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   April 10, 2017

Embroidery 1645 Swallow`s Nest

New! A romantic symbol of Crimea

A majestic medieval castle stands on the very edge of the rock by the sea. It meets a rising sun and a new day. Very romantic! Can it really be true?

We can easily imagine that a beautiful young princess enjoyed a picturesque look from this balcony. But it couldn't occur for real. The building was made in the first quarter of the 20th century, only about one hundred years ago. The project was created by the engineer Leonid Sherwood (the son of the famous architect Vladimir Sherwood). And he specifically tried to obtain such an effect – the building looked like an Eagle nest type medieval castle.

The castle had an unusual fate: it used to be a restaurant, a reading room, a museum, was under a long reconstruction after an earthquake… But for many decades its majestic silhouette has become a popular postcard  of the Crimean coast. Many artists and photographers have tried to imprint a beauty Swallow`s nest. There are embroideries of this monument in collections of many needlework kit producers. RIOLIS has decided to reopen in its own way this popular picture. We have concentrated on volume, lights and shadows. And we think it turned out to be gorgeous!

We provide to your attention a monumental design of Vladimir Krasnoshchekov - the embroidery 1645  Swallow`s nestTo create such a masterpiece of needlework you need to be prepared for a serious and long process. The size of the finished work is 3560 cm. All the design is sewn up completely with 1- and 2-strand cross stitches. Details are accentuated with a small amount of stitches. You will work with 27 colors of wool/acrylic yarn Safil on 14 ct Aida Zweigart fabric. Pleasant blue, pink, violet, yellow and even green shades will make embroidery process comfortable and various.