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Important information about cross-stitch kit 1861  The Little Prince


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Important information about cross-stitch kit 1817 Angelique


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news » Bead embroidery for kids

   Febrary 21, 2017

Bead embroidery for kids –
new series


A cherished dream of so many craftswomen is to fascinate their children with embroidery. Every parent would be happy if his/her child`s hobby is also useful. We don`t have to mention the importance of ability to concentrate for our children, especially in this age of the epidemic of attention deficit. Besides common interests in a family are a good basis of relationship.

Cheerful characters and bright colors draw attention of little fidgets. It just takes some patience to finish a small picture. A young cockerel welcomes a new day. A colorful butterfly is enjoying a good time. And friendly little fishes merrily chat in the underwater language.

You embroider only the contours of the picture. The process is simple, and the details are described in the manual: how to fix a thread, what is the sequence of work, how to level beads of a row. Not only a background of the picture is pre-printed but also symbols that tell you where to place beads.


The bead embroidery kits 0061 PT Fairytale Butterfly, 0062 PT Sea Fish, 0063 PT  Good morning! as usually include all necessary materials: a fabric with pre-printed picture, threads, seed beads, a needle and an instruction. Just open the kit and start to embroider!