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news » RIOLIS embroidery on clothes on the Catwalk

   April 25, 2019

RIOLIS embroidery on clothers on the Catwalk

What means embroidery on clothes to you: a popular fashion trend or the opportunity to make your look unique? Whatever answer you choose, it will be correct, because embroidery is multifaceted both in fashion and in art.
This year’s spring festival “Quilt Fest” has held the contest “RIOLIS Embroidery on clothes” and we had one more opportunity to discover how many talented people are surrounding us! 
The opportunity to look live at the results of creative ideas is a delightful moment. On the catwalk in Moscow the participants showed sophisticated models, a variety of fabrics, properly selected colors and, of course, the unique embroidery plots by RIOLIS.
The craftswomen fought for the main prize, the general sponsor of which was RIOLIS - a trip to Birmingham (England) to participate at the International Fashion Show “The Festival of Quilts”.


The winner was fashion and creativity studio Fashion Look (Petrozavodsk) and it's chief manager Nosova Lubov and they impressed the independent jury with Japanese themed designs of RIOLIS: 1743 “Sakura. Pagoda", 1744 "Sakura. Fuji" and 1745 "Sakura. Bridge". 



We feel inspired by the amazing ideas which these creative women have brought up on stage. Considering, how much love, devotion and time they have included in this huge work it makes us feel that cross-stitching will flourish for many years to come!