wool-acrylic yarn Safil on  Aida Zweigart fabric. The approximate size of finished embroidery - 14х14 cm. A mat with an opening for the embroidery is included to the kit. новогодняя вышитая открытка Снеговик

Presents with the symbol of the New Year 2016

The sign of the next year is Monkey. And that means that handmade talismans with this animal are going to be a wished for present or a suitable decorations for the celebration. There are monkey novelties for all tastes in RIOLIS collection.


вышитая подушка джунгли Probably it won`t be easy to leave this cushion made of the needlework kit 1534 Jungle for somebody else. The family of cheerful monkeys can amuse both adults and children. The soft stitches made with wool-acrylic yarn Safil  are so attractive to touch. вышитая подушка джунгли
набор для рукоделия самая обаятельная If you wish to work with some soft material try to make a monkey figure of felt by means of a needlework kit 1512AC Charming. You can use it in office. Her tenacious hands can hold pens and pencils. фигурка из фетра Самая обаятельная
набор для вышивания бисером фигуристка One of the best monkey qualities is her artistry and ability to find unexpected solutions. Have you ever wanted to turn everything upside down and for example go skating as the heroine of embroidery 1526 Figure skater?
And at last what a New year without embroidery of its sign? Pay attention to the cross stitch kit HB161 Monkey of the Happy Bee collection! набор для вышивания крестом обезьянка


RIOLIS has even more Christmas and New Year ideas! See all of them here.