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   October 31, 2014


cross stitch kit cushion Little Goat   cross stitch kit


Get ready for New Year!


RIOLIS needlework kits will help you to prepare for the most important and joyful events. If you want to make them special memorable you need to follow universal wisdom and take care of your relatives and holiday surprises for them in advance.

RIOLIS hopes that the series of cross stitched decorative cushions and small pictures with cute and friendly symbols of year 2015 will make the preparation become really joyful.


Symbols of 2015 are sheep and goats. In order for you to prepare everything for cosy and festive winter, we have already issued two new cross stitch kits for making cushions. They continue the popular series with images of animals from Eastern horoscope in one style for kid’s room. You can refresh your impressions of this series in our website; they will also be included in our new needlework catalogue.


New characters of the cushions are every bit as lovely and their eyes shine with just as much fun. These two new needlework kits match perfectly. Light blue and pink backgrounds hint that these are the paired designs.


As all needlework kits from this series do 1453 Little Goat Cushion and 1452 Lamb Cushion will help you to create the front side of the cushion. It is embroidered with Safil wool/acrylic threads on white 10 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. You can make back side according to your taste. You can decorate the cushion as it is shown in the picture – with bright pompons from wool/acrylic threads which you can buy separately. The size of finished cushion is 30x30 cm.


Here are some more new RIOLIS needlework kits which will help you to create a festive New Year mood.


A pair of two cute cross stitch kits for beginners and children from Happy Bee brand is very similar to images on new cushions. They can successfully create an ensemble in the interior of child’s room.


cross stitch kit Happy Bee

HB 155 Little Lamb 15 x 15 cm, 10 ct white Aida, Safil wool/acrylic threads, ribbons



HB 154 Little Gray Goat

15 x 15 cm, 10 ct white Aida, Safil wool/acrylic threads


This dimensional figure of sheep made from a needlework kit will be a great decoration for a Christmas tree.


needlework kit symbol of the year


1442 AC Lamb Snowball

7 x 7 cm, felt, stranded cotton, beads, ribbons, filler


This eedlework kit will help you to create an exceptional, cute and interesting greeting card with shy little lamb. Over the next year your friends and family for sure will not forget you!


needlework kits greeting card


1461 AC Card “Happy Holiday”

14 x 14 cm, 14 ct white Aida, stranded cotton


A blonde angel and a wonderful lamb floating in the clouds will decorate child’s room and will add tenderness to it.


cross stititch kit angel


1360 Day of an Angel

30 x 30 cm, 14 ct white Aida, wool/acrylic threads