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Unique cross-stitching, which framing is already included in the kit!



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news » Cross stitched cherry blossom by RIOLIS

   May 13, 2015


What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.


Kobayashi Issa


When at last  the spring comes it seems like every following day is even better. Freedom and freshness brought by a soft, easy breeze is in the air and we wish to leave behind all the habitual and ordinary things forever. Traveling to far away countries is the best way of getting new and bright impressions. Every year the whole world waits when from the East, from the land of the rising sun will come the news of the beginning of spring – cherry blossom holiday.



Cherry blossom in Japanese culture is a symbol of transience of life and all the beauty in the world. This short period of time is not a holiday in the common sense of word. Its real meaning is meditative admiring flowers – Hanami ("flower viewing").



RIOLIS offers a special way to meet spring and settle it in your house. The stitching of cherry flowers will give you many pleasant hours of enjoying beauty of awakening nature. Embroidered sakura is an invitation of welcome guests – pleasure, love and prosperity – to the family hearth.


Lately a series of Japanese motives embroideries by RIOLIS has been replenished with a new design – 1508 Cherry blossom.

And the cross stitch kit 607 Spring table created by Yulia Krasavina is another RIOLIS design that pleases needlewomen not the first and not the last season of cherry  blossoming. 



One more interesting embroidered spring motive – partialy cross stitched design with preprinted background 0029 PT Branch of Sakura.