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news » The Rider after K. Bryullovs painting

   May 12, 2014


new cross-stitch kit


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New cross-stitch kit after the painting The Rider by Karl Bryullov.


RIOLIS continues to share our view on world of art with the needlework fans. Creation of the art reproduction – especially in a different technique – it is the process of understanding and rethinking the work of art. Our designers did a great and incredibly interesting job, trying to transfer all diversity of skill of the painter by new means.

You might have seen this painting in Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia or have admired its reproductions. Technical and compositional perfection of then starting artist was noted even by his contemporaries in the first half of 19th century.


Do you remember how incredibly light and thin was the veil trailing from the hat of the rider and blowing in the wind? Do you wonder if it is possible to transfer it to canvas? It looks like our designers have managed to do that. Weightless fabric unnoticeably and gradually fades into shadows of the treetops of the park from which emerged the rider.

Interestingly transferred and impressive pre-storm lightning of the painting successfully identifies composition and emphasizes the story of the masterpiece. It is not just an impressive, romantically painted ceremonial portrait of horseback riding. This painting is about childhood dreams, fearlessness and happiness of youth.


Both heroines, and even two so different their companions – dogs, are interesting in their own way. Looking at the girl the viewers can recognize themselves and their admiration of the wonderful rider. Moreover, a young rider is a real mystery. How perfectly calm is her facial expression when just stopped black horse under her stands on the rear legs from excitement. Mystery is similar to Mona Lisa’s smile.


RIOLIS offers you to try to feel and relive the process of creating the masterpiece of world culture.


A real work of art now will adorn your interior!


The size of the finished embroidery is 40 x 50 cm.  The work is done with 32 colors of Anchor stranded cotton threads on 14 ct black Aida Zweigart canvas.