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   May 15, 2014


novelties cross-stitched cushion


Poppy loves freedom – which is why it grows in the open.


Poppy is stubborn – its bright color reminds of little furious fire.


Poppy is sensitive and vulnerable - there is a saying in some countries: “blushes like a poppy”.


Poppy has a short lifespan, just like everything that is perfect – it blooms only a few days.


So many associations come only from the spectacular appearance of this scarlet flower!


It seems that all this adds even more charm and mystery. The nature has given it completely unexpected quality for such a romantic and passionate appearance – a property to induce sleep. This ability of the poppy is the subject of many ancient myths and legends.


“Lovely young god of dreams Hypnos quietly rushes on his wings above the ground with poppy heads in his hands and pours a hypnotic drink from a horn. He gently touches eyes of people with his magic rod, quietly closes their eyelids and plunges the mortals to sweet dream. Hypnos is a mighty god and neither mortals nor gods, even the god of thunder, Zeus, can resist him” (N. Kun Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece).


Give in the charms of poppies and rest on your own cross-stitched cushion made from new kit 1433 Oriental Motifs.


Front side of the cushion is stitched with wool/acrylic threads Safil in 12 colours on white Aida Zweigart canvas. The back side of the cushion you can make according to your taste. You can decorate a cushion with a cord from wool/acrylic threads (as displayed in the picture) that you can buy separately from your local dealer of RIOLIS products. The size of finished cushion is 60 x 40 cm.