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RIOLIS at the CHSI Stitches International show 2019 (Birmingham, UK)


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We are pleased to present the new RIOLIS autumn collection of Diamond Mosaic kits!


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news » Embroidery for mountain lovers

   July 19, 2018

Cross-stitch mountains

Summer is a wonderful time, when you can relax, gain strength and spend time in the nature - where you have been long dreaming. Some people choose to lie on the beach during vacation. Others prefer active rest and hikes. For example, in the mountains.


The mountains have a special mysterious atmosphere. It’s so exciting to make your way through the forest thickets to the heights, then you climb the rocks higher - then through the glaciers, through the snow white silence of the quietest space - you manage to enjoy nature alone with your own thoughts and completely relax from the urban fuss.

In the RIOLIS collection, you can find both a marine embroidery series for every taste and a series of mountain landscapes.
The needlework kit 1747 Liguria is one of the latest bright landscapes with sea and mountains. Colorful houses, fresh mountain air, southern heat and sea wind surround the coast of the Italian town.


1747 Liguria


The kit 1701 represents the ancient monastery of Shonenvert, lost in the Alpine valley in southern Germany. Particularly suitable for painting lovers - black and white engravings of the XIX century inspired RIOLIS artist Ekaterina Sergeeva to make such embroidery.


1701 Monastery Shonenvert after engravings of the XIX century


RIOLIS also proposes to embroider two landscapes in the long stitch technique. These are the kits 1630 Town in the Mountains and 1631 Town near the Sea. The mountains and the sea become close neighbors again.



1630 Town in the Mountains                              1631 Town near the Sea


Kits 1487 and 1543 Mountain River became RIOLIS classics. Vertical paintings will look great in the living room. Mountain river could remind not only remarkable nature of mountain ranges with stormy river, but the rapid flow of life.



1487 Mountain River              1543 Mountain River


The mountain theme is not limited of two kits. You can often find a lost lake among mountain-mass or in high-mountain valleys. The quiet surface of the water, not wrapped in the ripples of the winds, reflects the surrounding nature, dyed with unusual shades. The kit 1397 Mountain Lake is also RIOLIS classics. The greatness of the mountains, the azure lake and the silence of the valley - you could almost feel fresh air from the picture. The embroidery is done on the 10 ct. canvas with woolen threads. Plump crosses will form in real painting.



1397 Mountain Lake                                                     1235 Lake in the Mountains


1194 Landscape with Waterfall


Be inspired by nature and embroidery!