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   November 09, 2016


Embroidered city landscapes

 Artists like to draw the cities. Art historians consider the most ancient remained city landscape the fresco of the 1st century AD of 10 sq.m that was in a term of the Roman emperor Traian representing a seaport from height of bird's flight. Some scientists consider that it is a fictional city, but the others are looking for the proofs of its existence. And the fact is that already then artists considered city landscapes worthy to be depicted.

   вышивка города мира лондон   вышивка города мира агра


вышивка городские пейзажи   Вышивка городские пейзажи рим   городские вышивки берлин   городские пейзажи вышивка


This subject is no less popular among embroidery lovers. Therefore, among RIOLIS kits there are many city landscapes. The success of the Cities of the World series, including embroideries with the most recognizable symbols of legendary Paris (No. 0018 PT), London (No. 0019 PT), Agra (No. 0020 PT), New York (No. 0025 PT), Rome (No. 0026), Berlin (No. 0027) and Venice (No. 0030 PT) has inspired designers to create the similar series devoted to the cities of Russia. There are already out the kits with the views of Vladimir (No. 0048 PT), St. Petersburg (No. 0049 PT) and Kostroma (No. 0056 PT). The embroideries of the both series are made with  Anchor cotton stranded threads on the fabric with pre-printed background. They look spectacular.


городские пейзажи вышивки   городские вышивки владимир   города россии кострома


вышивка городские пейзажи храм василия блаженного In the Middle Ages the city landscapes used to be on biblical theme paintings. Today embroideries with temples on its central parts are beloved by many needlewomen. The embroidered Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral (No. 1260) or Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg (No. 1548) are popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. And Kul Sharif (No. 1367), the main mosque of Kazan, not only Muslims embroider.

city landscapes


вышивка мечеть кул шариф

In the 16-18th centuries city maps and plans were imprinted in engravings and etchings, and a little later urban views were also shown on engravings. Ancient engravings of the 19th century are a picturesque basis of the embroidery No. 1527 Walk in the park. городские пейзажи прогулка в парке
городские пейзажи амстердам From the middle of the 17th century the genre of city landscape became independent. The first were the Dutch masters. Designers of RIOLIS recreated two pictures of the Netherlands painter Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg in cross-stitches. Both city landscapes No. 1190 "Amsterdam. Channel Audezeyts Forburgval" and No. 1189 "Amsterdam. The old church and the church of Saint Nicholas" have an impressive size and are very close to the picture of Dutch master. городские пейзажи амстердам

вышивка городских пейзажей вена   городские пейзажи венеция мост вздохов   

вышивки городских пейзажей карлов мост

The views of the European cities embroidered with RIOLIS kits always draw attention of the audience. Vienna based on K. Zaychek's picture (No. 908) , No. 1127 Venice. St. Marks square, No. 1058 Charles Bridge - Prague, No. 1552 Venice. Bridge of Sighs are needlewomen`s love.


By the end of the 19th century artists impressionists have focused on plein-air painting. Their paintings of cozy streets, passersby and charming small restaurants perfectly correspond the atmosphere of a city everyday life. The embroidered with wool picture No. 1396  Square of the Trinity. Paris after August Renoir's picture bewitches and transfers you to the thick of events constantly happening in the center of a noisy and cheerful European capital.

вышивка городские пейзажи ренуар
вышивки городские пейзажи трамвайные дорожки And in order to finally reconcile you with a winter city landscape outside the window, we remind you of two embroideries –  No. 1489 Tram route and No. 1490 Cycle Lane. Bad weather looks so comfortable on them and reminds of the truth known to all embroidery lovers: the more it is rainy outside, the more it is pleasant to  nestle in a chair under a plaid with a new process. вышивки городские пейзажи

Embroider the cities that you`ve been to and that you are dreaming about!