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   May 30, 2014


A new needlework kit


Going to public for a woman is an opportunity to feel perfect and exceptional. Perfection is achieved by carefully choosen details and accessories.


Elegance and brightness is an ideal, undeniable combination. Embody it in one’s outfit is a wish for every woman. Successful execution of this combination guarantees happy moments of feminine triumph.


Exactly this combination was caught and realized by RIOLIS designers in new evening clutch which you can create with your own hands with help from needlework kit 1428 AC. Elegance of classic form of clutch is matched with brightness and lightness of embroidery’s design that decorates the accessory. Peacock feather adds mystery, elitism and personality to the outfit, hint of expressiveness and femininity of the owner of the clutch.


The happiest and most memorable night is with the image from RIOLIS.


The size of finished clutch is 24 x 11 cm. The kit includes metallic threads of three colors, Anchor stranded cotton threads, 2 kinds of beads, 3 needles, 2 magnets for fastening, chain for shoulder strap for the clutch, lining fabric and 2 plates for shaping the purse.